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Olivia receives a phone call

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He had caught her in a lie. He wondered if she even knew it. They left the diner hand in hand but he was annoyed with her. She was attempting to make him think that,that was all there was but he knew better. She had told him a while ago that one couple had attempted to adopted her, that they were an older couple. She just told him that they were a younger couple. She probably didn't even realize what she did. He wanted to be angry at her but he could see she was hurting thinking back on the home. She was such a happy person most of the time. Fun and crazy but from time to time he saw it in her eyes. The pain, and the regret. He wanted to be there for her and comfort her but she wouldn't allow it.

They returned to the venue and he went to his interview. He thought about breakfast throughout the interview. He wouldn't push her anymore. He would call the home though, he had to. HE found a quiet spot and dialed the number.

"St.Thomas this is Sister Carol" A women's voice came over the phone. She sounded cold and un friendly.

"Hello Sister Carol, my name is....Clark... Yeah Clark Parker" He'd read to many super hero comics.

"Hello Mr. Parker how can I help you" She asked sounding annoyed.

"I'm a relative of a foster child you used to have there. I was wondering if I could get some information on her" HE said hoping it worked.

"We can't give out personal information sir" She snapped. Damn.

"She recently passed and I wanted to get some information on her to see if it helps in finding out what went wrong" He hated lying about this but he wanted the info.

"Really who is she and how did she pass" She asked not sounding the least bit upset.

"Olivia Clark, she committed suicide last week" He could almost see her crossing herself threw the phone.

"Well I remember her. She was a troubled girl. Quiet. A bit of a trouble maker. Only adopted out once, she disappeared after that though. WE never did find her" He heard her speak but couldn't believe what he heard.

"I'm sorry Sir there is nothing else I can give out to you. I am sorry to hear about her death. Have a good day" She hung up and he leaned against the wall.

She hadn't been back to the home after she left her foster parents house? Then when did she meet Zack? She had lied about a lot. It made him even more curious. He turned the corner and saw Olivia holding Jade and laughing. How could she lie to him? He loved her. She was becoming such a huge part of his life. How could she be keeping so much from him? She turned and smiled at him and Jade waved. He smiled and waved back. It was killing him. Why didn't she trust him? SO many un answered questions.

Olivia stayed on the bus that night with Jade. She was not in the mood to watch the show and Olivia was okay with relaxing in the bus. She was reading when Gerard walked on the bus. He looked sweaty, he must of not taken a shower.

"Where is everyone else" She asked as she stood and kissed his lips. He didn't kiss her back. She sat back on her heels and gave him a confused look.

"Their in the showers I wanted to come check on you two before I showered. How is she" HE asked in a mono toned voice.

"Good, she fell asleep fast. Are you okay" She asked taking a seat at the table.

"I'm fine, just tired. I'm gonna go shower then head back" HE turned and left quickly. When he was around her it was hard to be mad at her or believe that she lied to him.

There was something wrong. HE was acting strange. She felt butterflies in her stomach. Had he found something out? Did he know? She was trying to breath but she felt like the room was caving in on her. She heard someone say her name but it echoed threw her head.

She felt a hand on her arm "Olivia" It was Alicia.

"Olivia are you okay" Alicia asked.

"Just breath okay, breath and sit down" Alicia guided her to the couch. Alicia shoved her head between her legs and told her to breath in her nose and out her mouth. She obeyed. She started to feel better and tried to lift her head. SHe couldn't.

"You can take your hand off my head now" Olivia said and lifted her head when Alicia removed her hand.

"You okay" Alicia looked worried.

"I'm fine. I must of not eatin enough today. Low blood sugar" Funny how easy the lie fell from her lips.

"Well here is an energy bar. Keep it. I always have one in my purse" She shoved it at Olivia.

"Thanks" She ate it even though her stomach was to unsettled for food.

"Feeling better" Alicia asked.

"Yeah, thanks again" She smiled then looked and saw Gerard was walking in with the rest of the guys.

"You look pale" He said looking concerned.

"She was on the verge of passing out when I came it. Low blood sugar. I gave her an energy bar" Alicia explained. Gerard rushed to her checking her over to see if she was okay.

"You should lay down" He said taking her to the bunk.

"Okay" She agreed. HE lead her to her bunk not his. She wanted to vomit. He knew something. He had to.

"Why are you taking me to my bunk" She asked panicking.

"You need some space. Goodnight" He said then turned away.

She rolled over and let the tears fall. She was losing him.

The next morning she woke up to a quiet bus. She looked at her cell phone and saw that it was almost ten in the morning. Where was everyone? Where was Jade? She sat up and crawled out of the bunk. She ran to the door and opened them. They were at the new venue and there were people everywhere. She looked around for someone she knew and saw Jesse. She walked towards him.

"Hey sleepy head" He said as he ate a bagel.

"Where is everyone" She asked feeling confused.

"Gerard let you sleep in after your spell last night. You feeling better" He asked sounding concerned.

"Yeah, where are they" She asked again.

"What my company isn't good enough" HE smiled and she shot him a serious look.

"Okay okay, there inside. Jade's with Gerard while he's doing some interviews" He watched her run past him and shook his head.

The both of them had it bad. To bad Gerard got to her first.

Olivia cell vibrated in her pocket.

She opened it quickly. "Hello" She was about to walk into the venue until the voice on the other line stopped her.

"Hey Gerard's little slut. Hows your day" It was Krystal.

"How the hell did you get my number" Olivia said angrily. She walked back towards the bus.

"I have my ways. Look. I know everything you little cunt... do you hear me" Krystal's icy voice sent chills down Olivia spine.

"What are you talking about" Olivia thought she was bluffing. How could she know?

"If you don't leave my family alone, I will tell Gerard the truth. Think he'll want ya then bitch" Olivia felt like she was gonna vomit. Her hand began to shake.

"You know nothing" She whispered angrily.

"I know it all. You don't think I know about your foster daddy and the things he did to you. But you got him back in the end didn't ya" Olivia froze. How did she know anything?

"I don't know what your talking about but leave us alone" She spat back.

"Leave him or he knows" Then the phone went dead. Olivia couldn't breath, everything was spinning and next thing she knew she was seeing black.
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