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Too Late

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Many are worried about Gerard.

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Still half asleep Gerard rolled from the bed and stumbled into the bathroom. As he slowly came awake his heart began to race. What the hell was going on? Why were his memories of last night so messed up? He quickly finished up in the bathroom then threw open the door. His gaze went to the empty bed. Fear filled his voice “Anna?”

She walked in from the outer room of the suite, “Good morning.” She greeted him with a smile.

He crossed the distance between them and pulled her close. “I thought you were gone.” He whispered.

Anna was unsure about his memories but for now she needed him to keep it together. “Gone?’ She pulled back and looked into his eyes, “Why would I be gone?”

Gerard stared at her. Was he losing his mind? He had bits and pieces of memories from last night and they terrified him. In those memories he’d brutalized her and yet she was acting as if nothing was wrong.

“Gee?” She gently touched his face. “What is wrong?”

“I uh..” He stepped back and ran his hand over his face. “Uh nothing.”

“I was just coming to wake you. We need to leave for the airport soon.”

He walked over to the bed and sat down heavily. “Yeah.” He answered still trying desperately to remember.

“Would you like some breakfast?” Anna asked sitting next to him.

He wasn’t listening to her. More and more memories were filling his head and with those memories came a feeling of disgust. He had to know. “Anna what happened last night?”

She had to lie to him for now. “Last night?”

He struggled to keep his emotions under control. “I’m having trouble remembering for some reason.”

“You were exhausted.” Anna offered.

He shook his head. No, that wasn’t right. He remembered feeling great. He remembered feeling better than he had in months. “Shit.” He whispered. “I feel wrong.”

Anna took his hand in hers, “Wrong?”

“Yeah, like I used to feel after an all night bender. I can’t remember shit like I should.”

She needed to calm him. “You were very keyed up after the show. We checked in, made love then you feel asleep.”

He turned to her, “We made love?”

Her own memories from last night threatened to surface. “Yes.” She said softly.

Gerard noticed she had looked away. Something was very wrong. He squeezed her hand. “Anna. What the fuck did I do?”

She met his gaze. Her voice was low, “Gee, nothing is wrong.” When he tried to look away she cupped his face forcing him to gaze into her eyes, “We made love.” Her voice slightly trembled as she added, “It was beautiful.”

“Yes.” He responded.

“Now we must get ready to leave for the airport.”

Again he responded, “Yes.”

Anna leaned over and kissed his lips. When she moved away he blinked twice then smiled, “Man I could use some coffee.” All his earlier fear was gone.

“There is a coffee shop in the lobby.”

Gerard nodded, “Good.” He got up and started packing.

Alicia stole a glace at her husband. She could see the worry that etched his face. “Mikey, try not to worry.” She whispered. “We’ll be in Vegas soon.”

He turned and tried to smile, “Yeah. I’m just thinking about Gee.”

She leaned her head on his shoulder. “I know. But he has Anna with him.”

Mikey saw the stewardess drawing near. “Uh we’d like some coffee, please.”

She nodded and moved on.

“I just think I should be with him.” Mikey said returning to the conversation. “What if he goes to the doctor and they tell him something bad?”

“Gee will call you if he needs you.” Alicia said softly.

“I should be with him.” Mikey said again while sharking his head. “That ER doctor was so insistent that Gee return home and see his doctor right away. Fuck, they wanted to do more tests but Gee wouldn’t let them. He should be with family right now.”

“Mikey, he’s with someone he loves.” Alicia reminded him.

Mikey frowned, “He’s with someone he just met. Someone he thinks he loves.”

Alicia pulled herself up in the seat. “You don’t think he really loves Anna?”

“Fuck, I don’t know. He says he does.”

“He should know.”

Mikey sighed, “Yeah well you’d think so.”

“I like Anna.” Alicia said truthfully. “And I believe her feelings for Gee are real. The two of them just seem right together.”

“I hope so.” Mikey didn’t need anything else to worry about.

“Welcome to my humble abode.” Bob said with a flourish as he threw open the door.

Claire walked into the foyer slowly. “You have a lovely home.” She said looking around. She’d been impressed when they’d pulled the rental car into the driveway but the interior was even more impressive.

Bob closed the door and shrugged, “Thanks. I like it but I don’t get to spend near enough time here. I’m gonna grab our bags. Go ahead and look around.”

Claire walked slowly into the formal living room. From there she wandered into the dining room, which was connected to a large open kitchen. She heard Bob come back in the door and drop the bags. As his footsteps neared she turned, “This is beautiful. Do you enjoy cooking?”

Bob laughed, “I enjoy eating more.”

Claire ran her hand over the dark granite top kitchen island. “I am sure you could make wonderful meals here.”

He was pleased she seemed to like his house. “Hey, how about we cook a meal together tonight?”

“Oh yes.” Claire nodded, “I love to cook but rarely get the opportunity.”

“Anna does most of the cooking?” He guessed.

Claire immediately realized her mistake, “Yes.” She lied.

“Well then what should we have? Cause whatever it is we’re gonna have to go to the grocery store.” He laughed while opening the almost empty refrigerator then moving back so she could see.

Claire laughed, “Bare.”

“Yep. So what sounds good? What’s your favorite food?”

Her response caused his smile to slip, “Whatever you chose will be fine.”

“Claire I asked you what you want.” He said softly.

She realized she’d upset him. “I am sorry. I do that a lot.”

“Yes, you do. You seem to put yourself second all the time.” He closed the fridge and moved closer to her, “I hate that.”

“I am sorry.” Claire said looking down.

Bob didn’t want anything to ruin this time they had together, “So what do you want to have for dinner?”

“I like tacos.’

“Then we will have tacos.” Bob said happily. “And nachos.”

Claire smiled, “With jalapenos.”

“Oh my girl likes it hot and spicy.” Bob pulled her to him for a quick kiss.

“I’m gonna go talk to Toro.” Frank told Jamia as he slipped from his seat. They would be landing in New York soon and he wanted to talk to Ray while he had the chance.

Jamia nodded and went back to reading her book.

“Hey.” Frank said as he neared the aisle where Ray and Christa sat poring over a magazine together.

“Hey.” Ray said looking up.

Christa noticed by the look on Frank’s face he wanted to speak to Ray privately.

“I’m gonna show this to Jamia.” She said taking the magazine and brushing past Ray so that Frank could take her seat.

“Thanks” Frank muttered as she passed by him. He slipped into her seat then spoke. “So what do you really think is going on with Gee?”

Ray had been giving the subject a lot of thought. “I’m hoping it’s nothing bad. I talked to Mikey before we left and he’s fuckin’ upset. He heard that doctor talking to Gee and his impression was something is very wrong.”

“But like what’s wrong?” Frank asked.

Ray sighed, “Mikey seems to think that the doctor saw something on the scan.”

“The one they took of Gerard’s head, right?”

“Yeah.” Ray nodded. “Mikey said they wanted to run more tests but Gee was against the idea. He told them he’d go home and see his own doctor.”

“Shit.’ Frank was worried. “I’m surprised Mikey didn’t go with him.”

“He and Alicia were supposed to. They even had their plane tickets but when Anna showed up Gerard only wanted her to go with him.”

Frank sat back in the seat and thought a moment before asking, “What do you think about Anna?”

Ray realized that Frank like himself was starting to worry about the relationship between Gerard and Anna. “It seems she and Gee really made a connection.”

“Quickly.” Frank added.

“Yeah,” Ray nodded, “Quickly but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I know we’re all worried about what happened before but I really can’t see Anna using Gerard. Shit, she’s a famous author who’s sold millions of books. The woman can’t be after him for money.”

Frank felt the same way. “Yeah, that’s true. I don’t know there is just something about her that bothers me.”

Ray turned to him. “Bothers you in a bad way?”

“No.” Frank answered honestly, “Not a bad way but something just seems sorta different about her. I told Gerard this but he just pretty much blew me off but I really think I’ve seen her before. I mean like at our shows and lots of times.”

“Well she did say she’s been to our shows before.”

Frank nodded, “Yeah, I know. I’m probably just imagining shit but it’s just weird. I get the feeling she’s been around a lot more then she lets on.”

Ray thought a moment. “Like she was stalking the band?”

“Not the band.” Frank said softly “Gerard.”

“I don’t think so.” Ray said after giving it a few moments of thought. “I don’t get that kind of vibe off her. And Christa really likes her and she’s a pretty good judge of character.”

“I’m probably just imagining things because I’m so fuckin’ worried about Gee.” Frank said frowning. “Shit, I hope he’s okay.”

Anna smiled and walked past Gerard once he’d unlocked the door of his condo.

“Home sweet home.” He said lifting his own bag tiredly. He’d slept for most of the flight and he was still tired.

“This is nice.” Anna said looking around. She was immediately drawn to a nearby wall adorned with several of Gerard’s drawings.

He sat his bag down near the bag Anna had placed just inside the door.

“I love this one.” Anna said pointing to a French art painting. The bold black and red colors were striking.

Gerard glanced over at the work. “I did that a few years ago on tour.” He moved over and fell heavily on to the sofa. He was about to give more details when his cell rang.

Anna listened to his end of the call without turning.

“Yes.” Gerard said. “Okay. I’ll be there. Thanks.” He disconnected.

“There?” Anna had moved over to the sofa and sat down next to him.

“Yeah.” Gerard said tiredly. “Doctor’s appointment. Fuck, we just got here but they said I can come in at four.” He leaned back and closed his eyes.

Anna took a deep breath. It was already almost three o’clock. “I did not realize you already had an appointment.”

“Brian called and made the appointment for me. Guess everyone wants to make sure I’ll be able to get back on the tour. No one wants to cancel more than one date.” He rubbed his head trying to lessen the growing headache. “Shit, I felt so much better yesterday. It’s probably good I’m going to the doctor.”

It was breaking her heart knowing he was in pain but she couldn’t allow herself to help him. From this point on all the decisions he made had to be made with a clear mind. They had to be made of his own free will.

“Gee.” She said softly.


“Could you please call and change the appointment?”

He opened his eyes looking confused, “What? Why?”

Anna spoke softly just her voice held determination. “There are things we need to discuss.”

He glanced at his watch. “If you don’t want to talk now we can talk when I get back.”

“That would be too late.” Anna answered.

Gerard pulled himself up and looked into her eyes. “Too late?”

“Yes. By now I am sure they have faxed the tests they did in the ER. You doctor will see them and insist you be hospitalized.”

Her words shocked him. “What are you talking about?”

Anna knew he must know the truth. “Gee, you have a brain tumor. It has been slowly growing for the past few years. The headaches that have been steadily growing worse are a direct result of the tumor.”

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