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Lie To Me

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Everyone's got a secret. Sometimes it's better to lie.

Category: Avatar: The Last Airbender - Rating: PG - Genres: Angst,Romance - Characters: Katara,Zuko - Published: 2010-07-27 - Updated: 2010-07-27 - 281 words

Katara could feel her heart squeeze painfully. Who knew loving could hurt so much? Wide, gray eyes stared up at her, shinning with adoration and love. She was the center of his world. She made him laugh and comforted him when he was down. He loved her, yet...
“I love you.”
She lied. A wide grin, a gleeful smile, an enthusiastic hug and she had never felt worse. She couldn't break his heart. The whole world relied on him. It was better this way. Tears welled in her eyes but she forced a happy smile, hoping he wouldn't see her despair. He didn't. For someone so wise, he was so blind. Blue eyes scanned over the group, finding a pair of smoldering gold ones. Eyes locked and she felt her heart flip and warmth spread through her. She looked away.

Zuko felt the words catch in his throat, choking him, strangling. She didn't notice, stepping closer and straightening his robes. Slanted gold eyes looked up at him, shrewd gaze sweeping over his features, tracing over his scar. She looked for something that wasn't there. A whisper escaped her lips, her breath brushing his skin. “I love you.”
She pulled him into a hot, open mouthed kiss which he returned. He felt cold. He pulled away, short of breath and slightly ill. Color lightly dusted her cheeks and her hands twisted in his hair. “Tell me you love me.”
His heart stopped, his throat dried, and he lied. “”

Blue eyes met gold. A pale hand brushed a tan cheek. Warm lips caressed cool flesh. A sigh, a moan. They loved but when they were asked—
“We're just friends.”
--they lied.
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