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Chapter 2

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Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG - Genres: Crossover,Humor,Romance - Characters: Bob Bryar,Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Published: 2010-07-30 - Updated: 2010-07-31 - 563 words

Mikey POV

Here we go again.... this wasn't the first time my mom was sending me and my older brother Gee to this camp. We have gone every year since fourth grade I was a freshman now and he was a sophmore. Camp wasn't ALL bad, we did have friends there and Gerard's girlfriend Lyn-z was forced to go too. We had a good time I guess, but sometimes I just wish I could be home. "Hey.. You all packed?" We were leaving tomorrow, I nodded. "Don't worry 'bout it Mikes.." He was reffering to the fact that I was bi-polar and I always got paranoid that I'd get really hyped up on the bus ride up there (which was 8 hours!) I gave a weak smile and he sat down on my bed next to me. "You never know..." He winked, "There could be some hot guys there." I smiled, I had just told him I was gay yesterday, and he took it better than I could have imagined. "and the whole gangs comin' I just called 'em all." "Thanks Gee." I said smiling. He nodded, "Get some sleep bro, you wana look your best for that guy. Your gona fall in love, I know it." I rolled my eyes but did as he said, turning off the lights and crawling into my bed. "I hope so.." I whispered to myself as I drifted off.

Frankie POV

Great, the day I was leaving. "Frank Iero! Get down here now!" My mother scream again. The buss was out front. Reluctantly I grabbed my suitcase and messenger bag and trudged down the stairs. I didn't give a fuck about what they said about no electronics, my ipod was hidden in my suitcase. "Bye sweetie, have fun!" She called as I walked out of the house. "Fuck you" I muttered under my breath. The driver came of the bus in a bright yellow shirt and short neon yellow shorts, I almost gagged. "Hi! My name is Dave, I'm the camp director!" He took my suitcase and shoved it under the bus, into one of the compartments. "You must be..." He moved his finger down the list on his clipboard. "Ah, yes, Frank Iero." I nodded. "Welcome aboard" He gestured to the bus and I climed on. There were only a few kids on the bus so I took a seat hallway back on a empty bench. The girl infront of me with blond hair and a bright pink "West High" Cheerleading shirt turned around. "Hi I'm Michelle." I raised an eyebrow what the fuck was she doing talking to me? I was wearing black skinnies, a misfit tee, and my lip ring. Not only that but my hair on one side was a blond buzz cut while on the other it was black and came down over my eye. Girls like that, didn't talk to guys like me. "Frank" I muttered. "Ya know.. this camp is like a damn pick up scene, you wana get together and avoid the awkwardness of the first night dance?" What the fuck? "Uh, no. I'm gay." I said and started digging in my messenger bag for nothing imparticular. "OMG!" Yes she actually said the letters. "EW!" She ran to the front and sat with one of her friends, who both glared at me 'till we got to the next stop.
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