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chapter 3

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Mikey POV

Gee, Lyn-Z, and I all grabbed our stuff and trugged on the bus. By now everyone at camp knew us and Dave just marked us off on the list. This is actually how Gee and Lyn-z Met, when they were freshmen, well they started dating when they were freshmen. She's been coming to camp as long as me. Gee and Lyn-z were first on the bus, hand in hand. They walked all the Way to the back of the bus were we sat every year. I was right behind them, I turned the corner and began to scan the seats. All the normal kids, a few nebies but all bitchy girls gossiping. Then I came to the middle and there sat the most stunning boy I had ever seen, he was gorgues. He was deffinatly new. I would have remembered him. Just then I realized that my mouth was open, yes he was just that damn hot. I shut it prompltly and practically sprinted to the back seat. "Told ya!" Gee said mockingly. "Holy shit.. he's perfection! That shouldn't be alowed! it's just fucking wrong to be that hot." Lyn-z laughed, "Found someone already Mikes?" Ya, I told her I was gay to. She was fun and I knew she would be fine with it, because her best friend Jimmy was gay aswell. Next stop, Jimmy, Ray, and Bob's houses. The guys all came back to the back screaming greetings to us. "Lyn-z dahling how are you!?" Jimmy asked laughing. "I'm fabulous, my dear" Lyn-z joked back they hugged and the six of us all shuffled around the back two rows so we all fit. "Quit a hottie in row 5 don't ya think Mikey?" Jimmy asked me winking. Now I didn't tell Jimmy goddamn gaydar of his. "You never told me you were gay!" He whined jokingly punching my arm. "We coulda had some sexy summer heat don't ya think." I rolled my eyes and smiled. "Oh ya totally Jimmy." Over the years Jimmy had grown to be one of my closest friends. It just sucked that I only saw him at camp. Ray and Bob were also good friends, fun as hell that's for sure. "Dude your gay? Why didn't you tell us." "I didn't even tell Gee 'till yesterday." They all nodded and we talked for a while but I kept looking over at the kid in the fifth row.
The first night of camp was a dance, it's like the camp leaders supported the fact that it was one big pick up scene. On some levels it was annoying on others it was fun. If you didn't have any "intrests" you could hang with friends and make fun of the akward couples on the dance floor. If you did and you knew eachother like Gee and Lyn-z you could dance or ditch (because all the councelors were in one place, what better time could you get!?) or it was a chance to end up being really close to someone you liked. "Do you think I should ask him?" Only Gee and Jimmy got what I was saying. "Totally man!" Gee said nodded. "I duno... I bet he isn't even gay." I said playing with my fingers. "Don't worry. He's Gay." Even though Jimmy had NEVER been wrong before on someone's sexual orientation, I didn't trust him. "Mabye I wil.." I said glancing at him again. "Your running out of time.." and if on que Dave said "Only five minuites 'till were up at camp sunshine campers!" He always had this peppy ring to his fone that bugged the shit outta me. I took a deep breath. "Ok, I'm going."

Frankie POV

We only had five minuites left.. finally. I looked up to see a gorgues guy walking towards me. 'He's not gay, fuck off' I repeated to myself in my mind. He was tall, and was wearing checkered vans, grey skinnies, a plain black t-shirt, glasses and a beanie. "Hey." He sat down next to me I was gapping for words. 'Think you stupid mother fucker!' I scream to myself in my head. "Hi" I squeaked, I sound like a goddamn mouse. "I'm Mikey." "Frank" "Cool.. Hey Frankie.. There's kinda this dance tonight.. So I was wondering mabye you'd wanna go... with me.." He finished letting his voice trail off. Did he just call me Frankie? Normall I would shoot whoever called me that, but him calling me that.. It kinda turned me on. Holy shit did he just ask me to the dance!? He hit himself in the face. "God, I'm so sorry, you're probablly not even gay, i'm such a freak. Just forget about that. Uh bye!" He stated to get up "Wait! no! I want to go with you." He turned back around and sat down smiling. "Really?" "Ya I said smiling.

Mikey POV

We were at camp now and everyone was in there cabins, guess fucking what!? Frankie's in my cabin! He litterally screamed like a little girl when we got our lists, it was adorable! Frankie, Gerard, and I are in cabin B2 Ray, Bob, and Jimmy are in campin B3. "Dance starts at six boys." One of the councolers said then shut the door to let us get ready. "I'm gona go get ready at Jimmy's" I said and Frankie and Gee nodded understandly. I grabbed my suitcase and rushed over to his cabin. "Oh my god Jimmy! What do I wear!?" "Sit down!" He comanded and I sat down on his bunk while he plugged in my straightner and rummaged threw my suitcase. "AHA!" He exclaimed when he pulled out the tightest jeans I had ever seen. "What the..?" "Gee got them for you.." He smirked and threw them on the bed. Remind me to kill my brother later will you? Then he pulled out a tight anthrax shirt. "That should do it" He said smiling. He quickly straightened my hair, applied a thin line of eyeliner and I went into the bathroom to get dressed. "Shit! Dude! You look SEXY!!" Jimmy said as I walked out of the bathroom. He even whisled for effect. "Ray, Bob, Get your asses over here and look at my brilliance!" "Wow Mikey! If I was gay, I would want some of that." Ray said facing me so he could smirk as he said it. "Exactly wat I was aming for" JImmy said smiling, incredible proud of his work. The horn blared allerting us it was time for the dance.

Frankie POV

I came out of the bathroom, my tightest jeans in place and a even tighter misfits shirt. I had dawn X's over my eyes and added a little bit of red eye shadow for the effect. "Ok dude I know we just met and your Mikey's brother and all but can you tell me how I look?" I aked Gerard, Mikeys brother. He turned around and smiled "You look great." Gerard and I were talking the whole time we were getting ready. "Really?" I said and smiled, I was trying way to hard for a guy I just met. "Ya, you and Mikey are gona be great together." "I hope so" I barely got the words out of my mouth when there was a knock on the door. I opened it and there stood Mikey, looking if possible, even more buetiful than he had before. "Hey" He said smiling, "Ready?" I nodded and he took my hand. I had butterflies, this guy gave me fucking butterflies! "You look great" I said smiling at him as we walked. "So do you." He kissed me cheek and I smiled. When we got there the music was blaring Brittney Spears Mikes and I both cringed. "Ditch?" I asked and he nodded frantically and we both ran outa there.
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