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chapter 4

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Mikey POV

Frankie and I walked down to the lake, the sun had set by now and everything was under the glow of the moonlight. We sat down in the sand right at the edge of the water. "Wow, it's beautiful." Frankie said looking over the water. "Mhmm" I agreed and layed down tucking my arms behind my head. He layed down with his head on my shoulder and I smiled gently. "I'm actually thinking this isn't such a bad Way to spend my summer," He said looking up at me, his girlish smile played on his lips. "As long as you're here I'm positive it's a great Way to spend my summer." He giggled and snuggled up to me and I in turn wrapped my arm around him. The sand was still warm from the sun beating down on it all day and was acting as a heater as the cooler night air came. After a while we both sat back up and he smiled at me, his lip ring reflecting the moonlight. I started to lean forward and just as our lips would have touched, "MICHEAL! FRANK!" I heard Dave call. "Fuck." I muttered. "You are both required to be at the dance!" Jimmy appeared behind him and I was choking back laughter as he mimicked Dave's facial expressions and hand motions as he talked. "Being by the lake with no supervision is strictly prohibited! Also you two were about to kiss! Men doing such things with men is despicable! I'm very disappointed in you two! If it happens again I will phone your mothers, now come, were going back to the dance." Jimmy was still into his mimicking and didn't even notice that Dave had turned around. "JAMES! That is disrespectful behavior, all three of you straight to your cabins with lights out as soon as the dance is over" We all trudged behind him. "Oh no, lights out in my cabin with a hot guy, damn I'm soo pissed." Frank whispered to me sarcasm drenching his voice. I giggled and wrapped my arm around his waist, it was dark so even if Dave did turn around he couldn't see it. When we got close to the Mess Hall were the dance was being held I let go of his waist, we all rubbed our eyes from the sudden change in light as we went in. Dave went and assigned counselors to each door, no one else was ditching. We all sat down at a table with Gerard and Lyn-z "Fucking 'caught us." I said. Gerard cracked up, "Ooh ya! He was fucking pissed when he saw you two were missing." I stuck out my tongue at him but he just laughed harder. "Dude he is the sex!" Jimmy said pointing at a kid in neon green pants, a plain black t-shirt and snake bites in the corner. His hair was just bellow his ears, choppy layers, with green streaks in it and covering his right eye. "Someone tell me he his hot!" I nodded and Frank "mmm-ed" then "ya.." Gee said and Lyn-Z raised her eyebrow. "Hey just 'cause I'm straight doesn't mean I can't think a dude's hot!" We rolled our eyes and Jimmy got up. "Eh I look like shit, to bad." He had on vans, black skinnies, a black sleeveless button up shirt with a pink tie and fishnet arm warmers. His hair was spiked straight up and his fringe clipped to the side with a small pink clip. We chatted for a few minutes until Jimmy came back dragging the new kid with him. He sat down and pulled the newbie on his lap. "Everybody, this is Jake, Jake is bad-ass, Jake is hot, Jake is my new boyfriend." Jimmy said and who I now knew to be Jake smirked. "Hi, hot, bad-ass, Jake." "Hey" He said and gave a two black painted nail finger wave. We all introduced ourselves and then Dave came over and told us all to go back to our cabins, then to Jimmy, Frank, and I, he said he'd be in soon to make sure the lights were off and all that shit. Jimmy flipped him off as he walked away. " 'Night Lyn, See ya tomorrow." Gerard kissed her and then we headed towards the guys cabins. When we passed Jake's cabin Jimmy pushed him up against the wall, kissed him a few times then said " 'Night Sexy. You better be here tomorrow" Ya that was Jimmy for ya, incredibly straight forward. Gee, Frankie, and I went into our cabin. "Ok you fuckers now made it so I actually have to stay here the first night of camp." He likes to stay in Lyn-z room, they don't do anything. They just sleep together, just sleep. "and from experience you have five minutes to be in bed with the lights off before Dave comes and we all have kitchen duty" We all scrambled to change and then jumped into bed, Gerard turning the lights off right as Dave opened on the door. He nodded and shut the door going to check on Jimmy's cabin. Gee sighed in relief, "Thank God." He muttered and I heard the bed squeak as he rolled over. "Frank?" "Ya" "Will you be my boyfriend?" "Yes" I could hear the smile in his voice. "Ok that's sweet and all, congrats Mikey on your first boyfriend blah blah but could you two shut up? I'm tired as hell." Gerard said. "Fuck you." I said back and crawled out of bed. I walked over to Frank's bed and he scooted over for me and I fell asleep with my beautiful boyfriend in my arms.
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