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Black Sheep

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Garth and his wife, Rachel, have a spat as they walk to work the next morning.

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Black Sheep:

Another day of uncertainty and discomfort. Oh boy, this going to suck. I've only heard of QB a couple of times. I have yet to see her materialize. She is like the flying unicorn in the Journalism world of Florida. Or rather, a dark flying unicorn. From what I hear, she makes Elton John and Simon Cowell seem like Santa Claus. QB has crushed countless numbers of careers. Only a handful has survived. Now, she's coming to Miami. That's some good news. This morning, my wife, Rachel, and I walked to work in silence. I just couldn't hold back anymore. I looked at her as we walked.

"Rach," I said. She didn't even bother to look up at me.

"Yeah?" she asked.

"Who exactly is this QB?" I asked without a single thought. Oh, that caught my old lady's attention. She whipped around to me as if I had just woken her up with a loud siren.

"You're joking, right?" she asked. I shrugged at her.

"I only heard the stories," I said. "But I have never actually seen her." Rachel shook her head at me.

"What?" I asked. My old lady lightly patted me on the shoulder when we came to the front door of BRMHQ.

"You poor bastard," she said. "You just don't know, do you?" I pushed her hand off of my shoulder.

"I'm not stupid, woman," I said. "I only want to know what's true and what's false." Rachel sneered at me.

"First of all, don't touch me like that!" she snapped. "Second, I was only trying to answer your question."

"You don't have to do it in that nagging way that you do it in," I countered.

"What nagging way?" she asked. I brushed it off.

"Never mind," I hissed. "Just answer my damn question, who the hell is this QB?" But, Rachel wouldn't let it go. Once someone pisses her off, she refuses to let it go over she has won the battle in her mind. Right now, she felt the need to retaliate.

"What nagging way are you talking about, Garth?" she asked sternly as I pushed the up button for the elevator. I looked up at her with no emotion on my face. Looking worried or offended only makes it worse with this woman. Well, time to end it quickly.

"Look," I said. "Just forget it, okay?"

"No," Rachel said back. "We're discussing this now."

"Do we have to?" I asked. "Can't you just answer my question?"

"Don't change the subject, Garth!!!" she yelled. "Answer my question!" Oh, that didn't it. I glared at her in an ugly way.

"See, there you go again," I said defensively. "You are doing your annoying nagging tone again." Rachel really looked like she wanted to kill me now. My mind screamed panic now. Uh-oh! Now, I've done it! Get out, quick! Get out before she kills you before the work day starts! Luckily, I got my wish right... about... now!

Rachel was about to open her mouth when someone called "Is there a problem?"

"No!" we said as we looked up. Nessa blinked at us as if she didn't believe us.

"Right..." she mumbled before turning back to her cubicle. We watched as she did so. Rachel turned her attention back to me.

"To be continued..." she mouthed at me. I looked her again as if it didn't faze me at all. My old lady turned and walked away. I held my breath until she was completely out of view. I silently breathed out after that. Good, this work day will give me enough time to prepare for the counterattack later on tonight. That's some good news!

White Light, White Light
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