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Big Wheel

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Rose has headaches as she begins to plan Lola's wedding. She is stressed and annoyed until she gets a phone call...

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Big Wheel:

I never really wanted to plan a wedding. Especially not Little Miss High-Maintenance's. Keisha is more than demanding. She is like Hitler's cousin. (Sorry for the analogy. But it is so true!) Her plans for her wedding are outrageous. She wants all of the following:


Chocolate-caramel doves on the table

An ice swan fountain with its break spilling out Cristal into a punch bowl

White lilies with gardenias, irises, and jasmines

White bows on the tables

Gold silverware

White fine china plates

Live jazz and swing band

Horse-driven carriage to the church and the reception



Christmas/Winter Wonderland decorations (Fake snow and all)


Her wedding dress (Which is ridiculous high price Vera Wang design)

His rented tux

Lulu's black and white dress

The groomsmen rented tuxes

My and the bridesmaids black dresses

Everyone has to black and white



Shrimp cocktail

French onion soup

Fruit salad (fresh, not frozen or processed)

Chicken salad

Creme fraiche caviar

Stuffed peppers

Stuffed mushrooms


Main course:

Roast duck

Roast chicken

Herbed halibut

King crab bisque



Triple berry cheesecake

Chocolate cream pie

Angel fruit cake

Chocolate cake

Seven-layer triple chocolate-fudge-caramel wedding cake with white frosting and black and white roses

Other Notes:

Book the church, chef, florist, catering, decorators, and the park center for the wedding

I had to read the whole list again to see if I was reading right. Yep, my cousin has lost her damn mind. How the hell does she expect me to find all of this and where does she think we'll get the money? I would love to hurl abuse at her now. But, does the party ever listen? Uh, no. So now, I am stuck with the stupid phone calls, chores, and bills. Plus, I have to worry about QB coming to Beach Radio later this month. I hate Lola so much right now!

I was about to lower my head on the table in frustration when my cell phone rang. I grabbed it and held it up to my ear.

"Yeah?" I asked.

"Rosie?" a familiar voice asked me. My eyes lit up at the sound.

"Petey?" I asked.

"How are you, baby?" he asked. I sighed aloud.


"Your cousin's wedding?"


"How bad is it?" I read him the whole list. Petey went silent there for a moment.

"Wow!" he said. "That's just... wow..."

"Yeah," I complained. We didn't speak for a moment.

"How does she expect you to pay for all of it?" Pete asked.

"Shit if I know," I said. "The only cheap thing on the list is rented suits. How is your divorce?" I asked.

"A nightmare," he said. "Ashlee doesn't really want to let go. She even begged me to give it a second chance. I told her no."

"Ooo, not good," I said. We went silent again for a moment.

"So how is work?" Petey asked me. I sighed aloud over the phone.

"Please, don't ask," I murmured.

"That bad?" he asked.

"It keeps getting worse each day," I complained. "The end won't show up until the QB storm has passed. That already feels like that's not going to happen any time soon."

"Awww," my boyfriend cooed. "Need me to do something for you?" I giggled at him in a sad way.

"I wish," I mumbled. "Maybe later."

"Okay," Petey replied. "I'll come over later tonight, okay?" I giggled at him.

"Really now?" I challenged.

"Anything you want," he said. I smiled at that offer.

"Okay then," I said. "I'll accept that offer."

"See you at nine?" my love asked.

"Any time you like, baby!" I said. Pete chuckled over the other end.

"I'll let you get back to work now," he said. I pouted at the other end.

"Okay," I said. "Love you."

"I love you too, Rosie," Petey replied.

"Bye," I said.

"Bye baby," my love said. We both hung up at the same time. I sat back and sighed happily. I am so lucky to have a guy like him. Now that he's divorced, it makes it some much better between us. I can't wait when the divorce is finalized that way Petey and I can finally be fully together. But right now...

I looked down at the list before me again. I sighed in distress again. Sadly, reality just had to come back and bitch-slap me hard. Did I mention that I hate my cousin for this? She is just... evil!

I-I am an M-I-L-F, don't you forget
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