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It wasn't just that scary movie

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a turn for the worst?

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A/N: heyy guys, I’m back! And definitely for good this time. I can’t apologize enough for disappearing for so long but all I can do is say I am here for good this time and giving you updates at least once a week of one of my stories. I’m going to continue with this one at the moment as I’m out of practice with writing but I do have another story I am working on that will hopefully be starting up soon and an idea for another one that I will also be starting soon once I get back into this properly. But for now, I hope you all haven’t given up on me and feel free to yell at me because I deserve it.
Here’s another chapter though for you guys, and this time I have a kind of idea of what I’m doing with this story so it should move along a bit more (:
Love you’s!
xoxo Stazzia

Gerard’s POV

The drive home was fairly silent and awkward, particularly on my behalf. That was until Mikey took it upon himself to relieve the tension by turning on the radio.
‘I wanna drive you into the corner, and kiss you without a sound. I wanna stay this way forever…’
“Mikey, seriously…Avril Lavigne?’
“you make so hot, make we wanna drop, it’s so ridiculous, I can barely stop…!” he sang in reply.
“I can tell who wears the trousers in your marriage, Mrs. Way” I spat at him. It wasn’t so much his singing that bothered me about the song, it was the lyrics; they reminded me of Frank.
“I can hardly breathe, you make me wanna scream, you’re so fabulous, you’re so good to me baby, baby!”
I turned around in my seat to glare at Frank who had joined in with the singing, but my jaw dropped in surprise when I saw him holding his hands out to me, dramatically singing the lyrics and burning holes in my heart with his eyes locked with mine. He took my breath away.

I unlocked my seatbelt and attempted to climb into the backseat, ignoring Mikey’s many protests about safety etc and just turning the radio louder to drown him out while straddling Frank. He leaned over to me, his breath tickling my neck as he reached his lips to my ear. Mikey turned the radio off –much to my disappointment- so he could yell at me some more.
“Kiss me gently, always I know, hold me, love me, don’t ever go” Frank’s whispered, continuing the lyrics without the song. In those few words, he had my soul. I locked my lips with his; pouring every inch of love I could into my kiss.
“you’re so good to me” I whispered back as I pulled away from him, kissing him gently on the forehead before climbing off of him and sitting down in the backseat to face Mikey.
“Right, is the joke over now? Honestly Gerard, it’s great that you two have found you’re feelings for each other but that was such an inappropriate way to tell me!” my brother whined. In fact, he continued and whined for the remainder of the journey home while Frank simply giggled at the mocking voices I was doing of him.

By the time we got home, Mikey was in an extremely terrible mood, muttering to himself, slamming doors and storming about. We bit our lips to stop laughing as we went inside and found Ray and Bob in the hall, identical bewildered expressions across their faces.
“Emmm, Gee, why did Mikey come in shouting about how he couldn’t wait to get away on his honeymoon, what did you do?” a cautious Ray mumbled. That did it, Frank and I collapsed onto the floor in hysterics. It took us a while to calm down and by the time we had, Bob and Ray had disappeared up to Mikey’s room and it sounded like they had a game going on the Xbox, giving me and Frank some time to ourselves.
“So what do you wanna do baby?” I asked Frank, feeling slightly awkward that I didn’t have an idea.
“We could watch a movie or something?”
“Okay, sounds good. Any suggestions?” I asked again, walking over to the large stack of DVDs me and Mikey owned. Frank followed, his eyes scanning the titles.
“What about…………..The Exorcist?”
I was surprised at his suggestion but obliged and put it in, pulled down some blankets from the closet and we made ourselves comfy on the couch. Frank settled himself next to me, slightly leaning his head against my shoulder.

I didn’t know what type of movies Frank watched (if any) but from the moment I pressed play, I had a feeling it wasn’t horror movies. Personally, I loved horror movies and was at a constant battle with Mikey to see who could scare the shit out of each other the most. But Frank, although he had chosen the film, he seemed absolutely terrified and by the end he was curled right into my chest, hidden behind the blanket and almost sitting on my knee –none of this I was willing to complain about- but it seemed strange he would choose something that scared him so much.
“Frank, why did you pick this if it scares you so much?”
“I wasn’t scared that much Gee”
He wasn’t fooling anyone.
“honey, if you were anymore scared I think you would have run screaming form the room.”
He sighed, knowing he couldn’t lie his way out of this.
“I just kinda….umm…wanted…to impress…you” he mumbled, turning bright red.
What in the world did I do to find someone to adorable and thoughtful?
“aww honey, you don’t need to impress me with a movie! Everything about you already amazes me! You couldn’t be more perfect to me”
He fidgeted uncomfortably and wouldn’t look at me as he spoke. Had I said something wrong?
“If you knew the truth you would never speak to me ever again Gee”
“There’s nothing you cold ever tell me that would stop me from being here for you Frank. Nothing in the whole world. Now, pick me a movie that you love and want to watch next.”
He thought for a moment before pulling out our next film.
“The Lion King!” he grinned.
“I love this!” I replied, grabbing it from him and putting it on, then curling up with Frank in my arms.

We only made it three quarters of the way through before I could hear the soft breathing from a sleeping Frank in my lap and I turned it off, feeling pretty tired myself. I tried as best as I could to lift Frank without disturbing his sleep and –as delicately as I could, which isn’t very delicate- carried him upstairs to bed. I hoped he wouldn’t mind sharing my bed, I didn’t want to freak him out or anything but I couldn’t just leave him to sleep on the sofa downstairs. I wanted to keep him safe and where better than right next to me! I laid him down carefully on my bed and stripped down to my boxers and took Frank’s jeans off for him (tight jeans are extremely uncomfy to sleep in so I was only helping him).
Once I had managed to get us both warm enough and successfully managed to avoid waking Frank, I was able to curl up and fell asleep pretty quickly- I must have been more tired than I had realized.

I awoke with a start in the middle of the night. Something was thrashing around near me and there was a piercing scream in my dream. I managed to gather my bearings and realized in horror that the screaming wasn’t in my dream but it was Frank who appeared to be still sleeping next to me and having a terrible nightmare. I didn’t know what to do. He was still sleeping but he was shaking and shouting and screaming incoherently. I couldn’t stand to watch as it gradually began to get worse; I grabbed him, pulling him into a hug next to me and trying to wake him up without frightening him. His eyes snapped open, full of terror and blinking back tears as he took in his surroundings and tried (failing) to calm down.
‘sssh honey its Gee, its okay…you’re okay, it was just a dream’ I whispered as soothingly as I could in my panicked state. As soon as he acknowledged who I was, he cuddled into me, his arms holding onto me for dear life.
‘don’t let them take me Gee, please don’t let them take me…I’ll be good…I’ll be so so good’ he mumbled, still terrified as tears rolled down his cheeks.
‘Honey, it’s okay… you’re not going anywhere, you’re safe with me, there’s no one here but us’ I assured him, rocking him gently in my arms.

Frank appeared to calm down a little; I relaxed, glad the worst was over.
‘I’m gonna be sick’ he suddenly said, pulling away from my grasp and running to the bathroom. I didn’t realize at first exactly what he had said, just sat there in a daze until the sounds of Frank’s gagging and crying came from the next room. I sprung from the bed and went to help him.
I had never seen anyone experience such a terrible nightmare that managed to make them physically ill.

I found Frank crouched over the toilet in the bathroom, trembling and crying. I kneeled down next to him, feeling the cold surface of the linoleum floor and marble sink on my hands and knees. I wrapped my arms around him; his skin was burning although he was shivering. I didn’t know what to do but rock him in my arms and make sure he knew he was safe with me and he was okay, that I wouldn’t ever let anyone hurt him.
It appeared to work and soon the trembling stopped and he was able to talk again. I lifted him carefully to my room as he didn’t seem to have the strength to stand very well. We curled up on my bed and I waited until he had completely calmed down again before I asked what I just needed to know.
‘honey, what happened in your dream?’
He tensed up in my arms and I immediately regretted speaking.
He refused to reply, leaving me to my imagination.
I couldn’t even begin to imagine what would have terrified any living soul so much that it makes them ill…

A/N: okay I need to add this one at the bottom to tell you that I MET COREY TAYLOR (slipknot/stone sour)! I won the Kerrang radio competition to meet him and listen to the new stone sour album. The radio station is in Birmingham so me and my friend flew down from Edinburgh then got a taxi to get there on Friday morning and flew back on Friday night. Eeeeek! It was soo amazing, he is one of the nicest guys ever and I got him to sign my slipknot bag and poster and he remembered my name! got my picture with him aswell! I thought I would tell yous all cause it was the best day of my life and it will definitely be difficult to top xD
Xoxo Stazzia
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