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Grandmothers always know best

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a visti to Elena's house turns out quite different

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Gerard’s POV

I knew I couldn’t sit and avoid talking about the serious shit forever. I had to talk to Frank at some point and get something sorted out. I wasn’t even sure how long he was staying, not that I cared, but I needed him to know he didn’t have to go back anytime soon.
“uh guys, is it alright if I talk to Frank for a moment?”
They both nodded happily, leaving the kitchen so we could talk. I turned to Frank, determined not to get caught in his eyes otherwise I would never be able to hold his haze seriously enough.
“Look, Gee. If you want me to go, I can. I don’t want to be a burden or anything” I couldn’t believe he had said such a thing. There was no way he was going anywhere yet!
“no Frank of course you’re not a burden to me! No way! I love having you here and so do Mikey and Ray. I bet Bob will love you when he meets you too.” he didn’t seem convinced but nodded anyway.
“Honey, I need to know what happens to you in that place? I don’t want you to go through that. Its killing me to see you so afraid, so hurt” I said softly. He thought for a moment, as if he was debating on whether to tell me but finally shook his head.
“I’m sorry Gee, I cant”
He must have picked up my nickname from someone, bless him.
His eyes glistened with tears. I wrapped my arms slowly around his small body, hugging him close. “sshh its okay honey, its okay. You don’t have to tell me now”
I let him cuddle into me until his tears had stopped. “I’m just worried about you Frank that’s all”
“you don’t need to worry about me. I will be fine and I don’t deserve it anyway” he replied. I was far from knowing everything about Frank but I was pretty sure that he more than deserved it and hadn’t done anything so bad. I just had a feeling that he was as innocent as he seemed.

“Whenever you’re ready, I’m here hon” I said, making sure he understood that I wasn’t going to push him into telling me anything he didn’t want to.
“Don’t you have any family you can talk to?” I asked and he shook his head,quickly dismissing the subject and I guessed it was a touchy subject for him.
“Look, Frankie you can stay here as long as you like. We love having you here and it might do you some good until you can get things sorted okay?” He nodded and cuddled his head into my chest.
I let him calm down a little before I called Mikey and Ray back through to let them know Frank would be staying for a while. They didn’t mind at all and that’s what I loved about them, even if they could be on the annoying side most of the time.
“Miiikeeey” Bob’s voice came screaming through the hall, getting louder as it got closer to the kitchen where we were all gathered.
“Elena is on the phone” he said, handing Mikey his cellphone. None of us had any clue where he had been or how he had just appeared but that was just Bob- he did that a lot.
Mikey took his phone, retreating to the living room to speak to our grandmother and leaving us with an obvious hyperactive Bob.

“Frank! I came over especially to meet you!” he screeched, crushing Frank into a hug.
I rolled my eyes, frowning at Bob, “What have we told you about drinking coffee after four 0’clock” I warned. He ignored me as usual and continued to suffocate Frank.
Mikey returned a few moments later smiling suspiciously at me.
“Geebear, Elena wants us round for dinner tonight, six pm sharp she said” he said, imitating perfectly our Grandma’s voice. I laughed, knowing she would insist we came even if we had plans. Then a thought struck me, Frank. I didn’t want to leave him alone but I knew Elena would have plenty questions if we brought him with us.
“Its okay, I told her we had a friend staying with us and she insisted we bring Frank. Its okay Gee he’ll be fine” I agreed reluctantly, turning to Frank who was currently trying to deal with Bob’s continuous questions.

“You don’t mind coming to meet out grandma do you Frank? She’ll love you” I asked. He shook his head but I could tell he was worried. “Guys, you do know that if you have to be at Elena’s house by six then you’re gonna be late cause it’s like five just now” Ray warned. I looked at the clock at sure enough, it was five past five and were going to be late if we didn’t get a move on. “Shit! Come with me Frank and I’ll get you something to wear.” Ignoring the whistles form Bob and Mikey who was encouraging him, we headed up to my room to get Frank something decent to wear.
I shoved on the outfit that I call my ‘Grandma clothes’ and set to work on finding something for Frank which appeared quite a problem as nothing I had fitted him and we ended up sneaking our way into Mikey’s room to find something.
“If he finds me I his room, he will kill me” I whispered, making Frank giggle as we snuck around my brothers room.
“ew ew ew!” I screamed, dropping a box of dodgy looking toys that I had picked up from his wardrobe. Frank rushed over, falling to his knees in laughter when he saw what was in the box and a few seconds later, Mikey burst through the door, strangely holding a baseball bat as if we were burglars or something.
“Gerard! What the fuck you doing in my room!” he shouted, running over to us and stepping over a hysterical Frank on the floor.
“We were just getting something for Frank to wear but I really really regret it now” I said, making gagging noises. Mikey saw what we had found and his face really was a picture; a kind of strange cross of embarrassment and anger etched its way into his expression, successfully putting me in hysterics and increasing Frank’s when he saw it.

“This is so not fair, I cant wait till I move in with Alicia, you’re gonna be sorry Gee. I hate you” he muttered while storming out of the room and giving Frank and I the chance to calm down and breathe again.
Once we were able to control ourselves, I quickly picked out Mikey’s Anthrax shirt and a pair of his smallest jeans for Frank to wear.
They didn’t fit too badly although there was still that sparkle about him that just drew me to him anyway, no matter what he wore.
“Gee, you’re gonna be late, you have 5 minutes” Ray called from downstairs. He was always the guy that kept us organized and according to plan.
I took a quick moment to try and tame my hair but with no success I just left it and joined Frank, Mikey, Ray and Bob downstairs.
“Finally ready?” my brother sighed. I ignored him, passing him and picking up my keys on the way out. We said goodbye to Ray and Bob who said they’d be over tomorrow and warned us that we were already late.

“Fuck, Gerard! You’re gonna scare Frank!” Mikey shouted at me as I drove down the highway. I was only driving slightly over the limit, my brother had to calm down, he was going to scare Frank with his worrying, not me.
“Don’t overreact Michael, its not a good look for you” I smirked.
He reached over, smacking my head hard and it actually hurt quite a lot. “Ow! You’re gonna distract me from my driving, then you’ll complain cause I’m not driving properly” I explained, hearing Frank’s laughter at the back.
“You know you two are like five year olds” he laughed while Mikey continued to glare across the car at me.
“You need to be nice to me baby brother, otherwise I’ll tell Elena what her little grandson has been experimenting with his wife with” I smiled. That shut him up.
We arrived at Elena’s ten minutes late, she was gonna kill us.
“Just blame Mikey okay?” I whispered to Frank on our way out of the car, making him giggle.
We really were just like two kids, me and Mikey.

“Boys! I thought you weren’t going to bother turning up! Its just as well I didn’t have your tea on” she lectured.
“Sorry, Gerard was doing his hair and you know how long that takes” Mikey mumbled as he gave our grandmother a hug.
“Gerard get in here and stop hiding. Come in and give your grandma a hug” she ordered. I shuffled up the path towards the door where Elena stood in her slippers, her arms held out for me. I hugged her tight, almost forgetting that Frank was standing awkwardly behind me.
“In you come, don’t stand out there in the cold.” she ushered us inside, noticing Frank as he stood shyly behind me.
“Oh honey! Frank isn’t it? I’m Gerard and Mikey’s grandmother, Elena. Make yourself at home and don’t be shy” she said softly, pulling Frank into a hug. He seemed kind of half relieved and managed to croak out a ‘yes’ and a ‘thank you’.
“Okay Gerard, turn around so I can get a proper look at you. You boys don’t visit me often enough” she held me at arms length and squinted her eyes at me, frowning when she saw my hair.
“you need to do something about that hair Gerard, its getting far too untidy, it needs a cut” she lectured, poking at my face and tucking in my shirt.
“I’ve been telling him for weeks Grandma but he doesn’t listen to me anymore” Mikey tutted walking towards the kitchen, shaking his head and pretending to be heartbroken. I stuck my tongue out at him, making Frank laugh and Elena smile.
“Don’t be so immature Gerard, you’re in your twenties. You should be setting an example to Michael and Frank”

Once I had escaped from Elena’s scrutiny, I managed to follow Mikey into the kitchen to see what was for dinner. I hoped it was good, I was starving and I’m sure Frank was too.
“Gerard you know better than to go snooping at my dinner before its ready. Living room, both of you!” she scalded, laughing with Frank as we were sent out of the kitchen.
“Take a seat sweetheart, I don’t bite” grandma told Frank as he took a seat politely next to her on the sofa.
“So Frank tell me, how do you know the boys?”
This was going to be awkward.
“Um, I met him at Mikey’s party the other night, he was a friend of Mikey’s.” I answered for him, receiving a glare form Elena.
“Gerard, I’m sure Frank has a voice and can answer himself. Are you staying with the boys for a while or is just temporary?”
“Umm, I think its just temporary”
“but he can stay as long as he likes” I added. “is rude to interrupt Gerard, you know that…Oh is that the time. I think dinner is just about ready boys, go take a seat.” she said, shuffling off towards the nice smell coming from the kitchen.
we all took a seat at the table. I sat across from Mikey, sitting next to Frank who would be across from Elena.

“I thought I would play it safe with some pasta and you two will eat anything anyway” Grandma smiled. I frowned at her, I didn’t want Frank thinking I was some sort of pig cause he was so thin.
We loaded our plates, happily tucking in- well all but Frank who seemed suddenly more nervous than he had been before. I wondered if he ate very often, I didn’t think he did; he took small portions and even then wasn’t able to eat much.
“Oh before I forget Gerard, there is a boy that’s just moved in down the street. You know Mrs Newman?” I nodded. “Well its her grandson. I heard he is very good looking, an aspiring artist apparently and very clever. Just split up with his boyfriend a couple weeks ago. You should go down and take him some of my cookies-” I could see the smirk forming on Mikey’s face.
“Its okay, I don’t really think he would be very impressed Grandma” I said quickly, my face turning red. I couldn’t believe she was trying to set me up in front of Frank. I must have looked so desperate.
“You don’t think he would be impressed with what Gerard? My cookies? Because they are delicious and I don’t know a single young boy like yourself that would refuse them” she ranted.
“No, he means that he wouldn’t be very impressed with Gerard grandma” Mikey laughed and I glared at him.
“Can we just end this just now. Its really not necessary” I interrupted before they could embarrass me anymore.
“Oh sorry honey, I wouldn’t want to embarrass you in front of Frank.” she winked at Frank who blushed slightly.
“Elena!” I moaned, it was getting worse.
“Its Grandma to you Gerard, you are still my grandson. You cant just grow out of me”
“sorry grandma”
“That is unless you have your eyes set on someone else..?” she tried to hint, not being very successful or discreet, the whole table could tell she meant Frank, including Frank himself.
“That’s it, I’m going to the bathroom, excuse me.” I snapped, getting to my feet and leaving the room. I know she was just trying to be nice but she really didn’t know what she was saying. Me and Frank were a very touchy subject. In fact, there was no ‘me and frank’ at all.

I stood outside the bathroom door, taking a deep breath and gathering my thoughts before returning to the dining room when Frank came shuffling around the corner with a nervous smile fixed on his face.
“Are you okay Gee?” he asked quietly. Aw he was just so adorable, I just wanted to hug him.
“Yeah I’m fine hon. What about you? You didn’t eat very much”
He nodded, “Yeah I’m okay. I’m just not used to eating much.”
I understood that, I had guessed it was somewhere along those lines. There was a moment of silence before Frank broke it.
“Gee… do you care about me?”
“More than you know sweetie, why?”
I barely had time for the words to leave my lips before his were gently pressed against them. It was only a moment, a kiss, soft, warm and brief. But it was enough.
He gazed up at me, his eyes full of innocence, as if he was a lost puppy needing me to guide him, as if he were waiting for something. “Thank you” he whispered. It was barely audible but I could see the words on his lips. I took a chance, hoping I wouldn’t be wrong, hoping I wasn’t pushing him too far, too soon but I just needed to see.
I leaned slowly closer to him until his lips were inches from mine, his breath warm on my skin. He closed the gap to my surprise, letting his lips gently touch mine. I added the pressure to them, feeling his soft lips brush against me. It was soft, sweet and told me all I had needed to know.


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