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Once upon a time an angel saved me from the darkness of the parking lot and two bad men...

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A/N: i am soooooooo eternally sorry for such a damn long wait but here is another chapter finally! i'm just lacking in a proper storyline for this story and thats why it hasnt been moving on much. so sorry again! hope this is okay :) and its more to put all your little worried minds at rest cause I felt quite evil for leaving you all on such a cliffhanger. Love you all and reviews are looovely!
xoxo Stazzia

Gerard’s POV

I had to say something. But my mouth just refused to form any words.
I was in slight shock as to what was happening. I had expected something bad, but nothing like what I was currently witnessing.
By the time I had managed to move again, one of the two men had noticed me watching.
“What the fuck are you doing here?” he shouted towards me, taking his attention momentarily off Frank.
“You better not have been blabbing Frank cause you know what will happen if we find out you have!” the other one spat in Frank’s face, gripping his shoulders tightly.
“Cant you think of anyone better than Frank to beat up, or is he the only one that wouldn’t kick your ass” I yelled, having no idea where the words suddenly came from and believe it or not, this was my way of trying to save us.
“You wanna try saying that again faggot!” the largest one squared up to me, fists clenched and the veins protruding from his bald head.
“I think you heard me the first time so there is really no need to repeat myself no is there?”
The second man took his attention away from Frank and headed towards me.
“oh so I get two dumb assholes to myself! Lucky me!” I exclaimed sarcastically.
“Are you trying to get yourself killed? Cause you’re going the right way about it!” it sure sounded like I was, but my mouth now that it was open, was just refusing to shut up.
“You really don’t know what you’ve just got yourself into” one of them said, befoe pulling back his fist.
Now was Frank’s cue.
“Frank run!” I shouted over to him, seconds before that fist collided harshly with my jaw, sending me falling backwards. I opened my eyes to see Frank still standing in shock, refusing to leave.
“Frank I’m not going through this for nothing! Leave. Now!” I ordered and saw him edging his wasy slowly out the back door as I was still blocking the main exit from where I had come in and then fallen against the door.

I felt another fist against my face and a splitting pain, continuously being thrown into me gut. Problem was, I had always been great at getting myself into fights, but could never actually fight myself so was hopeless at defending myself and lost every time. I was glad to know I still had that talent.
“That’ll teach you to fucking interfere where you arent wanted faggot!” they stopped punching. I was surprised but thankful all the same.
“C’mon we need to go and find that useless boy before he blabs to someone” they muttered to each other and I heard their footsteps fade as they left, hopefully not in the direction Frank had gone, but they weren’t that clever.

I dragged my aching body to my feet and managed to stumble out of the filthy place and was faced with the rain and the dark parking lot. I had to find Frank first. I couldn’t leave him in this.
“Frank? Its Gerard. Where are you?” I called into the darkness. Did he even know my name? probably not. And if he did, he wouldn’t have remembered it.

After stumbling around the building a few times I finally spotted the huddled form in the corner of the fence and the parking lot. Frank was curled into the corner, shaking and sobbing. It broke my heart to see anyone in such a state, yet I felt something more painful at seeing Frank in such a way.
His head snapped up, his eyes connecting fearfully with mine. They were dark and terrified. I couldn’t even begin to imagine what had happened to him to make him so scared. I heldd my hand out to him. Had I made things worse?
“Its okay sweetheart, please don’t be scared. I’m gonna help you. I swear on it”
He reached up to take my hand and I kneeled down next to him. I wasn’t sure if he could stand but I didn’t want to scare him by lifting him.
“Can you stand?”
He nodded his head and gripped my hand in his as he pulled himself up, only making a few steps before letting out a sharp cry of pain and falling to his knees again, starting to cry again.
“its okay, I can carry you to my car. Is that okay?” he nodded again through his tears and I tucked my arms under his knees and behind his back to lift him to the car. The way I was lifting him was sending sharp pains through my whole body due to the injuries I had received but I refused ot let him go.
Frank buried his face into my shoulder, still shaking in my arms until I found Bob’s truck in the parking lot and managed to sit him down in the passenger’s seat. I ran around to grab ‘the emergency blanket’ from the trunk and wrapped it around his quivering body until I got him home.

“I’m gonna take you back to my house Frank okay? You can stay as long as you like” his eyes widened and he began mumbling incoherently, frantically protesting.
“No! I-I-I- cant. Have to go back. Back-back-back” he muttered.
“Frank, you need to get those cuts sorted and you need some sleep. Please let me take care of you. When you go back, I wont let them hurt you. Nothing is gonna hurt you when I’m here okay?” I explained firmly. I was going to protect him. I didn’t know why I longed to, but I was prepared to do it anyway.
He nodded sadly in reply and I started up the truck, driving as best and as fast as I could back home.
I remembered I had told Ray I would call him and tell him I was okay. I wanted to warn him about Frank anyway. I took out my cellphone and dialled Ray’s number that I had added to my address book as ‘the fro man’
“Yeah its me Ray”
“Shit thank god! You’ve been gone hours! We were all so worried, do you realize how long it took me to try and convince Mikey not leavve his wedding!”
“Fuck, I’m so sorry. I’m okay but uh I’m bringing someone back with me and he needs our help okay but I don’t want a fuss and you all cant judge him or me when you see us okay dude?”
“Yeah sure no problem. How long you gonna be?”
“bout 5 minutes, I’ll see you soon”
“Kay bye”
I hung up the phone and continued driving, checking on Frank every couple of minutes. I didn’t want him passing out in case he didn’t wake up or something but he seemed pretty awake.

“that’s us here Frank. It’ll be okay. My brother, Mikey and my two best friends Ray and Bob are in the house but you don’t need to be afraid cause I’m gonna help you and they wont hurt you.” I explained so he wouldn’t freak out or anything when we got in and were surrounded by everyone.

I carried him from the car and into the house, still keeping him firmly wrapped in the blanket. Ray saw us first when we entered the living room, I guess we must have looked worse than it was.
“Jesus Gerard! What the hell happened? Is that the boy from the bachelor party?”
Bob was nowhere to be seen but Mikey’s voice came shouting form the kitchen.
“He was supposed to be your surprise for a night Gee, not keepsies!” he yelled, then came shuffling through to the living room, dish in his hand as he must have been doing the dishes. When he saw the sight in front of him however, the plate went crashing to the floor, startling Frank who curled tightly into my chest.
“I’ll explain to you later okay but can you two just help me get Frank cleaned up.” I said softly, making sure to keep my voice calm for Frank’s sake.
“What about you Gee. You need get yourself sorted too” Mikey said, going into brother mode.
“I’m fine, just a few cuts nothing big. Frank’s are worse, I think that’s a knife wound on his jaw.”
“shouldn’t he need to go to hospital for that?” Mikey responded.
“Nah, its not too deep so the blood should clot it quick enough and it can be cleaned.” Ray cut in, thank god for his first aid training.
“I’m gonna leave you with Ray. He’s gonna get you cleaned up Frankie” I said, laying him down onto the sofa. He held tightly onto my hand, refusing to relase it.
“no, don’t leave. Stay. Stay. Please” he mumbled with frightened eyes. I sat next to him, keeping a grip on his hand.
“I wont leave honey, its okay. I’m right here” I said, squeezing his hand lightly to show him where I was.
He relaxed slightly and kept his eyes locked on me, not faltering once.
“Okay Mikey can you fetch me a damp cloth and a couple painkilleres.” Ray glanced towards me. “and another couple for Gee”
Mikey nodded and disappeared into the kitchen, returning moments later and handing Ray what he needed.
I watched as Ray gently cleaned Frank’s cuts and handed me the painkillers to give him so he wouldn’t panic if Ray tried to do it. I gave him some new clothes to change into as his current one were drenched and I didn’t want him getting hypothermia or something.

“That’s us done” he announced after about an hour and Frank started to look a bit better and more relaxed.
“Th-thank you Ray” he stuttered quietly, bringing a smile to my best friend’s face.
“You’re welcome Frank. Get some rest. You’ll need it”

Ray left to join Mikey and giving us some privacy.
“Ssshh…I know. Just get some sleep and we’ll talk in the morning okay?”
“mmmkay” he shut his eyes and fell asleep not long later.

Reluctant to leave Frank, I knew I had to get myself cleaned up and take a shower, so after getting my hand from his tight grasp, I left and headed to the bathroom, hopefully avoiding Mikey in the process. I was far too tired to explain what was going on when even I had no idea what I was doing.

The warm water helped to calm my thoughts and I felt a lot better afterwards. I cleaned up the various bruises and lacerations that coated my chest and back, then threw on a pair of boxers and an oversized t-shirt, deciding to get some sleep.

I passed the living room on my way to my bedroom and checked on Frank. He looked so fragile, so innocent, so vulnerable. I felt the overwhelming need not to leave him and changed my mind on going to bed. Instead, I made a pile of pillows and cushions next to Frank’s sleeping form and settled down to keep an eye on him. I wouldn’t leave him, I had promised. I wrapped him in another blanket in case he got cold and made sure he was comfy.

I lay next to Frank for the whole night, drifting into an occasional light sleep but waking every few minutes to check on him and make sure he was still breathing and everything. He just worried me so much and I cared about him too much already.


“Gerard? Have you been there all night” Mikey’s worried voice startled me and I jumped.
“huh? Frank! Where’s Frank?” I mumbled, instantly waking up to check on him.
“Ssshh its okay. He’s right here. He’s still sleeping. He’s fine Gee” my brothers voice whispered.
“Gotta…keep and eye on him.” I muttered.
“You stayed here all night to make sure Frank was okay?”
“He was sleeping Gee, he would have been fine and I’m sure he would have wanted you to get some proper sleep”
“I promised I wouldn’t leave him. Need coffee. I’m fine see? Wide awake!” I tried to convince him while stumbling through to the kitchen to make some much needed coffee.
“We need to talk Gerard” Ray’s serious voice interrupted me from the kitchen.
“What already? I’m only just up”
“Its important Gee” Mikey enforced form behind me.
“Right, right. What do you wanna know?”
“Well first of all why Frank is here in the first place would be a start” Ray demanded.

I poured myself some coffee and sat on the counter, making myself comfy and waking up some more before I spoke.
I explained to them all about the fear I had seen in Frank and how I had wanted to help him and what had happened when I had arrived back at the bar.
They were speechless so I carried on.
“I really care about him guys. I really wanna help him. Cause I don’t know why but I just want that fear to disappear from his eyes.”
“Just be careful Gee, we don’t want you getting hurt” Mikey said and Ray nodded in agreement.
“Thing is though… I may have only met him once and even that wasn’t properly meeting him and I don’t know him at all. But I’d die to save him Mikes, I would. If it meant he was okay” I said softly.
I turned to go and check on Frank when I saw him hovering in the doorway, tears in his beautiful eyes.

Shit! How much had he heard?
He threw his arms around me into a tight hug, crying softly into my shoulder.
“Ssshh its okay honey. Don’t cry”
“Thankyou so much Gerard. You don’t know how much that meant to me” he mumbled

Once I had managed to calm him down, we made some more coffee for him and I got the chance to talk to him just as if he were part of us. We talked about movies, bands, comics, just anything that came to mind and it was nice.

I came to the conlcusion while watching everyone around me laughing and joking, having a good time as if nothing bad was around us. I knew I had to do whatever it took to help Frank and make him safe again.
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