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The Dungeons and Dragons Fairytale

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Mikey's wedding :)

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A/N: thanks so much for all the great reviews on the last chapter. I’ve never had so many and I was like… wow. I probably owe you all a quicker update and this one isn’t too eventful. More a filler thing really but I’d still love to know what you think and ratings and reviews mean the world to me. I managed to get this done in two nights so that’s pretty good for me but it took alot of effort and sitting for hours on end. Enjoy everyone :)

Gerard’s POV

I thought I had heard him wrong. He seemed to realize what he had said was wrong and leapt away from me, trembling slightly in the far corner of the room.

“I-I…d-didn’t mean th-at….sorry. Umm…you-you can g-go.” he stuttered in almost a whisper.
I had heard him right. I couldn’t leave him like this, he looked terrified, like he had said something wrong, something he shouldn’t have. There was something he wanted to tell me, I could sense it, and I was there to listen. Whatever it was though, it must have scared him so much as to decide against telling me.

“Frank, are you okay?”
“Y-yes I’m f-fine. I…cant…..I just cant. You h-have to g-go. P-please G-Gerard” he begged, tears were glistening in his eyes. All I could do was what he asked. I left, shutting the door quietly behind me as it clicked softly and separated me from the secrets that room held. It was as if the walls around me knew something I didn’t. As if they knew the secret, and I sensed it wasn’t a good one. There was something extremely dark about the place, but I couldn’t quite pinpoint it. Whatever it was, I was sure it involved Frank. It was an overpowering darkness and
I suddenly felt the need to be as far away from it as possible.

My already hastened pace quickened as I almost ran downstairs and back to the warmer façade of the bar. Ray was perched casually on a bar stool, talking to a girl who sat next to him, he had his flirty face on so I decided not to disturb him just yet and find Bob and Mikey instead. Bob was hunched over in the far corner of the room, his expression was in complete contrast to Ray’s; Bob had his huffy face on. I walked cautiously over to him, avoiding the masses of half naked men and women and took a seat to his left.

“What’s up dude? You look kinda bummed…” I asked him.
“Ray stole my girl!” he whined, sounding like a five year old child that had had his toy stolen.
“look around Bob, there are plenty of others, couldn’t you just talk to one of them?”
“But I spoke to her first!”
I just sighed, changing the subject and asking where Mikey had gotten to.
“Well he went off with to talk to that woman that we were talking earlier. What was her name?”
“Yeah her, I think he was trying to find out if his surprise for you had gone well.”
That brought my mind back to Frank. I hoped he would come back downstairs so I could get the chance to talk to him. I knew I probably shouldn’t and didn’t need to but I wanted to help him. I felt a large protective urge over Frank, no one had ever caught so much of my attention, it wasn’t just lust though, it was something more, something I refused to let my mind wander to.

After all, I had only been with him for maybe an hour at most. We hadn’t even spoken properly, he just did what he had been paid to do. Guilt was gnawing at my gut, I shouldn’t have left him. But I didn’t have much of a choice, I didn’t want to scare him anymore than he had been already. His eyes were stained into my mind, every time I shut my eyes, I saw the pain filled terror that consumed them.

“Gerard! Hello? Anyone in there?”
“Mikey?” I was startled out of my daydream to find my brother standing in front of me, looking rather concerned.
“Yes Gerard its, m-i-k-e-y.” he said slowly, as if I was incapable, or incredibly stupid. I glared back at him but he continued to try and be somewhat concerned for my health.
“Are you okay Gee? Your eyes were all glazed over…you looked really out of it” my brother accused.
“Yes I’m fine Michael! Are we going or what?” I snapped back, standing up and searching for Ray.
“Yeah okay, someone has to get Ray though. Looks like he’ll be the one needing that room tonight” Mikey said gleefully, receiving Bob’s most deathly glare but shrugging anyway and walking towards Ray.

Bob stormed after Mikey, pushing past him and continuing towards Ray. Before either me or Mikey were able to ask what he was doing, Bob had picked up Ray off his feet and carried him angrily out of the pub, receiving useless protests from Ray. It was quite a comical sight and momentarily took my mind off Frank. I followed Bob out the door, glad to be out in the cool night’s air and Mikey caught up with us after thanking May for his night.
We reached Bob’s truck, already hearing the argument going on between him and Ray before even seeing them.

“She liked me better Bob! Just get over it!”
“No! you didn’t even give me the chance! You could have had anyone!”
“aww that’s so nice of you to say. I’m glad you think I could have gotten any girl. Its just well… I wanted yours” Ray replied softly, angering Bob even more at his quiet tone.
“Ha! Exactly! You said you wanted mine! See m-i-n-e. not yours but mine!”

“Stop arguing you two. You’ll probably never see her again, either of you so it doesn’t matter who saw her first. She wasn’t even that pretty so stop complaining” Mikey interrupted achieving smacks form both Ray the Bob.
“Okay truce Ray. We need to unite against Mikey” Bob suggested, getting a nod of agreement from Ray as they turned on Mikey who held his hands up in surrender.
“Hey! You have to be nice to me- s’my bachelor party.”
Ray and Bob both sighed with disappointment and got into the truck without another word. I got in the back next to Mikey as he turned to me with a fake hurt look on his face.

“Why didn’t you at least try and defend me Gee. You’re supposed to be on my side” he complained.
“Hmm what?” I was thinking of Frank again.
“Wow! That must have been one damn good blowjob, you really aren’t paying much attention to anything” Mikey smirked, my own cheeks flushing a deep red as I cast my mind back to that part of the night and forgetting the innocence that had lurked in Frank’s eyes, the innocence that had been clouded, temporarily for that moment, with lust. I chose to ignore Mikey, Ray and Bob as they began arguing again. I drowned the out into a soft rumble in my ears and my thought drifted back to Frank. Why couldn’t I get him out my head? Its not like I liked him or anything. I gazed out the window, watching the flashing lights of passing cars, blurred streetlamps, endless roads.

I wondered what Frank was doing? Was he still in his room? Was he alright? No, Gerard of course he was not alright. The look in his eyes at least told me that. Too many questions that I was desperate to find the answers to. I watched the dark meadows pass by, seeing nothing but the black abyss that melted into them, seeing the dark sky, illuminated by the glow of the moon and the sparkling stars overhead.

We arrived home pretty quickly to my surprise and we all piled out of Bob’s truck and into our house. Bob and Ray were staying the night so I suspected they would want to continue Mikey’s party inside.

Bob’s booming voice made an announcement as we reached the front door, “Okay Mikey, prepare to get so drunk you wont even remember who you’re marrying tomorrow!”
And I was spot on correct in my assumption.
Ray began cheering as we entered the door and Bob fetched the trillions of bottles that he had stashed in the kitchen earlier when he thought we weren’t looking.

“Um…guys, I don’t feel too well so I’m just gonna go off to bed. Don’t let him get too drunk, he has to be able to stand at the alter tomorrow Ray” I announced, with an ill looking expression.
“Okay Gee, if you’re sure. We’ll be quiet as mice.” Ray tried to reply seriously.
“night Gee!” Mikey called while following Bob into the kitchen.
“Bob, I swear if you wake me…you’ll be so sorry!” I shouted before heading downstairs and crash landing into my bed, not bothering to change. I had been more tired than I had realized and fell asleep almost instantly.
My dreams took me to a boy with golden eyes, drowning in fear yet the most beautiful angel I had ever seen.


“Gee! Get your lazy ass up!” was that a voice? Or just a dream?
“Gee! You have to get Mikey up, he wont move!” someone began to shake me. Definitely not a dream.
“I don’t blame him…too early…sleep good…awake…bad.” I mumbled incoherently.
“don’t you remember what day it is Gerard?!” the voice began to sound serious. I should have probably tried to at least work out who it was that had disturbed me but truth was, all I wanted to do was shut my eyes and find those capturing honey eyes and fix the pain that engulfed them.

“Are you even listening to me? Its your baby brother’s wedding day! You have to get him up, we’re already late!” shit.
I sprang form my bed, waking up instantly from the rush of cold air and marched towards my brother’s bedroom.
“Michael James Way! Get the fuck up now! You’re getting married!” I demanded, turning to find Ray standing behind me. Finally able to put a name to that irritating voice that woke me up, I glared at him for good measure.
Mikey through his pillow lazily over his head, curling up into a ball.

“Head hurts….too loud….go away…wanna die in peace” he was just as bad as I was when it came to mornings, I guessed his hangover didn’t help any either. With a sigh, I strolled off to the bathroom, returning moments later with a glass of water and a couple of painkillers for his headache.
“If you don’t get up right now, I’m gonna chuck this cold water all over you.” I threatened, seeing him move slightly and sit up slowly with his eyes still tightly shut. I handed him his glasses as he slowly woke up and was able to glare at me as I also handed him the water and painkillers.

“Mikey you’ll have to be a little quicker than that. We really are late.” Ray warned cautiously form behind me.
He looked over at the clock on his nightstand, his tired eyes growing wide as he saw the time and jumped to his feet.
“Shit, shit, shit!” he ran to the bathroom and moments later I heard the shower being turned on. Now it was my turn to get ready.

I turned back to Ray, seeing he was already dressed and ready to go, far too early if you ask me but Ray was well organized like that. A questioning look appeared on my face as I noticed we were missing someone.
“Where’s Bob?”
“He’s getting ready downstairs, I got him up about half an hour ago.” Ray stated and left to go and check that Bob was in fact getting ready. I headed for a shower, waking up further under the warm water and feeling refreshed when I finally emerged and got dressed into the grotesque looking suit that matched Ray and Bob’s. I had just enough time to make some coffee while listening with amusement to a rushed looking Mikey run around the house with Ray following him. Bob entered the kitchen, right on time to stop my thoughts from drifting back to Frank and the previous night.

“How drunk did you get my brother last night? He has a killer hangover for his wedding day. Way to go Bob.”
Bob only smiled back proudly, giving me no answer and simply taking a few sips from my coffee.
It felt like forever before my brother entered the kitchen, finally ready to go and followed by Ray, looking not so calm and more so as if it was him about to get married; he had a stress frown forming and his suit didn’t look as smart as it had earlier, poor Ray.

“Ready Mikes?”
“As ready as I’ll ever be”
“Well then lets go!” Bob interrupted impatiently, slightly ruining our brotherly moment.
We left for the church and thanks to Ray’s horrific and panicked driving, we arrived there on time with only having to go through several red lights and stop signs.
The service began almost immediately after we arrived, leaving the four of us little to no time to get into the right places. I found our parents at the doors, waiting anxiously for us to appear.

“What kind of time do you call this Gerard!” my mom lectured.
“We don’t have time for this mom. We’re about to start.” I replied hurriedly, sprinting into the church.
“I’m fully aware of that Gerard. Don’t act as if I’m stupid. You are Michael’s brother, you are responsible for getting him here on time” she continued.
I dragged her into the church with me, letting her carry on with her useless lecture and deciding to refrain from telling her the reason we were late was due to Mikey’s hangover.

We took our places quietly and the music began right on queue.

My baby brother stood proudly a few feet away from me, grinning like a Cheshire cat and Alicia came walking through the large doors a moment later. She looked beautiful, and so happy, they both did. I made a mental note not to cry, knowing Mikey would never let me live it down if I did. They were so perfect for each other it was unbelievable. When Alicia reached the alter and the priest began talking, I zoned out.

I knew wedding ceremonies were long but theirs wasn’t a touch on how long I thought it would be. I thought it would never end! Don’t get me wrong, it was beautiful, people cried, my parents included, and the room was filled with so much love. But listening to a priest drone on for goodness knows how long was not the highlight of my day. Especially when he had one of those monotone voices that never changed no matter what he said. I could have bet any money that if someone had been shot there and then, his voice wouldn’t change.

When the ceremony did finally finish and the glazed look in my eyes disappeared, we were finally let out for the best part; the party! Well it was a ‘reception’ but knowing Bob, it would be more of a party. After spending half an hour being bombarded by relatives I had never met in my life, we were able to go to the next room for food. I eagerly followed the masses of people through to the large dining area and went in search for my table. I was pretty excited to think I would end up sitting with Mikey, Ray and Bob and manage to get away from the unknown uncles and aunts for just a short amount of time. No such luck.

I headed for a table that contained my brother, his new wife, Ray, Bob, my parents, and other relatives. There was no gap. Why the hell wasn’t there a gap?! Where was my seat?

I shot Mikey a look and he shot one of apology back. I approached him cautiously, not particularly wanting to find out where my seat was.

“I am so sorry Gee! There was a big mix up with the tables and they missed your name when we told them the lists. We have to move you to table 4” he pointed. I followed his gesture to table 4, rolling my eyes and groaning at the sight.

There were two elderly woman sitting at table 4, each looking as if they were either falling asleep or far too old to be attending events anymore. A few middle aged woman also sat there looking like they were engrossed in some sort of exciting gossip and another woman that sat; straight-backed, clasped hands, a very tight looking bun in her grey hair and an equally tight expression. Oh yes this was going to be fun.

“You owe me Mikes” I whined, heading towards my table.
“Oh Gerard! How nice to see you honey! I haven’t seen you since you were a little boy. Now look at you, all grown up!” one of the middle aged woman exclaimed- I had no idea who she was, could have said I had never seen her in my life but apparently I had. I smiled politely back at her as she took it as her cue to begin her deep questioning on my life.

“So have you got a special girl Gerard? Any wedding bells in the air, like your brother?” she asked eagerly. I took that as my chance to have my fun for the day, it was probably the biggest kick I would get.
“Yes actually, I am very happy with him. Not too sure about marriage quite yet though.” I grinned. Her face went slightly pale before she managed to find her composure again and reply shakily.
“Oh, what’s his name?”
I responded without thinking at all.
I regretted saying his name, it didn’t seem right.

Thankfully the food appeared and the woman stopped talking to me, turning to another one of my probable relatives and finishing her earlier conversation.
I endured the table, listening to them talk about their sex lives, giving me images I would have rather not had at all, never mind while I was trying to eat.
I left the table as quickly as I could, going for the first sign of alcohol as the ‘reception’ continued in another room.

I watched out the window as it got later and people drank glass after glass, laughed, talked, danced.
And then came the speeches.
And I realized I had nothing prepared. Shit.

I stood up shakily and opened and shut my mouth like a fucking fish, silently cursing under my breath.
“Fuck Gee just say whatever comes to mind” Ray whispered to me and I took his advice.

“Okay so I’m not really sure what a ‘best man’ is supposed to say. In my opinion I think Alicia and Mikey make the most perfect and beautiful couple ever. I’ve never seen him so happy and I bet you’ll all agree.” the majority of the crowd nodded.

“I don’t think any of us can really comprehend the feeling of truly loving someone unless you do get married or know that the person you’re with is the one you want to be with forever. The person that you’ll protect and look after, save from danger and want to see always. The one that you’ll want to wake up to every morning and fall asleep to every night. You’ll see their face when you shut your eyes and you’ll never want to leave them. No matter who they are or what they do, it doesn’t matter cause you love them and will be there for them always….”

I hadn’t even realized I had gone completely off the subject. I could only think one way. Frank. And while I spoke, I realized I was being a hypocrite, because if I put my speech into a list, I could have ticked it all off when I thought of Frank and it was that moment I realized I had to see him. I had to know what was wrong in that place. I had to know where that fear in his eyes from and I had to cure the pain in them.

“Um…I’m sorry. I have to go and see someone. I’m so sorry. I’m so proud you Mikes, congratulations and best of luck to you both. Alicia, welcome to the Way household.” I finished quickly, tears brimming in my eyes as I fled from the church.
I got outside, realizing quickly that I actually had no way of getting to Frank.

“Gee? Are you alright?” Ray’s voice asked me from behind.
“Uh yeah there’s just something I gotta do. Can I borrow the keys for Bob’s truck?”
“Yeah sure dude but be careful whatever it is. Good luck all the same and give me a call when you’re done or whatever, let me know you’re okay.” Fuck, I loved him. He was the best friend I could ask for.
“Thanks, yeah I will” I replied, grabbing the keys and running to the truck. I drove through my tears, miraculously finding my way perfectly. It felt like a clichéd kind of rescue. I imagined to sweep in and rescue Frank from the big bad dragon, saving the day and living happily ever after with him. But life wasn’t a fairytale.

It began to rain as I parked the truck.
“How appropriate” I mumbled, my words dripping in sarcasm.
The pub was closed much to my despair but the door was still unlocked.
I edged it open, somewhat afraid of what I would find.
When my eyes browsed over the room, I knew I had perfect reason to be afraid. I felt like I was going to be sick.

Frank was lying against the edge of the stage, each of his arms were pinned down by two very large men and another was standing over him, his fingers digging into Frank’s bare chest as he yelled.
“Do you fucking hear me faggot?!” I caught him bellowing at a cowering, tearful Frank.
I saw the dark purple bruises that stained his beautiful skin, a large cut ran down his jaw and my blood ran cold.


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