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“Lindsey?” I asked, looking at myself in the mirror.

“Hm,” She said coming out of the bathroom ready for dinner at Mikey’s tonight. She wore black jeans and a dressy red shirt.

“Do you think………, never mind.” I muttered, combing through my helplessly messy hair.

“No, tell me?” she asked, taking the my bottle of cologne and spraying a little on me.

I sighed and looked to my wife. “It’s about Rose, I feel like she has a better connection with you than she does me.” I said spilling it all out. Lindsey frowned and put her arms around my waist.

“Gerard, we are both girls, it’s to be expected. But you forgetting that you and her have a lot in common as well.” she kissed my cheek. “You’re her father, don’t worry she’ll warm up to you soon.”

“That’s another thing,” I said. “I am her father, and she calls my Gerard, that’s my name, but I’d like to be called dad or something.”

“Gee,” Lindsey said softly. “You have to give her sometime she just got here. And her life has been hell these past couple months. She needs to get adapted here, make herself at home, we have to show that we can all be a family together, ok?”

“Yeah, I’m sorry.” I sighed. “I over reacted.”

“I know.” she kissed me. “You do that often, now I’m going to go see if she needs any help getting ready.”


“Come in!” Rose called after I knocked on her door. She was going through her new clothes, obviously not sure of what to wear to Mikey’s.

“Need any help?” I offered.

“Yes, please.” She said. “I don’t know what to wear.”

“Hm…….” I said taking a good look at her. She was about as tall as me, 5’6, but she was thinner and slightly curvier. Her long black hair hung to the middle of her back, and the jeans she was wearing now looked to big for her. Her skin was as pale as her fathers and she had the same hazel eyes. “Well, how about that black skirt with the chains and bows?” I suggested and she dug around in a bag until she found it. “And maybe the purple top?” she pulled that out too, and her new converse. “Nice!” I told her once she came out of the bathroom fully changed, these clothes fit her much better.

“So what’s Mikey like?” She asked.

“Oh, well………..he’s really one of a kind, trust me.” I laughed. “But he’s a really nice guy.”

“Girls?” Gerard poked his head into the door. “Everything okay?”

“Peachy.” I said.

“Well, alright, ready to get going?”


We arrived at Mikey’s house half an hour later. A tall young woman with long dark hair in jeans and an oversized hoodie on answered the door.

“Gee, Linds and……..” her eyes widened when she saw me.

“Hello Alicia, may we come in?” Gerard sighed, she let us in the house, it smelled like something good was baking. “Alicia, I would like you to meet Rose, my daughter.” He introduced me.

“Nice to meet you,” She held out her hand and I shook it. “You look so much like Gerard and Lindsey!”

“Um, thanks.” I blushed, as the one and only Mikey effin Way walked in to the living room.

“Hey Gee!” He quickly hugged his brother, nodded to Lindsey, then saw me. “Rose?” He smiled.

“Hello.” I said, smiling too.

“Well,” he flung open his arms. “No hug?”

I laughed and hugged him, finding him extremely friendly and easy to be around, he smelled good too.

“So good to see my niece.” He said letting go of me. “Speaking of which how is my other niece?” he asked tapping Lindsey’s middle.

“Mikey for the last time we don’t know if it’s a boy or girl yet.” She told him.

“Nope, it’s a girl I have a gut feeling.” he told her. “Now who’s hungry Alicia made chicken parmesan!”

Dinner was great, for the first time in a long time I actually had an appetite. We talked about music, bands, simple stuff that made great conversations, until its was nearing nine o’clock and we had to leave. Hugging Mikey goodbye and telling Alicia goodbye, I was back in Gerard’s car and headed home.

“So what do you think of Mikey?” Gerard asked as we sat out on the patio smoking.”

“He’s so nice, and Alicia is an amazing cook.” I exhaled.

“He loves you, he was so excited to meet you.” Gerard said. “Just wait until you meet Frank.” He chuckled. “He’s 5’4 and 120 pounds of pure energy.” He sighed and got to his feet. “It’s getting late and I’m tired, you coming inside?”

“Sure.” I crushed my cigarette in the ashtray and followed him inside.


The clock on the night stand said it was 1 in the morning but I just couldn’t sleep. Slowly I got of bed so I didn’t wake Lindsey, I threw on some clothes and left our bedroom, going downstairs. But on my way passing Rose’s room, I stopped when I heard a strange muffled sound. I pressed my ear to the door and recognized the sound as crying.

Hesitantly I put my hand on the doorknob and opened it, "Rose?"
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