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my breaking heart needs fixing by you

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I looked at my bruises, it sent a shiver down my spine. I wonder how he is? Is he sober? Or lying in a gutter with a bottle of beer in his hand? Why should I care? He never did, he didn’t care it was our anniversary or my birthday. I was going out with Frank tonight, I liked Frank, he was mad but he was great to be with. I could talk to him about stuff, I could have a good time.
I was checking every few minutes in the mirror to see if I looked okay.
“Gee, you look great… god if you wasn’t my brother I would drag you up to my room and fuck your brains out,” Mikey said.
“Thanks!” Bob said.
“Yeah, you said you was waiting then you say if I wasn’t your brother you would fuck me, you’ll have to make it up to Bob now,” I said.
“Don’t worry I intend to,” he said rubbing Bob’s thigh. Bob moaned as Mikey kissed and sucked his neck.
“Please, don’t start making up to him yet,” I said.
The doorbell rang.
I opened it, it was Frank.
“Hey sexy, come on let’s go,” he said.
I blushed.
“Told you that you looked sexy!” Mikey shouted.
“Yeah Gee you do,” Frank said. Gee, I loved it when he called me it. I blushed at what he said.
“Can you go now? I need to get down to business with Bob here,” Mikey said.
I went quickly.
“What did he mean?” Frank asked.
“Think about it,” I said.
He stopped of a second.
“Ohhh… I see,” he said and laughed.
“Come on, I’m hungry,” I said. He took hold of my hand as we walked.
We when down the road, pass a bar and then suddenly Ray came staggering out.
“Fuck no!” I gasped.
“Gerard?” Ray asked.
I tried to move on quickly with Frank but Ray grabbed hold of my wrist.
“Where the fuck have you been? Oh I see, you’ve been fucking this guy haven’t you?” He asked.
“Leave it Ray,” I said.
“No I won’t,” he said.
“You little slut, going around doing it with anyone you can get that’s easy,” Ray said.
I slapped him around the face. I shouldn’t have, I could see the anger in his eyes, he dragged me.
“Get off him!” Frank shouted. He punched Ray in the face. Ray staggered back and fell on the floor.
“Come on, now,” Frank said.
He grabbed hold of my hand and we ran.
I cried as we ran up a hill to a large tree.
I fell to the ground and buried my face in my arms. Frank put his arm around me.
“I-h-I’ve ju-ust d-raged you into t-this,” I cried.
“No you haven’t Gee-Gee, I love you and-” he said.
“You love me?” I asked.
“Yeah, I’ve know we’ve only known each other for ad least a few weeks now but I do,” he said.
I cuddled into his chest.
“I want he to leave us alone,” I said.
“He will, don’t worry,” Frank said. He kissed my forehead.
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