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I woke up in a sweat, I was tossing and turning all night, I just thought about him. I rubbed my eyes and looked around my room, all my clothes we’re scattered around the room. I groaned as I got up, I looked at my alarm, 11:26am. I can’t remember when I got in, I remember fall asleep in Frank’s arms, then inside a car, then I felt myself been putting down on the bed. I don’t remember taking my clothes off or anything. I pulled on some clothes and slowly managed down the stairs.
“Oh God, you look like you haven’t slept for days,” Mikey said.
“Mikey, don’t be so mean,” Bob said. He was sitting on the sofa in just his boxers.
“He’s right, just had a bad night,” I said.
“Where’s mom and dad?” I asked.
“Out, Mom’s gone shopping with Mrs. Iero, Dad’s gone to watch the football at Uncle Phil’s,” Mikey said. (Just made Uncle Phil up)
“I see, watch the football then get pissed, then a big argument starts,” I said.
“You got it in one,” Mikey said.
“So we decided to go out so you can come to, you and Frank, to the cinema’s,” Mikey said.
“I’ll ask but sure,” I said.
“Great,” Mikey said.
“I’m guessing you two had a very… special night,” I said.
Mikey blushed. Bob smirked.
“I’m starving, I need anything to eat right now,” I said. I went into the kitchen, I pulled out some cereal’s and put them in the bowl and got some milk and poured it in the bowl.
I felt my phone vibrate. It was a text from Ray.
Gerard, we need 2 talk. Please. Ray x

I sighed. Mikey walked in.
“What’s up?” he asked.
“Nothing, I’m going out in a bit,” I said.
“Okay, well make sure you ask Frank and be back by eight,” he said.
I nodded.
I got my phone and texted back.
U better not b drunk

He texted back
No, just getting over the hangover, I promise, can we talk about this not text about it?

I texted back
Fine, meet me at Starbuck’s at the mall in half an hour.

He texted back
Ok, c u there.

I went upstairs, I looked in the mirror. I ran my fingers over the fainted bruises and cuts. It sent a chill down my spine. I quickly put on a over-sized hoodie to cover the pain. I put my black converses on and then ran downstairs. Not good timing, Mikey was straddling Bob on the sofa. I cleared my throat. Mikey looked up and blushed.
“Ummm…” he muttered.
“I’m going out now,” I quickly said. I went out. It was a dull day; the sun was covered in a thick blanket of grey cloud. I zipped up my hoodie and pulled the hood over my head. I quickly went to the mall and straight into Starbucks. I looked around. I couldn’t see him. I got a coffee and sat down next to the window. I looked outside. Everyone seemed happy, couples walking hand in hand, children running around without a care in the world. I saw Ray walk in, he looked around then saw me, he quickly walked over, every step he took towards me I regretted coming here to meet him.
“Gee,” he muttered.
“You know you can sit down,” I said.
He sat down, it was silent at first, not a word to each other.
“God Gee, I’ve missed you so much,” he said.
“Really? I thought you were too busy drinking to notice me,” I said sharply.
“I know Gerard, I treated you bad, I am a asshole, I love you so much Gee-Gee, I wish I could go back and stop it all, me making a mess of it all, I’m going to get help,” he said.
“And what? You expect me to come back to you because you say your going to change and that your going to stop?” I asked.
“No Gee-Gee, I’m doing this so that one day, I can hope we can have a future together,” he said.
“Ray,” I said.
“I love you so much Gee,” he muttered. He put his hand on mine.
“I love you too, but I… you hurt me…too many times,” I said.
“I know I did Gee-Gee, I can change, I am going to, I never want to hurt you again,” he said. I didn’t say anything, I just looked out of the window.
“Who was that guy you was with last night?” he asked.
“It was just a friend,” I said.
“No it wasn’t, don’t fucking lie,” Ray said.
“What happened to changing? To trying to sort your anger and drink? You angry now, why? I can date if I want, We aren’t exactly together at the moment, that guy was a date, nothing more, nothing less,” I said.
“I’m sorry, I’m just…jealous,” he said.
“Jealousy kills the cat,” I said. He laughed.
We sat there, just looking out the window.
“I better go,” I said.
He sprung up as I stood up. He went to kiss me on the lips but I turned my face to the side so he kissed my cheek.
“See you around sometime Gee,” he said.
“Bye,” I said.
I went out. I felt my phone vibrate. I looked at it. A text from Mikey.

I couldn’t b arsed with waiting 4 u 2 ask Frank so I did. He said yes so get here on time

I sighed. He was always impatient.
I went home quickly and got dressed into a iron maiden t-shirt, my tight skinnies and my black converses. I put a bit of eyeliner on and checked my hair.
“Come on Gerard, you are so slow,” Mikey said from outside my door.
“I just can’t wait till we are in the dark together,” Bob said.
“Umm… what are you planning to do to me?” Mikey asked.
“Wait and see,” Bob said.
“You two I can still hear!” I shouted.
I step out and ran downstairs. The doorbell rang, I answered it, it was Frank.
“Hey,” I said.
“Hey gorgeous,” he said. I blushed. He kissed my cheek.
“So what we watching?” Frank asked.
“Yeah Mikey what are we watching?” I asked as Mikey walked down the stairs, followed by Bob.
“Ummm… how about eclipse!” Mikey said happily.
“Why are you so happy?” I asked.
“God seeing Taylor shirtless and Rob is a plus,” Mikey said.
“Great, you’ll be getting horny over them not me now,” Bob said.
“Aww… don’t say that Bobby, you make me horny than ever,” Mikey said.
“Will you two stop the sex life talk in front of a guest and your brother,” I said.
“Aww… Gee-Gee hasn’t got a sex life, well you can’t have Bob, he’s my sex god,” Mikey said.
Bob blushed.
Me and Frank looked at each other.
We soon set off to the cinemas. We got four tickets, Mikey got a large popcorn.
“Are you pregnant? Are you craving popcorn now?” I asked.
“Yeah, I forgot to mention I’m pregnant, don’t be so stupid, it’s for me and Bob,” he said.
We soon got into the pictures. Mikey ran right to the back, Bob sat down and he jumped on his lap.
“You two better not start making out in the film,” I said.
“Well, if you and Frank do then we do,” Mikey said.
“Seems fair,” Bob said.
Frank smiled. I sat down next to him.
“You know this is like our second date,” he said.
“Except you have to sit and watch my brother and his boyfriend make out,” I said.
Frank turned to me.
“You know coca-cola makes me very hyper,” he said.
“Great,” I said. He laughed.
He kissed me softly.
“I really like you Gee,” he said. Gee, I love it when I was called that.
The film started, Frank put an arm over my shoulder, I cuddled up close to him.

Frank had drank way too much coca-cola, when we got outside he decided to tackle Mikey and then jump on Bob’s back and say “Charge!”
“I think we shouldn’t have let him have that coke now,” he said.
“Agreed,” I said.
“Come on slow coaches!” Frank shouted. Bob didn’t seem to mind having a hyper active mad guy on his back.
“I want a piggy back,” Mikey said.
“You’re not getting one,” I said.
“Fine grumpy,” he said. We caught up with Bob and Frank.
“Umm… let’s go now,” Frank said.
“What? Why?” I asked.
Now I knew, Ray was there, he was holding a bottle of something.
“You said you would stop,” I said as I walked up to him.
“I have,” he said.
“What’s that then?” I asked.
“Flavoured water,” he said holding up the bottle.
“Gee, I need to tell you something,” he said.
“Ray! Is that you?” A guy asked, he staggered up to us.
“Shit, Owen,” he said.
“Owen?” I asked.
“You don’t wait around long do you?” Owen asked.
“What is he going on about?” I asked.
“Ray fucked me a few days ago,” the guy said.
I looked at Ray.
“So much for saying you’ll change and you love me,” I said.
I was going to walk away but Ray grabbed hold of my wrist.
“Let go of him!” Frank said.
“Fuck off, he’s mine not yours,” Ray said.
“Gerard is no ones,” Frank said.
“Aww… trying to look like the loving hero,” Ray said.
“Piss off and leave him alone,” Frank said.
“You fucking bastard let go of my brother!” Mikey shouted as he hit Ray.
“That really hurt not,” Ray said. Mikey hit again. Ray turned and was about to Mikey but Bob stood in.
“Touch my boyfriend and you will be killed, that goes for touching Gerard or Frank,” Bob said.
Ray laughed. He went over to Gerard, he went up to his ear.
“I will have you, whatever it takes,” Ray said.
He walked off with Owen, probably to get pissed and fucked.
“Are you okay?” Bob asked me.
“Yeah, let’s go,” I said.
Mikey hugged me.
“I’m going to Bob’s tonight,” he said.
I nodded.
They went the opposite direction.
“Come on let’s get you home,” Frank said.
Frank took hold of my hand and walked me home. He stopped at my door.
“Come in,” I said.
He came in quickly.
I saw a note on the table.

To Gerard & Mikey
You’re Dad and I have gone out, we won’t be home till tomorrow afternoon.
Mom x

“I’m home alone,” I said.
“Want some company?” he asked.
I nodded.
“Wanna watch a movie?” I asked.
“What do you have in mind?” he asked.
“Paranormal activities?” I asked.
He nodded.
Frank flopped down on the sofa as I put the DVD in.

We were half way threw and Frank turned to me.
“Gee, I really like you, I want you to be safe from him,” he said.
“I know,” I said.
“I love you Frank,” I said.
“I love you too Gee,” he said.
He kissed me passionately.
“Upstairs now,” I said.
“Umm… Gee are you sure?” He asked.
“More than ever,” I answered.
I grabbed his hand and took him upstairs.
I kissed him, as we backed up to the bed, he fell on the bed. I straddled him.
“Your clothes are getting in my way,” I said.
“Yours too,” he said.
I took my t-shirt off. He took his off, we threw them across the room. I rubbed him threw he jeans. He moaned as I grinded my hips against his.
“God Gee,” he moaned.
I undone his belt, I undone and unzipped his jeans and threw them on the floor. He did the same with mine.
I quickly grabbed the lube and squeezed some on my two fingers. I pushed on up him, he grunted, I pulled it in and out and then stuck the other one in him, he inhaled sharply. I roughly scissored him. I was kind of nervous, I’d never been in control before, I was always pinned down on the bed. I looked at him.
“Are you sure you want this?” I asked.
“Gee, I love you, I want this,” he said.
I kissed him, then rubbed some lube on my length, I put some around his entrance as well. I knew the slower you went the more pain there was so thrusted into him quickly. He screamed out in pain. I kept thrusting in and out.
“Oh god Gee,” he moaned.
“Fuck this is amazing,” I panted. Suddenly Frank arched himself upwards and grabbed onto the bed sheets.
“There Gee! Fuck!” he screamed in pleasure.
I hit over it again and again.
“Touch me Gee,” he groaned.
I started pumping his length.
“I’m so near,” I moaned.
“Me too, come on baby, come for me,” I said.
I pumped faster and harder.
He soon came spilling out into my hands. I exploded inside of him. Our bodies covered in sweat, I collapsed next to him.
“That was amazing,” I panted, still trying to catch my breath.
He kissed my cheek softly and we both fell asleep in each others arms.
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