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The day after

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Me and Frank were meeting up with Mikey, Bob, Ray and Owen at ours. I kept admiring my ring, I smiled when I thought about marrying Frank, he was so special to me, I wanted him to be mine and me to be his. He sat down next to me.
“For our wedding…” he said.
“Yes?” I asked.
“I want to be dressed in full black, black suit, black t-shirt and tie, maybe you could wear a black suit, but either you could wear a white shirt and a black tie or a red, or a black shirt and a white tie,” he suggested.
“umm… I like the sound of it, I think I want the red tie thought, you know red and black is my favourite,” I said.
“I’m good aren’t I?” he asked.
“Very good, your will make a very good husband, and dad,” I said.
“Dad? You pregnant or something?” he asked.
“No, I mean one day, we could think about it…” I said.
“Adoption?” he asked.
I nodded.
“Yeah, one day it would be cool, if it was a girl I would beat up any boy who tries to date her, and if it’s a boy I could teach it how to be a mad kid with amazing styles,” he said.
“I think you would do that even if it was a girl, and I could see you as the protective type,” I said.
“I am! Remember when we went to the park and I went to get some coffee and this guy tried to chat you up, I need beat the shit out of them, remember I picked him up by his collar and told him to fucking leave my boyfriend alone or I would throw him in the lake?” he asked.
“Oh yeah, you were actually near to throwing him in till I told you I didn’t want you to end up getting arrested,” I said.
“Good times,” he said.
“It was very protective but romantic,” I said.
“Aww you think I’m sweet and romantic,” he said.
“Yes very,” I said.
“You are too,” he said. The door bell rang. He jumped up and ran to the door like a five year old.
“Hello sexy Mikey and Bob!” he yelled.
“Umm… hi,” Bob said.
We started laughing.
Mikey sat down next to me, Bob sat next to Mikey hugging each other.
“Umm… why are you wearing a ring on that finger unless… OH MY GOD!” Mikey yelled.
“You are engaged?” Bob asked.
“Yep, last night,” I said.
“And then got laid, Bob I’m giving you a tip here, propose to Mikey get great fucking mind blowing sex, including chocolate, cream and handcuffs,” Frank said. Bob went bright red, so did Mikey.
“Eww! Thanks for telling me about your sex life,” Mikey yelled.
“Your welcome, anytime soon to be brother,” Frank said.
“Oh God, he is going to be family, that mean I’ve got a over hyper active brother in law,” Mikey said.
“Yeah, sorry Mikey, I guess I can’t help who I fall in love with,” I said.
“Then we’re going to adopt a little child, if it’s a girl, I’m going to beat up the son of a bitch who tries to go out with our angel,” he said.
“Yeah, he’s being the protective dad,” I said.
“Yeah but I think out of Bob and Mikey, Bob would be,” Frank said.
“I am protective!” Mikey said.
“We know but I think Bob has got strength and balls to beat up the guy,” he said.
“Your more calm and peaceful,” Frank added.
“In a good way?” Mikey asked.
“Very good way,” I said.
The door bell rang. Frank got it.
“Hey Gee, Mikey, Bob,” Ray said.
“What takes you so long?” Mikey asked.
“Umm… shower difficulties,” Ray said smiling with Owen.
“You fucked in the shower?” I asked.
“Yep,” Owen said, he sat down on the sofa across from us.
“So, what’s the news?” Ray asked.
“Frank and I are engaged,” I said.
“Wicked, congratulations,” Ray said.
“Yeah, congratulations,” Owen said, they hugged us.
“Well, we are thinking of adopting,” Ray said.
“Us too, but not till a long time,” Frank said.
“It’s like we’re both engaged couples then we’re both think of adoption, spooky,” Ray said.
“Very,” I said.
“Yeah, Frank’s trying to give tips on how to get great sex by proposing, then who will be the tough parent out of us too, saying that Bob will beat up any guy with our adopted daughter,” Mikey said.
“I think Ray will be the tough one,” Owen said.
We carried on talking about weddings and adoption. It was good to see Ray with someone, and I was happy now.
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