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I Will Not Forget

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Gerard has made his decision.

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The shadows were growing long and soon the sun would set. Gerard had sat almost completely still thinking over so many things. Not just what he had learned today but his whole life. He had slowly realized that the feeling he’d occasionally allowed himself to believe, that someone watched over him, had been true. Anna had been there. Now thinking back to important moments of his life he realized in some strange way he’d known, it was almost as if he’d felt her presence.

Snuffing out his cigarette he knew it was time to face her. He walked into the living room and saw her curled up on the sofa with her eyes closed. As he drew near she spoke. “I am awake.”

Gerard lowered himself to the floor beside the sofa and looked into her face. “Anna I still have so many questions I need answered. Not all of them, not now but a few of them I need to ask.”

She opened her eyes and waited.

Now that he was gazing into her eyes he found it difficult to put his thoughts into words. “No, I was wrong. Before I ask any questions there is something I have to tell you.” He reached out and gently touched her cheek. “I want you to know that the first time I truly saw you, that day outside Brian’s office, I looked into your eyes and I felt something. At the time I didn’t understand. Too many years of pain had clouded my vision. But the more I began to know you I understood.” He spoke from his heart, “I want you to know that there is nothing about you that can change the way I feel. I love you.”

Tears filled her eyes. “I want so much to believe.” She whispered.

“Believe.” His fingertip brushed away one of her tears, “What you don’t understand is that you still are that girl from Colorado. You are still the girl who loved her family. You may have turned into something more but the essence of who you once were is still there.”

Anna let her tears fall unashamedly.

Gerard smiled, “I thought a lot about this and I’m guessing you are different than most of your kind. I mean you said most Healers don’t feel human love.”

“I am very different.” Anna whispered. “The fact that I feel love for you would be considered by many Healers to be a sin. In the Healer world I am considered what is termed “turned wrong” and I must always hide that fact.”


“Those that are ‘turned wrong’ and considered a liability. They are not allowed to continue to exist.” She whispered.

He looked shocked, “Not allowed to continue to exist?”

She nodded.

He shook his head sadly, “But those qualities make you special.”

She sighed, “They are not viewed that way.”

“Then they are wrong.”

“It is the belief that because I am so young I do not always exhibit the strength of a Healer.”

He smiled, “Young?”

She nodded, “Yes in my world I am young. Being turned less than 500 years ago is considered young.”

“Fuck.” He shook his head, “This is still so hard to believe.”

“I know but it is true. I am a child in their eyes.”

He stood and waited until she sat up so he could sit beside her. “In a way you are young.” He said softly. “You were only sixteen.”

“Yes and to turn someone so young is rare.”

“But Jacob did it anyway.” Gerard said wanting to understand more about Anna’s Maker.

“You need to understand Jacob is one of The Pure. When he turned me no one questioned his actions.”

“One of The Pure? What does that mean?”

“He was born a Healer not turned.”

“How old is he?” Gerard asked.

Anna smiled, “I do not know. I am not sure Jacob truly knows himself. I asked him once and he said he has been forever.”

“So it sounds like he’s powerful.”

“He is.” Anna confirmed. “And the fact that he is my Maker has made things much easier for me.”

Gerard couldn’t help the feeling of jealousy that filled him. “They way you talk about him makes it sound like you’re almost in awe of him.”

Anna smiled, “Jacob is awe inspiring. He is wise yet for being a Pure he is very compassionate. That is a rare trait. His compassion is why I am sitting here today.”

“Because he turned you?”

“Because he turned a young girl unknown to him before that night. I am the only one Jacob has ever turned. You have no idea how special that makes me.”

Again jealously reared it’s ugly head. “That is not the only reason you are special.”

She felt his emotion, “I am speaking in terms of the beliefs of my kind. To be turned by a Pure is considered an honor. The fact that he chose me makes me special to them.”

“But you were a beautiful young woman.”

Anna tried to make him understand. “Jacob had moved through the centuries having as little contact as possible with humans. That night in the alley he happened across a young human girl who was dying.”

Gerard interrupted her, “And without knowing you he turned you.”

“Yes.” She paused a moment to gather her thoughts. “I asked him once why. He simply said that he had done it because he could not bear to see beauty die amongst such filth.”

“He was right.” Gerard said trying not to visualize her lying in that alley. “Someday I would like to thank him.”

Anna nodded slowly, “Yes someday I would like you to meet him. I am sure meeting you is something he will insist on.”

“So what’s this guy look like?”

“What does he look like?” Anna repeated surprised by the question.

Gerard tried to downplay this interest. “I was just wondering.”

“Jacob looks as if he is in his mid-twenties. He is tall with dark hair and eyes like mine.”

“Icy blue like yours?”

“Yes, the reason my eyes are this shade is because Jacob is my Maker. Often a human who is turned will bear the same eye color as their Maker.”

“But you said his hair is dark?”

Anna understood what he was thinking. “You are wondering about my hair. You are correct it was not this color when I was human. At that time my hair was blond. When I was turned it changed to this whitish color. Even Jacob does not understand why that happened.”

He still needed to know more about Jacob and her feelings for him. “You and he are bonded. Do you love him?”

Anna looked deeply into his eyes. “I love Jacob. Not just because he is my Maker.” She saw Gerard’s face fall. “But the love I have for him is like the love for a father. In many ways Jacob raised me. He protected me, sheltered me. I will always share a bond with him that is strong. However you need never feel jealousy about the bond. You are my soul mate, my one and only.”

“And you are mine.” Gerard whispered. He leaned over and brushed his lips against her then sat back to look into her eyes. “I want you to heal me Anna. I want to live. I want to live so I can share my life with you.”

“You must be sure.” She forced herself to say.

“Yeah, I’m sure. I want to be bonded to you.” He chose his words carefully, “And maybe someday if it’s possible we can be bonded together for all time.”

Anna understood. “No,” She said sadly, “It would be a choice you would find more difficult than you can imagine and in truth I doubt permission would be granted for such a thing.”

He did not understand but for now it wasn’t important. “Explain to me what will happen. How will you heal me? Is the tumor just gonna disappear?”

“Yes, it will disappear. And tomorrow when you go to the doctor they will run a series of tests based on the findings of the ER doctor. They will shake their heads in confusion and it will be explained away as simply a mistake. You will be given a clean bill of health.”

“You sound like you already know what will happen.”

Anna smiled, “I’m sure you have heard about situations similar to this. A person has a test done and is told more tests are needed. But the new tests show nothing wrong. Often it is called a miracle.”

“You’re saying that miracles are people being healed like you’re gonna do for me?”

Anna shook her head, “Not all miracles are the result of intervention by my kind. There are true miracles that occur every day.”

"But my miracle will be because of you.”


He sat back still holding her hand. “Tell me what’s gonna happen?”

Anna heard the fear in his voice. “It will be painful, I will not lie. We will exchange blood. However you will take far more of mine. That is something that can be dangerous to both of us.”


“As my blood invades your body you will crave more and more.”

“Like last night before the concert.” He said slowly beginning to understand. “Shit I remember the feeling was incredible. It was like every part of me was suddenly alive.” He stopped when the memory of what had happened in the hotel room filled his mind. “It was like an incredible high I couldn’t control. I don’t wanna fuckin’ hurt you.”

“You are right in thinking you could hurt me. The amount of blood I will give you will weaken me. We must take precautions.”

“Shit, how can we be sure I won’t hurt you?”

“I will bind your hands to the bed.” Anna said. As the words left her mouth her eyes flashed.

Gerard sat back in shock.

Anna closed her eyes. “I am sorry. I do not mean to frighten you. At times I can not control that reaction.”

“Reaction to what?”

Anna opened her eyes and once again they were normal. “Reaction to the thought of taking your blood and your body.”

“Like what happened in the bathroom stall.” He was shocked to feel himself harden at the memory.

“The blood share is a primal act.” She took a deep breath. “Right now I can hear your blood coursing through your veins. The fact that you have already had my blood makes this more difficult. The fact that we have had sex…..”

Gerard felt desire wash over him so strongly he almost moaned. “It will happen during sex?” He ground out roughly as his body was already sensing the answer.

“If that is what you desire.” Anna answered. “It will make it easier for you.”

As terrified at he was he couldn’t help but smile. “Fuck, yes.” He was fighting the urge to grab her. “But tell me you want it too.”

Anna gathered all her strength. He had no idea the urges she was fighting. “We must do this now. If not I will lose control.” Once again her eyes flashed.

Gerard forced his mind to work. “Just promise me you won’t let me hurt you.”

Anna stood. “Come.” She extended her hand and they walked towards the bedroom. Once there Gerard tried to grab her but she quickly stepped away. “Undress.”

He quickly began pulling at his clothes.

Moving to the closet Anna opened the door and removed several silk ties. When she turned Gerard was staring at her. “Tell me you trust me.”

“I do trust you, Anna. I trust you with my life.” The words were from his heart.

She moved towards him. “Lie on the bed and I will secure your hands.”

He did as she commanded. A moment later when she leaned over him he was shocked at how tightly she bound his wrists to the bedposts.

“I am sorry but it must be this tight.” She said moving around the bed to secure his other wrist. “The pain will be intense as my blood begins to heal you. You will fight me, you will curse me. The pleasure of your sexual release will lessen some of the pain.”

Gerard’s heart began to pound in his chest. “Anna I’m not gonna lie. I’m fuckin’ scared.”

“Trust me.” She whispered.

Once his second hand was tightly secured she stepped back and began to undress. Gerard watched her with a mixture of excitement and fear. Nude, she crawled onto the bed. “I love you.” She said softly. “And I understand soon you will hate me.”

“Hate you?” Gerard shook his head. “I’ll never hate you.”

Anna’s face was blank but her eyes flashed. “Yes, you will hate me until your body and mind accept what has happened.”

“I love you.” He whispered. “I know it now and I will not forget.’ He couldn’t believe he could ever feel any other way no matter what happened.
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