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No More

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The healing begins.

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Anna molded her body next to his then gently reached down to cup his hard member in her hand. She whispered in his ear. “Try to relax.”

His heart beating wildly he smiled, “Uh, Sugar. Your hand is making it impossible to relax.” She had begun to slowly stroke him.

“I meant try to let go of your fear.” She kissed the side of his neck while throwing her leg over his. “Try to just to feel what I am doing.”

“I’m sorry I’m scared.” He admitted. “I don’t want you to think it’s cause I don’t trust you.”

“You fear the unknown.” Anna understood.

“Yeah, and pain.” His breathing was becoming rapid. Anna’s hand on his dick began to move up and down with an exciting rhythm.

“I am sorry I can do nothing to ease the pain. I wish with all my heart I could.”

Gerard closed his eyes and tried to let himself feel only the pumping motion of her hand. “That does feel fuckin’ amazing.” He ground out. Her fingers were now reaching the velvety head and brushing over the top before moving back down the rock hard shaft.

Anna’s lips brushed the soft skin of his neck again but this time her tongue darted out to lick and taste. She felt the hunger burn strongly through her body. She wanted his blood so badly her body shook. Slowly she opened her mouth.

“Anna stop.” Gerard cried out.

Her mouth snapped closed and she lowered her head to rest against his neck. Fear that he had changed his mind filled her.

“I want to see you.” He felt her shake her head against him. “Please.” He begged.

She didn’t want him to see this side of her.

“Please.” He whispered.

Slowly she raised her head.

Gerard looked into her eyes. They were the color of topaz and burned with an inner light. Her mouth was closed.

“Let me see.”

For a moment she stared into his eyes then she opened her lips.

Gerard saw the sharp fangs but did not flinch as she’d expected. He smiled, “You are beautiful. Every part of you is beautiful.”

Anna blinked several times fighting back tears. His acceptance of her at this moment was more than she could ever have hoped or dreamed.

“Now do it, Sugar.” He rolled his head on the pillow baring his neck.

Her hand continued to stroke him as she leaned down. He moaned as her fangs sunk into his skin.

Anna too moaned as his blood filled her mouth. The taste, the smell was intoxicating. She fought for control yet she had become one with him. Her ears were filled with the sound of his heartbeat. They listened to the rhythm waiting for the moment she knew she must pull away. She prayed when that moment arrived she would have the strength to stop.

On the bed Gerard’s body was writhing in passion. “Anna.” He moaned her name. His mind was gone now his body in control.

His heartbeat began to slow but his dick was throbbing in her hand. It was time. She sat up and saw that he had opened his eyes. As he watched she bit her arm just above her wrist and moved it to his mouth. “Drink” she whispered.

He pressed his lips to her skin and slowly opened his mouth.

Anna moved her body so that she was straddling him. As soon as she felt him begin to suck the blood from her she impaled herself on his throbbing dick. His body began to buck off the bed trying to pump into her. Anna steadied her arm while waiting for what she knew would happen next.

“Fuck.” He cried out as his mind became filled with images both exciting and terrifying. Red, every image was blood red that passed through his brain. He needed more. His teeth sank into her arm causing more of her blood to rush into his mouth. Anna cried out but did not stop him. The frenzied pace of his trusts became stronger causing Anna to tighten her knees into his side.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck.” He moaned as he felt his balls fill. The intensity of the feeling building inside him was overwhelming. The taste of her blood was driving him to the edge of sanity and beyond. He wanted to consume every last ounce, every last drop of the sweetness that filled his mouth. He sucked harder as he felt his release coming. Once more he bucked his body off the bed slamming into her. He came with such force he wanted to scream but fear of taking his mouth off her arm for only a second would not allow it.

That last thrust send Anna over the edge. She threw back her head, her eyes blazing. For a moment pure animalistic instinct took over. Her hand braced against his chest opened and her nails racked his skin leaving a scarlet trail. She fell against him greedily licking at the blood while he continued to suck from her arm. Her mind was screaming for her to stop. Every once of her strength she called on to roll off him.

Gerard’s eyes snapped open as her arm was pulled from his mouth. “No.” He cried out. “No.” Blood trickled down his chin.

Anna was panting at his side. “No more.” She cried tears rolling down her face. “No more.”

His mind went wild. “I need more. Please.” He begged. “I need more.”

Anna tried to block his pleas from her mind. He had taken enough, as she felt weaker than she had ever felt before. “I am sorry.” She whispered trying desperately to fight the urge she had to finish licking the blood still flowing on his chest.

Anger consumed him. “Bitch I need more.” He shouted. “I fuckin’ need more you cunt.”

She gathered all her remaining strength to slip from the bed. Gerard pulled against the restraints holding his arms. “Let me go.” He screamed. His voice shook the room.

Stumbling from the bed Anna fell to a heap on the floor. Still he screamed at her.

“Let me the fuck go, now.”

She crawled towards the chest of drawers and pulled herself up. A wave of dizziness almost knocked her to the ground again. Waiting a moment until it passed she pulled open the top drawer and grabbed at the first item she found.

Gerard’s eyes were wide open as he tried to watch her. He saw her moving back towards the bed. “I need more.” He screamed again.

“I am sorry.”

“It hurts.” Tears were rolling down his face. “Oh fuck it hurts.” His whole body was on fire. His pain in his head was so intense he cried out, “Please make it stop.”

Anna was crying as she moved back up on the bed. “I can not.”

Her tears only angered him. “You bitch what have you done to me?” He pulled at the ties with such force they dug into his skin. The only thought in his mind was to put his hands around her neck and strangle her.

She knew he could not control the rage that was consuming him. She also knew that he would not stop screaming at her and the fear that one of his neighbors might hear made her realize what she must do.

As soon as he saw her lift the handkerchief he knew what she planned. “Stay away from me you fuckin’ bitch.” He started rolling his head back and forth on the pillow. “I’ll kill you.” He screamed just before she shoved it into his mouth. He continued to move his head from side to side but his screams were silenced. Suddenly his whole body started to convulse. Anna laid down beside him throwing her arm over his body. She wept as the pain tore through him.

“Who was that?” Jamia asked as soon as Frank reappeared in the family room. They had chosen to return home for a few days and had been watching TV when his cell had gone off in the bedroom.

Frank sat back down next to her on the sofa. “Mikey. He just wanted to talk.”

“About Gee?” Jamia guessed.

“Yeah. He found out Gee was supposed to go to the doctor today but didn’t make the appointment.”

“Oh.” Jamia said softly. “What do you really think?”

“You mean do I think something is wrong with him? Yeah.” He said softly. “I’m fuckin’ terrified something is wrong.”

“Guess the tour might be put on hold for awhile.”

Frank shrugged, “Shit I hope not. I hope I’m wrong and the doctor will tell him he’s okay.”

They watched TV for a few minutes before Jamia spoke, “What do you really think about Anna?”

The question surprised him. “What do I think?” He repeated.

“Yeah, do you like her?”

Frank nodded, “Yeah don’t you?”

Jamia snuggled closer to him. “Yeah I really do. I guess I’m just worried that if something is wrong with Gee I’m not sure how she’ll deal with it. I mean they haven’t been together all that long and that would be a lot of pressure on a new relationship.”

“Yeah, I get what you mean but I really think Anna would stick by him regardless.”

“I think so too.” Jamia sighed.

While sleep was something Anna rarely needed her weakened body demanded it now. She’d been asleep only a few minutes before a sharp pain jarred her awake. It took her only a minute to realize what had happened. Gerard had pulled with his newly gained strength and had freed his right hand. He’d reached down and grabbed her hair violently pulling a clump from her head. She bolted upright and saw it was still dangling from his fingertips. Before she could move he dropped the hair then pulled the gag from his mouth.

“Let me go.” He screamed.

Anna grabbed his hand and tried to wrestle it back to the bedpost. She had to secure him again. He fought back in fury.

“Bitch let go of me.” He yelled. He pulled his hand from her grasp and swung at her. This hand connected with her cheek and sent her sailing off the bed. Quickly he rolled on his side and started to work on freeing his other hand.

Anna stumbled to her feet knowing she had to stop him. If he freed himself he would kill her. She was too weakened from the blood loss to stop him. She climbed back on the bed and using both hands grabbed at his freed arm. She fought with every ounce of strength slowly moving his arm back up above his head.

“Fuck you.” He screamed.

She had no choice but to position her body over his arm pinning it to the bed. When she heard the sickening sound of his elbow snap she beginning sobbing as he howled in pain. It was several long minutes before she got his arm tied again.

“You fuckin’ broke my arm.” He was thrashing his body trying to dislodge her. “You bitch you broke my arm.”

She knew there was no point him telling him she hadn’t meant to just as she knew there was no point in explaining to him why. She rolled over his body to tighten the other restraint.

Venom dripped from his words. “Why don’t you crawl back up on me but fuck me this time. Let me fuck you raw.”

Anna tried to ignore the words. This was not the man she loved. This was mindless fury wrought from pain.

“Come on do it.” He sneered. “Fuck me so I don’t feel the pain. It’ll help I know it.” Suddenly he focused on what he believed would help ease his suffering. “Anna, please. It hurts.” He was watching her closely and saw her tears. “At least lean over me. Let me suck your tit.”

She turned away knowing full well if given the opportunity he’d bite her. His desire for her blood was overpowering.

“Bitch come on.” He screamed again. “Fuck me.”

Anna lifted the silk cloth and jammed it in his mouth again. Then she slid to the floor to watch over him from a safer distance.

“Claire you asleep?” Bob whispered.

“No.” She snuggled closer to his nude body. After they’d left the taco dinner they’d made love and hadn’t left the bed. That had been hours ago.

“Wanna stay here or go watch our movie?’ He asked.

What she wanted more than anything was to know if Anna was all right. Moments earlier she’d been shocked when struck by an unexplained pain. She knew it was not her own pain but Anna’s. “This is nice.” Claire whispered knowing she had to concentrate on her own life at this moment. “But nachos do sound good.”

Bob laughed as he rolled her over so he could look into her face. “A woman after my own heart. Let’s go.” He dropped a kiss on her lips before sliding out of bed.

Two hours had passed and Anna knew by his breathing that Gerard had fallen asleep. That meant the pain had receded. Now all that was left was for his body and mind to accept what had happened. She rose and made her way to the bed. Gently she leaned over and pulled the gag from his mouth. He continued to sleep peacefully. Anna’s heart filled with love as she gazed into his face. In sleep he looked angelic. She pulled a light blanket over his body then leaned down to kiss his forehead. As much as she wanted to release his hands she didn’t give in to that emotion. When he woke he’d be strong. Anna knew he’d be stronger than her for several more hours. If he overpowered her he’d take from her what his body still craved. He’d drain her dry without a second thought.

She backed away from the bed and moved to the chair across the room. Once again she found herself watching over him just as she’d done for so long.

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