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New Life

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A new start.

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Gerard slowly opened his eyes but saw only darkness. Several moments passed before his eyes adjusted and he could see her through the shadows. “Anna” he whispered his voice hoarse from screaming.

Her eyes snapped open. She jumped to her feet and crossed over to the bed.

“Anna is it over?’ His voice was filled with uncertainty and fear.

She smiled as she sat down on the bed. “Yes. How do you feel?”

He frowned, “My arms are killing me but other than that I think fine.”

Anna knew his arms were sore but still resisted the urge to free him. She had to make sure he was truly through the worse of it.

Gerard was suddenly struck with an onslaught of memories. While he couldn’t’ remember everything that had happened he did remember being filled with overwhelming pain and fury. “Of fuck.” He whispered. “Tell me I didn’t hurt you, please.”

She reached out and stroked is cheek, “I am fine.”

“But I remember hitting you.” He shook his head, “That really happened didn’t it?”

“You were able to free one of your arms.” Anna admitted.

“Oh shit, Sugar. I’m so sorry.”

“It does not matter now.” Anna leaned down and kissed his parched lips still caked with her blood. Then she sat up and reached out to release the arm nearest to her.

“Are you sure you should?” His voice trembled, “I mean I’m not gonna snap or anything am I?” He was terrified he’d try to hurt her again.

Anna’s fingers worked at the tie. “No you will not.” She wanted to put his mind at ease “But even if you did I’ve regained my strength.” She finished untying the knots and heard him sigh in relief as his hand dropped to his side. Moving around the bed she reached his other arm and began working on it.

“So I’m okay now?’ He asked softly.

“You are healed.” She smiled. “But this arm my still be a bit stiff for several more hours.”

As he lowered it to his side he did feel a slight twinge of pain. “Why?”

Anna had wondered if he’d completely remember the incident. “Remember you freed your arm?”


“When I wrestled to get it secured again I placed all of my body weight on it. I am sorry but it snapped.”

“My arm is broken?” He asked sounding very puzzled. It hurt but only slightly. It couldn’t be broken.

“Because you body was in the process of being healed your arm also healed. Just a bit more slowly. Most of the healing was focused on your brain.”

“Shit.” He marveled.

Anna sat back down next to him. “Now tell me how you feel.”

He stretched out his body and sighed, “Fuck, I feel great.” As soon as he said the words he frowned. “Shit, this ain’t gonna be like last time is it?”

She knew he was referring to what had happened after the concert. “This time you will be able to better deal with the intense emotions you are feeling. Before you did not understand why you felt as you did.”

He nodded, “Yeah, good. Anna I don’t ever want to hurt you again.”

As much as she wanted to believe him she knew he did not fully understand. It would me weeks before his mind had totally accepted.

Gerard noticed the look in her eyes, “You think I will?”

“I have explained this will be a difficult process. Your body has been healed and while you believe your mind has accepted this there will be times you will feel overwhelmed. Those are the times that anger is the most common emotion to surface.”

“How could I be angry with you for saving my life?”

“Right now you do not understand.” She reached out for his hand, “Just know that I will not take your anger to heart. I understand you will not be able to control it.”

He sat up slowly. “Okay now you’re scaring me. You make it sound like I won’t be able to control my actions.”

“I do not mean to frighten you.” Anna whispered. “Only to prepare you for what could happen. Perhaps it will not.”

Suddenly he looked down at her nude breasts and wondered why he hadn’t noticed them before. “Holy fuck, something is wrong with me” He muttered.

Anna looked confused, “Wrong?”

“Yeah, Sugar. You’re sitting there nude and I just now noticed.”

Her laughter warmed his heart, “You have a lot on your mind.”

He reached out and gently pulled her towards him. “I just wanna hold you.” He brushed back her hair and kissed her forehead.

“I love you Gee.” She whispered.

“Love you too.” He leaned their bodies back then hugged her tightly. “Have to admit I’m still kinda tired though.”

“That is normal. I am a bit surprised you awoke when you did. Close your eyes a sleep a few more hours. When you awake next time you will feel absolutely wonderful.”

He nuzzled her neck. “Promise you won’t leave?”

She smiled, “I promise.”

He was quiet a moment then asked in a deep, husky tone. “Can we make love then?”

Anna felt her body respond to his words, “Of course.” She whispered.

The nacho bowl was empty and the ending credits were rolling on the screen. Bob smiled down at the sleeping woman in his lap. She had almost made it to the end of the movie. He gently moved her body then stood. Claire rolled over and murmured something in her sleep. Bob smiled then scooped her up into his arms.

As he laid her on the bed her eyes opened. “I fell asleep?’ She asked sounding upset.

“Yep, Hun.” He removed her slippers then pulled the blankets over her. “I’m just gonna go lock up and shut off the lights.”

He was almost to the door when her sleep voice stopped him. “Did anyone call?”

“Nope.” He answered without turning. He knew she had hoped Anna would call.

“Please hurry.” She whispered.

He turned back around, “Something wrong?”

Claire smiled, “I just want to snuggle.”

A smile covered his face. “Be right back in a flash.” He promised.

It was quarter to five when Gerard opened his eyes again. Early morning sunlight was streaming through the window. For a moment he closed his eyes again and remembered how yesterday morning had been so different. He’d been dying. Now as he slightly stretched out his body he felt Anna stir in his arms. This morning was the start of his new life. A life he would share with Anna.

“Good morning.” She said softly.

“Morning, Sugar.” He grinned. “Uh, be back in a minute.” He slid his arm out from under her body and headed for the bathroom. He flipped on the light and caught his reflection in the mirror. That reflection stopped him in his tracks. Blood, Anna’s blood, was dried on his lips. The sight startled him at first then inexplicably excited him. He stood staring for several minutes trying to come to grips with this emotion.

Anna sat up when he exited the bathroom. “I should have washed your face as you slept.”

Desire washed over him as the blanket slipped down revealing her breasts. “Why did seeing it excite me so much?” He asked needing to understand what was going on with his body.

“You body remembers it received my blood during the sex act.” Anna answered softly.

He shook his head, “No, don’t call it that. We made love.”

Her smile was instantaneous “Yes. It was love. You body remembers that which sparks the craving.”

“So will I keep craving your blood?” He asked as he got back into bed.

“For a while it will be a strong craving. Over time it will lessen but never diminish.”

“Will you give me your blood again?” As much as he knew that question should bother him, it didn’t.

“That would be unwise at least for now. There have been humans that have consumed too much and the effect is devastating.”


“It can make a human feel they are more than human. They believe they are immortal and they do dangerous things believing they can not die. Also there have been humans who having taken too much blood begin to believe they are equals to my kind. That can be deadly for them.”

He frowned, “There is still so much I don’t fuckin’ understand. I know you use that synthetic blood but can’t you just..” He struggled to put his thoughts into words. “I mean can’t you just use my blood?”

Anna understood his reluctance to put into words what he meant. “You are asking if I can just feed off of you.” She said softly.

“Yeah.” He nodded.

“I would not do that.” She looked away.

“Why?” He asked feeling a bit rejected and not understanding why. “Why would that be bad? I want you to.”

Anna closed her eyes and remained silent.

“Anna?” He touched her cheek, “You gotta explain this shit to me. I wanna understand.”

She slowly opened her eyes and he saw that they were once again flashed with a topaz light. “You need to understand how difficult this is for me. Just hearing you speak of me taking your blood does this to me.” She closed her eyes and tried to move away but he stopped her.

“Wait.” He didn’t let go. “Are you worried that this change that comes over you will upset me?”

She nodded.

He then realized she was keeping her mouth closed tightly. “Anna don’t hide this part of you.” He leaned down and kissed her cheek. “Is it too soon for you to take blood from me?”

She barely shook her head.

“Then I want you to. I realize last night was fuckin’ hard on you. I get that me taking your blood, as much as I did weakened you.” He ran his finger over her lips. “Open them.” He whispered.

Slowly her lips parted.

He ran his finger down her fang not realizing it was razor sharp. A small drop of his blood fell on her lip. She was unable to stop her tongue from darting out to lick it. Gerard watched fascinated. His whole body responded and he felt desire course through him. Without another thought he ran his finger down her fang again this time drawing more blood. Anna groaned as he held it to her lips. “Drink.” He ground out as he pulled her body over on to his. He was inside her with one thrust as she began sucking his finger.

“Oh fuck.” He was so turned on by the sight he was afraid he’d come. Anna continued to suck the blood from his finger as he began thrusting in and out of her hot wet core.

“That’s it Sugar.” He coaxed. “Take it from me.” He saw her open his eyes, he saw the wild look they contained but he wasn’t afraid.

She moaned as her legs clasped around his back pushing him even further inside her. But it wasn’t enough.

He needed more just as she did. They way he was holding his finger to her mouth was making it difficult to thrust inside her with the intensity they needed. He pulled his finger way and she cried out.

“We both need more.” He said pulling out of her. Quickly he moved up to sit with his back against the headboard, his legs spread out. He held out his hand to her. Anna moved up understanding what he had in mind. She lowered her body over his almost crying out with desire as she felt him fill her. He placed his hands on her hips and started to move her up and down his length. Anna closed her eyes letting the feeling wash over her.

“Anna, open your eyes.” He commanded. When she did she was that he had turned his head to offer her his neck.

“I do not need…” Her voice broke off when he turned to face her.

“You do need and I am giving.” He lifted her hips again then pushed her down burying his dick deep inside her. “Now, Anna.”

As soon as he turned his head Anna leaned forward. As her fangs sank into the soft skin of his neck the orgasm washed over her. A moment later when she felt Gerard’s release fill her she forced herself to stop and sit back.

Gerard slowly opened his eyes and turned his head. “That was amazing.” He whispered still out of breath.

Anna’s eyes were closed. When she opened them they were once again icy blue. “Yes.” She whispered. “Amazing.”

“Are you able to speak freely?”

Claire glanced over at Bob. “I am just sitting here with Bob drinking coffee. Soon we are leaving so he can show me some of the sights.”

Anna understood Claire was telling her that her words would be guarded because Bob could overhear. “I just want you to know it is done.”

Claire felt a weight lift off her heart. “And?”

“It was more difficult than I had anticipated but all is well now.”

Claire heard Gerard’s voice in the background. “Hey Claire.” He called out.

Anna laughed, “He is feeling quite chipper.”

Gerard walked up behind her and snuck his arms around her waist. “I’m fuckin’ chipper.” He laughed.

“He knows?” Claire asked. She was relived to see Bob wander towards the kitchen to refill his coffee mug. “About me?” She whispered.

“Yes.” Anna answered. “He understands our bond. He also understands he can never speak of any of this.”

“I am so happy for you.” Claire said breaking into a smile.

“As I am for you.” Anna responded softly. “Enjoy your day with Bob. Tonight we will call you both with news about Gerard’s health.”

Claire understood. “Yes, I will speak to you then.”

Gerard stepped back from Anna as she disconnected. When she turned to him he was frowning, “I really don’t wanna go to the doctor today.”

She’d been afraid he’d feel this way. “I know but it is something you must do. It is important that the tests run today show you are in excellent health.”


Anna tried to be patient. “Because that x-ray taken after your fall did show a dark mass in your brain. It is important that new tests are done to prove that was false. That will end the concern the others have for your health.”

“But I feel so good and it’s just a nice day.” He whined.

“Gerard you must do this.” Anna said sternly. “It is important.”

He was about to say something but he stopped and looked at her. ”I’m being a pain, aren’t I?”

She laughed, “Yes, a bit. I understand the fact that you feel so good is making you want to reject the idea of going to the doctor. However..”

He nodded, “Yeah, yeah, I know. I gotta do it.” He sounded like a small impertinent child.

“Yes.” She put her arms around him. “Think how it will feel to hear the relief in your brother’s voice when you call him and give him the news that you are in excellent health.”

He nodded, “Yeah, he’s pretty fuckin worried.”

“We need to go now.” Anna said glancing down at her watch.

Gerard waited until she looked back up to claim her lips. He just wanted to get this over so he could forget the tumor ever existed.
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