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Man Of My Word

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Gerard shares good news.

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“Gee you aren’t lying to me are you?’ Mikey asked softly.

Gerard tightened his arm around Anna and laughed, “No, I’m not lying. I’m fuckin’ okay. That ER test was messed up. They ran a shit load of test and two different cat scans on me and nothing showed up. I just felt bad cause Anna had to sit around all day while they did the tests. Fuck it took forever.”

Mikey exhaled then smiled over at Alicia. She had been listening to his end of the conversation and understood Gerard was giving them good news. “Fuck Bro you had me so scared.”

Gerard heard the love in his voice. “I know I gotta admit I was scared at first too. But I’ve got a clean bill of health and we need to get back on the road.”

“Yeah,” Mikey said, “Uh have you called anyone else?”

“Called you first Bro.” Gerard answered with love in his voice.

“Well I should hope so.” Mikey laughed. “Want me to call the guys for you?”

Gerard considered the question. “Yeah, thanks. Oh and Brian. Make sure he knows the tour doesn’t need to be postponed anymore.” He reached over and lit a cigarette, “So you guys having a good time?”

“Alicia won today on a slot machine. I pretty much just lost.” He stretched out feeling the tension slowly leaving his body. “You and Anna have plans for tomorrow?”

“Not really. Probably just hang out and chill.” Gerard’s eyes watched Anna as she got up and crossed the room. He was hit by a wave of desire. He wanted her and he wanted her now. “Uh, so I guess we’ll see you soon.” Gerard said wanting to end the conversation. He shifted his body trying to get comfortable but looking at Anna was making him hard.

Mikey had wanted to talk to him more but he could tell Gerard was growing impatient to end the call. “Okay.” He lowered his voice. “Love you, Gee.”

“Yeah, love you too.” He disconnected and immediately walked over to Anna.

“It was good to hear the relief in his voice?” She asked as he snaked his arms around her.

Gerard nuzzled her neck, “Yeah, it was good but not as good as this feels.’ He lifted his hand and brought it up to her breast. Slipping his fingers inside her shirt he started to caress her nipple through the thin lace bra.

Anna leaned back against him and sighed.

“Hey” he laughed, “That sounded like an annoyed sigh. Don’t you want me as much as I want you?”

“I want you.” She said slowly.

He dropped his hand and turned her around to face him. “But?”

She smiled sweetly and reached out to touch his cheek. “Tell me the truth. Did you want me with a sudden wave of desire that surprised you?”

He frowned, “I want you all the time.”

Anna tried not to laugh, “Gee, you know what I mean. Did desire suddenly race through your body?”

“Well yeah.” He said but quickly added, “That’s cause you turn me on.”

“And so did that blond nurse today.” She looked away and added softly, “And the red headed doctor.”

Gerard felt a wave of guilt wash over him. Yeah, he had noticed those women but he wouldn’t have acted on that attraction. He wanted to make sure Anna understood that. “Sure I noticed them but so what? The whole time I was thinking about how much I just wanted to get back here so we could be together.”

Anna continued to stare into the distance.

Gerard lifted her chin with his finger making her look into his eyes, “Anna, I want only you.”

Her voice held sadness, “I believe in your heart that is true.” She paused, “But for now your body is not controlled by your heart.”

“Because you healed me.” He was struggling to understand.

“I told you that for a time your mind and body would have difficulty adjusting to what had happened. All of your emotions are now heightened. Anger and lust are the two most predominant emotions that can take over when an adult is healed.”

He shook his head, “I will try really hard not to let hat happen.” He promised. “But Anna, I get what your talking about how the desire just washed over me? But I only want that desire to be for you.” He took a step back fighting for control of his body, “Now what should we have for dinner?” He wanted her to realize he wanted to be with her and wasn’t just lusting after her.

Anna smiled but remained silent.

“Oh fuck.” Gerard realized his mistake. “You don’t really need to eat do you?”

“I do not require food but I can eat in small quantities without feeling ill.”

“I have so much to learn.” He shook his head, “So you really only eat to appear human, right?”

“Gee I was born a human. I like to believe myself a human that was changed into something more.”

He realized by her tone that he’d hurt her feelings, “Fuck, that came out wrong.”

“It is all right.” Anna said softly. “And yes I do eat to appear normal to those around me. However I can not eat much without feeling sick.”

“Hey lets sit down and talk.” He suddenly had so many questions.

Anna glanced down at the budge in his jeans, “We can talk later.” She knew his body was aching for release.

He wanted to argue with her but she was right. His fingers twitched trying not to pull her into his arms. His mind was giving him images of laying her down on the carpet and … “Uh, you sure?”

“I am sure.” Anna whispered, “My body aches for you also.”

He started to close the distance between them but Anna held up her hand. “Go into the bedroom. I will be right there.”

“Come with me”

Anna shook her head, “I must take care of something first.”

It dawned on him what she was planning, “Anna, how often must you feed?”

It was a topic she didn’t want to discuss, “Gee, please. I will be there momentarily.”

“I want to understand.” He said softly. “I need to understand.”

She sighed, “Before is not unusual for me to go several days without needing to handle the hunger.” She paused then added slowly, “But now that has changed. The desire for you I feel makes the hunger stronger. It will be something I must deal with more often.”

His body caught fire again when he remembered their coupling early this morning. Images of Anna sucking from his fingertip caused his heartbeat to race. “Oh fuck” he reached for Anna but she took several steps back.

“Gee, go into the bedroom.”

He shook his head, “No, Sugar. I know that you’re gonna inject yourself and it ain’t necessary. You got me.”

Anna closed her eyes trying to control the hunger. “No.” She opened her eyes now topaz and stared, “You do not understand. I do not want it to be that way. I will not feed from you each time I hunger.”

“Why?” He couldn’t think of a reason she wouldn’t want it that way.

“That is the traditional way of my kind. I do not want to be your master. That was never my desire.”

Her words slowly penetrated his mind. “You want us to have as close to a normal human relationship was possible.”

“Yes.” Anna nodded looking down with sadness in her voice, “Yes.”

Gerard’s heart went out to her. She wanted to badly to be the human girl she once was and he understood. “So you don’t want me to be your walking blood bank.” He teased just wanting to see her smile again.

Anna did smile, “Yes that is true. Not every time. I fear if we start that now it will become the only way we mate.”

“Anna, we make love.” He corrected her softly.

She moved towards her bag still sitting by the door. “Please, just go into the bedroom. This will only take a moment.”

Gerard started to walk towards the bedroom but suddenly stopped. Anna was shocked when he took the bag from her hand. “Gee.”

He smiled, “Anna I know this is what you want. But let me do it for you.”

“What?’ She asked

He looked down at the bag in his hand, “I want to be a part of every aspect of your life. Show me how so I can give you the injection.”

Tears filled her eyes, “You want to do that for me?”

“Sugar, there isn’t anything I don’t want to do for you.” He held out the bag, “Now show me.”

Anna took it from him and quickly pulled out the vial. Gerard watched closely as she readied the injection. Her fingers were shaking as she handled him the needle. Then she pushed up her sleeve to bare her arm.

Gerard touched the soft skin. His fingertip brushed over the spot she had pointed out. “Here?”

Anna nodded silently.

He carefully slid the needle into her skin stealing a glace at her face. “Your eyes are beautiful when they flash.”

The liquid rushing through her veins caused her to moan.

“Fuck, Sugar. That’s so hot.” He whispered as he pulled the needle out. Seeing her aroused was driving him to the brink. He threw down the needle and before she could react pushed her against the door. Anna moaned his name as she heard the sound of her zipper being lowered. Roughly he pushed her jeans down to her knees then slid his hand inside her panties. He groaned when he felt the moisture. “Oh fuck, yeah. I knew you’d be wet.”

Anna moaned again, “Forget the bedroom.”

They slid to the floor a tangle of clothing and bodies.

Claire was nestled in Bob's arms, his head resting on her shoulder. They stood gazing over the city of Chicago from the Observation Deck of the John Hancock building. Although Claire had been almost bubbly since her phone call from Anna this morning she was speechless staring at the dark expanse of the lake. She gave a contented sigh thinking back on how perfect the day had been. She’s loved meeting Bob’s family. They had made her feel welcome as soon as she’d walked through the door.

After the visit he’d taken her to the Water Tower Center - seven floors of shopping. At first Claire had been reluctant to even look at anything closely but Bob had insisted they browse through the stores. He had bought her a new hoodie and a pair of boots. He had also taken note of a few more items he knew she’d liked.

Then it was up to the Observation Deck where they had been for the past half hour. Bob stood behind Claire, his arms around her as she leaned into him.



Claire turned in his arms until she could look into his eyes. "This has been the best day of my life. I will remember it forever. Thank you." She glanced away a moment then turned to gaze deeply into his blue eyes. “I….” She wanted to tell him she loved him but the words were frozen in her brain.

Bob understood and felt the same way. "Ditto” He said before giving Claire a long lingering kiss.

When they broke apart she turned back around so they were once more looking out on the lake. “This really is breathtaking.”

“Yeah, it’s pretty great.” Bob whispered. “The only thing that could make this day any better is if Gee would call with good news.”

Claire was glad she wasn’t facing him right now. The more time she spent with Bob the harder it was to pretend. She knew Gerard would call with excellent news. She was just surprised he hadn’t already called. “I am sure he will call soon.” She said softly. “And I am sure Anna is taking good care of him.”

Bob laughed softly, “Yeah, I’m sure she is. I’m just wondering if I should call Mikey and see if he’s heard anything but in a way I’m kinda scared to do that.”

It was truly hurting Claire that she couldn’t put his mind at ease. “I do understand what you mean.” She answered sadly.

Bob hugged her even tighter. “Hey you ready to go yet?”

She sighed, “Yes as beautiful as this view is I am getting hungry and you did promise to grill me a mean steak.”

His laughter shook their bodies, “Yeah, I did promise. And I’m a man of my word.”

AUTHORS NOTE: Thanks for the reviews. They really keep me going. Oh and there are many, many more twists and turns to go. LOL
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