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Breaking my heart

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Gee and Bob talk...

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Gerard’s P.O.V
It’s been longer week since the “toilet incident”, he hasn’t spoken to me or even looked at me. I wanted him, we haven’t even kissed, he just did that to say sorry, I still couldn’t get around it. I was sitting in the home/form room, Frank was going on about some new x-box game that was coming out that he wanted. I looked over to Bob, he looked at me, he must have been watching me for a while, I smiled, he quickly looked away.
“God Gee what is going on with you?” Frank asked.
“Nothing,” I answered.
“You keep on eying up that jock, Bob, right?” Ray asked.
“Yeah, but I’m not eying him up,” I answered.
“Yeah, and pigs fly,” Ray said.
“So you are going to Cherry’s party?” Ray asked.
“Hell yeah, she hold wicked parties, she said she’s inviting everyone,” Frank said.
Cherry, real name Catherine, it was her nickname because she had cherry red hair, she was a girl in our class, and she and her mates would sometimes hang out with us.
The party was at her place, this Saturday, which was tomorrow.
“You going Mike and Gee?” Ray asked.
“Yeah, anything that has booze,” I said.
“I’ll come but I’m not getting drunk like madam here,” Mikey said.
“Madam? I’m not a woman!” I shouted but not to loud that then class heard it.
“You can act like it,” Mikey said.
“Shut up, you are a girl ninety nine point nine percent of the time,” I said.
“If we weren’t in school I would be attacking you right now,” he said.
“Whatever,” I said.

I was outside the gym door, I was with Frank smoking our fags.
“Look it’s that Bob dude,” Frank said.
“So,” I said.
“What don’t you like about him?” he asked.
“I just, I don’t hate him, I don’t like him, he’s only just started and he seems to already like taking the piss out of us,” I said as I took a long drag from the cigarette.
“I get it, but you like him,” Frank said.
“Shut up,” I said.
“You do don’t you?” He asked.
“Come on lets go before a teacher spots us,” I said. I looked back and saw Bob sitting around with the jocks and the cheerleaders. I felt jealously because he sat close to one, he told me he was a bi, so girls were still on the list. We got to the next lesson, Maths. Oh joy a whole lesson with Bob. I sat down and pulled out my sketchbook. When Bob sat down next to me I started fiddling with my pencil. He placed his hand on mine.
“Stop it,” he said angrily, he quickly took his hand away and carried on working.
“Why won’t you talk to me?” I asked.
He dropped his pencil.
“I thought you…didn’t want me to,” he said.
“Yeah I’m still angry with you but you did…that and you don’t even say anything, like I was just some guy who you think that is an apology,” I said.
“I just thought it would be something as a way of saying sorry,” he said.
“Do you even like me or what?” I asked.
“What kind of like?” he asked.
“I don’t know, you decide,” I said.
“Mr Way and Mr Bryar do you have anything to say to the class?” Sir asked.
“No sir,” Bob said.
“Sorry sir,” I said.
“Get on with it, and if I hear you two one more time it’s detention,” Sir said.

The bell rang, I packed my stuff.
I quickly went before Bob could talk to me.
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