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the Party

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The party...

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Ray picked us up in his car, we drove down to Cherry’s place. It was huge, and it looked amazing at night with all the lights. We got out and went in.
“Hey guys, come on,” Cherry said. She handed us all a beer.
“You guys, I don’t want to find you in my room again playing my x-box and you Ray going threw my underwear draws,” Cherry said. Ray blushed.
I went outside, I lit up a cigarette. I looked over and saw Bob, with that cheerleader. I sighed and looked away. I was falling in love but I couldn’t have him. Then he came over to me, without the cheerleader.
“So you found someone then?” I asked.
“What that cheerleader? No thanks, she just wanted to talk to me about stuff,” he said.
“You sure?” I asked.
“Of course, anyway I have someone else I’m interested in,” he said.
“Who?” I asked.
“You,” he answered.
I looked away, but he grabbed my chin and made me look at him.
“I wanted to kiss you so bad,” he said.
I leaned in closer. He softly placed his lips on mine. It was like a electric spark, it was amazing.
“I want you Gee,” he said into my ear.
“Me too Bob,” I said.
“But I don’t want to rush us, can I see you tomorrow as well?” he asked.
I nodded.
“I can pick you up from Starbucks at one, we can go and see a movie or something,” he said.
“Is that a date?” I asked.
“Maybe,” he said.
He kissed me again.
“I am sorry for beating you up, it was unforgivable, I want you to trust me, I will protect you from them,” he said.
I kissed him again.
“Come on, lets go in,” he said. We went in, he was dragged away by Pete to their group of drunk cheerleaders who was letting the guys do what they want. I wonder if Bob would take advance of them? Ad least they were in the other room, I went into the living room to the guys, Mikey and Frank were so pissed that they were making out right there, and basically stripping. Ray and Cherry we’re kissing, but not making out ad least.
“Cherry, ya got a spare b-bedroom?” Frank asked slurred.
“Upstairs, last one on the left,” she said.
“Come on sexy,” Frank said they stumbled upstairs quickly.
“Come on Ray, lets go play x-box, you want to come Gee?” she asked.
“Nah, you’ll probably end up making out and I don’t want to end up throwing up all night,” I said.
“Suit your self,” Ray said, they went to Cherry’s room. I sat on the stairs drinking another can of beer, I thought a guy who wanted you wanted to be around you and to be keeping you company.
“Hey Pete, did you see Bob with that cheerleader?” Matt asked.
“Yeah, fuck it was un miss able,” Pete asked.
I felt angry, how can he say that he likes me and that he wants to be with me then be all over a cheerleader? I stormed out of the house; I went to the off licence, the one where they don’t care how old you are as long as you pay. I got a bottle of vodka and some beers.
I got home, I quickly gulped down, how can he? He was like a yo-yo. He would open up to me then pull away, resulting to beating me up, then open up again then basically fucking a cheerleader.
I drank all of it, I felt high, I was staggering around, I turned my music on and blared it out. I looked in the mirror, I my eyes were blood shot and welled up from crying.
I collapsed on the bed, I laughed to myself, how can I think a guy like him would want a guy like me? I opened a beer and gulped it back, I don’t care anymore.
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