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starting at the school of hell

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Franks first day...

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I stood outside my “new” school; the clouds sat over it, like a large grey blanket covering the sky, making sure no sun came threw. I wish I was back at my old school, I was use to it, people were use to me, I was invisible with my friends. Well I guess you couldn’t call Matt a friend now. I was secretly with a jock; he would kiss me and touch me when we were alone, not in school, in the confidents of my room or his. I didn’t want to rush into sex with him. He promised to wait, but I guess he couldn’t, I caught him with my so called best friend Matt on his bed. He tried explaining, how can you try and explain that? What, I was under the influence of drugs or magically my dick ended up in your best mate? Just the thought of him pounding into Matt as they scream each others name makes me sick. This move had come at the right timing for me. I am happy I’m not stuck with Matt or John looking at me or trying to talk to me. My mom wanted a fresh start too, away from my dad who moved out, it really got her down, they loved each other but couldn’t be with each other anymore. She started turning to the drink but stopped when she decided the best thing was to move, to start over and to stop drowning her sorrows in vodka.
So there I was outside the school, I just don’t want the whole ‘he’s a fag lets beat him to show him not to mess with us’. I just wanted to stay out of it, be the air around them, to no be seen but to be known, to not to be touched or shouted at.
I sighed and walked in.
Everything was sorted out by a old secretary, who kept looking over at me from her glasses that sat half way down her nose, probably thinking that I’m a seventeen year old weirdo Goth as the older generation call it, they still don’t know about punks, emo’s or rockers. She told me where my homeroom was so I made the journey of discovery to find it.
I went into the homeroom.
“Great another fag in this school,” a jock shouted. They all laughed. I sat down in the corner. Suddenly a group of boys came up to me.
“So you’re the new kid then?” one asked. I looked up to see a thin, pale, kind of tallish(well taller than me) his black glasses made him look kind of innocent and child like. His light brown hair that sat neatly around his face.
I nodded.
“Well I’m Mikey, this is Ray and Bob,” He said pointing at each one of them, putting a name to their face. Ray had a afro, wearing a faded out misfits t-shirt, you could see he worked out because of the muscles he had developed on his arms. Bob had blonde hair that sat prefect on his face at the front, blue eyes, a lip piercing like me, he was muscular and broad, the sort of guy you wouldn’t want to mess with.
“Hey, I’m Frank,” I said.
“So, why did you move here?” Mikey asked. They were all sat down around me.
“Well…umm…family issues,” I said.
“Oh, okay, well me and Ray have been born and raised here,” Mikey said.
“Yeah, I was new here too,” Bob said.
I smiled at him.
Mikey looked jealous in some way.
“Are you okay?” I asked.
“Yeah,” he said. He found a sudden interest in the floor.
“So what’s your first lesson?” Ray asked. I pulled out my crumpled up timetable that I stuffed in my bag. I flatted it out and looked.
“Umm… Maths,” I said.
“What teacher?” Ray asked.
“Mr Pierce,” I said.
“You’ve got Maths with me, what you got after that?” Ray asked.
“Art with Mr Way,” I answered.
“Oh you’ve got my brother then,” Mikey said.
“Who? What?” I asked. Did he mean his brother was going to be in the lesson? I didn’t understand.
“Mr Way, he is my brother,” he answered. Okay, really?
“That must be cool, do you get it easy?” I asked.
“No, he is strict, I mean very strict,” he answered.
“Thanks, I can’t wait,” I said in a sarcastic voice.
“Sorry, I just thought I would warn you, he is nice if you get to know him like I do but he can be a bit… mean,” Mikey said.
“So don’t be late for your lesson with him,” Bob said.
“I might get lost?” I asked.
“He won’t even let you off for that,” Ray said.
“I have to agree,” Mikey said.
The bell rung.
“So maybe he can if you want, hang out with us?” Mikey asked.
“Umm… yeah, that would be great, I feel I can actually fit in with you guys,” I said. He smiled at me and then sat down next to me.

Maths… what a bore, learning about pie isn’t exciting, I already know it. It’s not like I’ll be needing it, I want to be a famous rock guitarist, but most teenagers dream that one, no I guess at the moment I’m stuck with my weekend job, I need the money for different things, last time it was to buy my acoustic guitar, this time it’s to get a bigger and more better amp. I saw one in the shop.
The bell rung, it was like music to my ears, it stopped to old guy at the front called Mr Pierce, he was very slow and boring, old fashioned too, the old suit and tie to work style.
I quickly went to Art, Ray told me where the class was, I followed his directions. I was soon outside the classroom, everyone was going in, Thank God I wasn’t late. I saw Mikey and sat next to him, it was right at the front, great, I can’t day dream then catch up at the end sort of lesson. I saw the back of the teacher, he was taller than me. His black long hair was wavy but nice. He was wearing a black shirt with the sleeves rolled up and black trousers. I looked at Mikey. He smiled and the looked at the front of the class, I sighed and looked out of the window, the birds flying free, why can’t we be like them? Free as a bird, no restrictions, go up and all around in the sky? No we have to be trapped in this hell hole. The teacher turned around, he was handsome, his baby like face was very cute but handsome, he was thin and pale, but not looking like a freak corpse or lanky ghost, he was a good build. His piercing hazel eyes and thin lips. He was a piece of artwork. He looked around the class, his eyes locked with mine for a second. I quickly looked away.
“Class, get on with the work you were doing last week,” he said.
I raised my hand.
“What is it?” he asked.
“Umm… sir… I’m new here,” I answered.
“Well?” he asked.
What the fuck did he mean well? I haven’t been here to do the work you tosser.
“I haven’t been here to the do the work,” I said without the tosser bit.
“Well then Mikey you show him what to do but be quiet,” he said, he sat down and carried on marking.
“What do we do?” I asked.
“Here, draw on the paper your feelings,” he said.
“What?” I asked.
“Draw what you feel, you look at mine, I drew a heart that has been patched up,” he said.
“Why?” I asked.
“Because I’m kind of got a crush on someone who I don’t know will like me back, so I drew it to express my upset of love,” he answered.
“Wow, thanks Mikey,” I said.
“Jordan! Outside now, you just can’t keep it shut can you?” Mr Way asked.
“Sorry sir, I-” the guy said.
“I don’t care if your are sorry, I don’t want you lame excuses get out!” Mr Way shouted at him.
He stood up and walked out, Mr Way looked over at me and I quickly turned to my paper. I started drawing, first thing that came into my head, and heart that was broken into several pieces by friends, family and bastards. My dad was the big reason why we moved, he was cheating on my mom so many times, I once caught him with another girl going into my parents room, my mom’s and dad’s not my dad’s and his little sluts. I was so angry with him for this. He still tries to see me and talk to me; when ever he does come to take me out I just make small talk.
I started drawing bottles vodka and cigarettes. I drew tears, for all the times I have cried over things that were killing me inside. I drew a razor blade, a good friend of mine sometimes, when I heard my parent argue, or I saw my mom knocking back other bottle of beer or when I thought about Matt and John. I looked over at him again, he looked up from his marking and his eyes locked with mine. I tried tearing them away but his eyes were like magnets to mine. He coughed and looked away. I looked down and carried on drawing. It was nearly the end of the lesson, Mr Way wanted to look around the class to see what people had drawn, most was objects not feelings, how can you call a mascara brush feelings? Well one girl did. Mr Way stopped at me, he stood right behind me, I felt his breath against my neck, making my hairs stand up.
“What’s your name?” he asked.
“Frank Iero, sir,” I said.
“Well Frank wait behind class, I wish to talk to you,” Mr Way said. I gulped. Everyone started sniggering and whispering. I looked down at the floor. The bell rang; everyone sprinted out the room like it was suddenly a race.
“Frank what is this all about?” he asked.
“Mikey told me to draw my feelings,” I answered.
“Yes he was right but what is with all the negative drawings?” he asked.
“Nothing sir, I’m just going threw a bad patch,” I said.
“Maybe talking will help,” he said. Was he trying to be nice?
“It won’t sir,” I said.
“Why have you put a razor blade in this?” he asked.
“I have to go sir,” I said. He grabbed my arms, he pulled up the sleeve and looked in shock.
“Frank you didn’t?” he asked.
“It’s nothing to do with you sir, please don’t tell anyone, I can’t do this,” I said. I ran out of the classroom crying. Why did he have to notice?
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