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frank opens up...

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I sat down in art the next day, his eyes watched me as I got out my equipment.
“I want you to finish the work off today, this is the last lesson you’ll be having on this work,” Mr Way said. He glared at me for a minute then turned back to marking.
I suddenly had a piece of paper pushed towards me.

What did my brother want yesterday?
Nothing much, just asking me about my work

I think your work is good


Just ignore him if he is having a go

Hard to ignore, how can you put up with him?

He isn’t that bad, I guess he is just professional at work, at home his fun.

Wish he could be more fun at school instead of being a grump.

“Mr Iero, could I have that?” Mr Way asked.
“Umm… no,” I answered.
“Pardon?” he asked.
I groaned and handed him the sheet of paper.
He took it to his desk and scanned threw it. I could see angry in his eyes.
“Mr Iero, detention, after school,” he said.
Everyone looked at me.

It was soon the end of the day, I went to the art room, he wasn’t there. Should I just leave it? No then I’ll have another detention. I sat down at one of the tables and looked around the room, admiring the art work that was done by other students.
“Early I see,” he said. I shot up out of my seat.
“Now, get cleaning the sink, all the paint brushes, pallets and tables. And put those piles of work neatly in the draws,” he said. I rolled my sleeves up, exposing those cuts on my arms that were ad least two weeks old. He looked at my arms then turned to his desk. I got on with the sink and the paint brushes and pallets. Then I got a old cloth and wiped down all the tables.
“Frank?” he asked.
“Yes sir?” I asked.
“Why do you do it?” he asked.
“Do what?” I asked.
“Cut?” he asked.
“I have some problems,” I answered.
“You can tell me if you want?” he asked.
I sighed and sat down on a chair, he turned to face me.
“My dad is a cheating bastard, he cheated on my mom more that ten times, my mom hit the booze when going threw the divorce, my so called boyfriend said he would wait till I was ready to do…it and instead he sleeps with my so called mate,” I said.
“Cutting isn’t the answer though,” he said.
“I don’t care if it is right or wrong, I stopped, I haven’t done it for over two weeks, you’re the one who Mr I’m so grumpy,” I said.
“Do fucking tell me how I should be around people,” he said.
“Well do tell me how to fucking live my life,” I said.
“Just clean up and go,” he said.
I turned away from him and carried on cleaning. As soon as I was done I grabbed my bag.
“You know your brother says you’re a real fun guy at home, why don’t you try being fun in school to, instead of making it another day at the school of hell?” I asked.
He quickly got up and pushed me against the wall.
“I said don’t tell me how to act around people, I have reasons,” he said.
“Name them,” I said.
He loosened his grip.
“I-I…just go home,” he said.
I quickly put my bag on my shoulder and went.
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