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Under My Skin

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Julie stays back stage for the concert.

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"Now come one come all to this tragic affair..."

Gerard singing was the most amazing thing I had ever heard.

"He is good isn't He?" Lacey questioned.

I nodded, remembering the last conversation I had had with Gerard alone.

So He liked Me and wanted to get to know Me.

"So why was Gerard with You when You fainted?"

"I wanted to talk to Him about the kiss"


"And He said that He liked Me" I mumbled.

"Oh My God!" Lacey exclaimed.

I nodded. It was pretty exciting.

"So what's going to happen with You two?"

"I kind of fainted at the point where We were supposed to work that out but I don't know if I want to get involved with Him"

"Huh? Why not?"

"Because Frankie might not like it, and because Mikey likes Me too"

"You don't want to mess up the band" Lacey stated.

"If that happened I would never forgive Myself. This is My Brothers band and I am not letting anyone stand in the way of that- including Me. Gerard and Mikey will just have to understand that"

I watched on as they finished up the set.

When they had finished they came over to Me to give Me a sweaty hug- all at once.

"Guys You are all disgusting and gross get off Me!" I giggled.

"Anyone up for going to the park?" Bob asked.

"I wasn't expecting that" I laughed- Bob's face was priceless, like a kid in a chocolate factory.

"Why not?" Frankie smiled.


Going to the park in Lacey's van consisted of Ray and Bob using the swings to crash into each other very much like a medieval jousting contest that Gerard, Frankie and I watched while Mikey and Lacey went off to buy Us all ice cream.

"So about that kiss-"

"KISS! what kiss!?!?" Frankie cut Gerard off.

"The...the kiss that Gerard gave Me" I blushed.

"He- He WHAT!?!?" Frankie roared.

"It was to calm Me down before the interview- I was so nervous that I was going to screw up and that it would destroy the band if I did and Gerard asked if He could distract Me so I could stop hyperventilating and I nodded and so He kissed Me" I said at an inhuman speed.

"Oh okay. So does that make You two a couple now?" Frankie asked.

I looked at Frankie. He didn't seem angry- just curious.

I thought about what Gerard had said to Me- and about what I had told Lacey.

"I....I have to go" I panicked, stood up and ran towards the van, hoping that the ice cream truck Mikey and Lacey had spotted was close by.

Sure enough, Lacey and Mikey had just passed Her van with a couple of containers holding ice cream.

"Julie what's wrong?" Mikey asked.

"I need to get away from here, please can You drive Me back to the bus" I pleaded.

"Well I can't- Mikey just dared Me to drink a vodka slushie. Mikey can You drive Her back?"

"Yeah sure" Mikey handed the ice cream to Lacey in exchange for Her keys and together We hopped in the car and drove off.

"Are You okay?"

"I just have a lot to think about and My head hurts" I whined, holding My head in My hands.

Mikey stayed silent for the entire trip back until We reached the bus.

"You don't have to follow Me inside You know, I'll understand if You want to go back and get Your ice cream" I said as I walked to the back of the room and lied down on My bed.

"Actually I kind of want to stay with You if that's okay" Mikey replied as He lay down beside Me on My bed.

"You know, I may not be that talkative, but there is something I want to tell You Julie"

I turned to look Him straight in the eye.

"I think You are amazing and well...I like You a lot" Mikey sheepishly smiled.

"Y-You do?" I stammered.

Mikey nodded, and before I could say anything, He had propped Himself up on His left arm, Put his right arm around My shoulders, and gently pulled Me towards Him.

It took a while for My brain to catch on to what He was doing, but by then His lips were already on Mine.

This kiss was different from Gerard's.

Gerard had a passionate, fierce and almost aggressive kiss, almost as if He wanted to capture My lips and super glue them to His forever.

This kiss was soft and sweet, almost like Mikey Himself.

He gently cupped My face to His and licked My bottom lip gently.

That woke Me up.

I broke the kiss off and launched Myself off My bed and started to pace My room.

"Didn't You like it?"

I turned to see a vulnerable looking Mikey on My bed.

"I liked it, I did, but I am already confused because Gerard kissed Me too" I said.

"Oh" Mikey replied.

"Oh god what have I done?" I questioned.

"Hey You didn't do anything wrong, that kiss- it was just meant to show You how I feel about You okay?" Mikey reassured Me as He got off My bed and wrapped His arms around Me, pulling Me into a hug.

I reluctantly let go of Him and turned to the bathroom.

"Can You go get Lacey- I need Her" I mumbled.

Mikey nodded and left.

I bit down on My lip and sighed.

I had no idea what I was doing and I was already ruining My Brothers life.


"What the fuck did You do to My Sis" I yelled as I grabbed Gee by the shirt.

"I told Her how I felt about Her and kissed Her once. It would have been twice but she fainted now let the fuck go!" Gee growled.

I didn't move just glared at Him.

"Not again! Frankie let Him go!" Lacey yelled.

I did as I was told and sat back down on the ground.

"Will someone tell Me why Julie is getting a lift back to the bus with Mikey?"

"Frankie kind of freaked out a little because Gerard kissed Julie and told Her how He felt"

"Oh, that" Lacey sighed.

"You knew?" I asked, shocked.

"Julie told Me" Lacey shrugged.

"What else did She tell You?"

"That She is very confused at the moment. She knows that both Gerard and Mikey like Her and She doesn't know what to do. She knows that if She chooses one or the other that it could quite possibly destroy the band and She doesn't want that to happen so She thinks that if She doesn't pick either of them that everything will work out- which it won't" Lacey finished, unwrapping Her ice cream and taking a bite out of it.

"She doesn't like Me" Gerard stated, already starting to look miserable.

"She does and that is the problem. She also doesn't know how She feels about Mikey" Lacey replied to Gerard's statement.

"Why didn't She come to Me?" I asked.

"Maybe because it's a girl issue that can't be said to a brother" Bob chipped in.

That could be true. Even though I was family and We are opening up to each other, there are still probably things that only another girl could talk to Julie about.

"It's a universal fact that girl's need other girl's to relate too" Ray nodded.

That was true. So maybe it didn't matter if Julie didn't come to Me about every little thing.

"Thanks Lacey, for being there for Her"

"Speaking of Her She is freaking out back at the bus and is asking for You Lacey"

I turned to see Mikey walking over to Us.

"Okay, thanks Mikey" Lacey replied, grabbing the keys off Mikey and racing towards the van.

"So Gee, You kissed Julie" Mikey said as He sat down next to Me.

"Yeah, what is it to You bro?"

"So did I" Mikey cheerfully smiled.

Oh god. Poor Julie.


"I'm here"

I looked up as Lacey walked into My room and sat down next to Me on My bed.

"Mikey kissed Me"

"I know"


"Well.....Mikey asked Gerard if He had kissed You, and He said yeah, and then Mikey said He had too and it all kind of went down hill from there....on a bike with no brakes"

"What happened?"

"The last thing I saw was Gerard tackling Mikey to the ground and Frankie trying to rip Them off each other"

"And Ray and Bob?" I asked, already feel nautious from all the trouble I was causing.

"Decided to see how You were doing"

I looked up to see Ray and Bob walk into the room and sit on the floor in front of Us.

"I have to leave" I whispered.

"Don't say that Julie! so they get in a fight so what? have You seen them in the morning when there is only one cookie in the cupboard? It's like they are trying out to be new wrestlers! Even if it wasn't You they would fight over something else"

"They are fighting over Me, not a cookie. I am too close to the both of them and it is getting really confused and complicated for Me. I need some time to sort everything out"

"You can come and stay with Me"

I turned to look at Lacey.

"What? the boys are always on the move and the tour ends where they live which means You will have to move too and if You are with Me at least Frankie won't panic"

"Can we pack up everything I have and leave right now?"

Lacey nodded.

"You aren't going anywhere"

I looked up to see a sweaty Frankie.

"I have to. Gerard and Mikey are confusing Me"

"I understand that. But You can't leave Me- not when I finally found You. Gerard and Mikey realize that going the way they normally would when approaching a girl is not the way to go, seeing as You are well....You have never dated before. So They are going to back off for a while so that You can get to know Them better okay? Just please don't go"

"Okay, I won't go. But I'm tired, can I sleep now?"

Frankie nodded and as I lay down to sleep He lay beside Me back to back.

I smirked at the fact that Frankie was so scared to lose Me that when He realized I wasn't going anywhere He had to sleep beside Me.
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