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The Skin Crawl

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It's been a week since Gerard and Mikey fought about kissing Julie- will there still be tension?

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It had been a week since I had thought about leaving Frankie and the safe comfortable bus to share hotel rooms with Lacey to avoid the problems that had started between Mikey, Gerard and Me.

"So what shall We watch tonight?" Lacey asked as She came out of the bathroom in Her dark blue silk pajama bottoms and matching tank top.

I shrugged and watched Her pick up the remote, turn around, and place Herself on the edge of the bed.

As She began to flick through the channels I smiled and thought that having this sleepover in Her hotel room was a brilliant idea.

I also grinned at Frankie's reaction.


"Why are You going to Lacey's hotel room for a sleepover? why doesn't She come here"

"Because We both want a night AWAY from You guys" I giggled.

"To do what?" Frankie asked.

"To experiment" Bob added as He and Ray walked into the room.

"Experiment?" I asked. I was pretty confused.

It took a few seconds for My question to sink in.

"Y-you don't know?" Ray asked.

I shook My head.

"Okay that's it get out of My Sister's room before I throw You out" Frankie growled in an almost playful way.

"Just think about it- We could have one big sleep over! You, Me, Bob, Ray, Lacey-"

"And Gerard and Mikey" I finished.


Oh was right. I felt bad about not knowing My feelings and not knowing who or what I wanted, so the last thing I needed right now would be to sleep too closely to the two guys who wanted Me the most.

Although right now they were tying for second since My twin brother was coming first place.

"How about I come with You then?"

"Frankie" I sighed and sat down on My bed, motioning for Him to do the same.

"I love that You care so much about Me and want to spend time with Me, but I need time for Myself too. And Lacey is all by Herself in that hotel room all the time. She doesn't have Her brothers here for Her so I am going to spend more time with Her wether that means a sleep over or shopping days okay?"

Frankie nodded.

"I love You" I grinned and hugged Him.

"I love You too"

"I thought You loved Us?"

I turned to see the rest of the band in the doorway.

"Oh come here!" I giggled and gave Ray and Bob an individual hug each.

As I separated from Bob's hug I noticed that Gerard and Mikey were standing in the doorway looking at their shoes.

I stood up and walked over to the both of Them and placed one arm around Gerard and the other around Mikey and hugged Them close to Me at the same time.

"I love You too" I whispered, trying not to notice that Mikey shivered and Gerard stiffened (His whole body not THAT).

"Okay everyone out of My room I have to pack"


"There is nothing on!" Lacey groaned.

"So what are We going to do?" I asked.

"I have a gamecube with Mario Kart Double Dash on it- have You ever played?"

"No but it sounds like fun!" I giggled.

"Oh it won't be- I am the Double Dash champ!"

"Is that a challenge? becuase if it is You are going to lose" I grinned evilly.


"Gerard do You want this pie?" Ray asked.

"No I'm not hungry" I moped.

I felt really bad about getting into a fight with Mikey AND making Julie feel horrible and confused.

"It's Julie isn't it?"

I nodded at Ray's question.

"I just don't know what to do. I like Her a lot and I just feel like I screwed it all up by coming on too strong and by attacking My brother over Her"

I couldn't believe I had snapped like that. When Mikey had said that He had kissed Julie I could almost picture Him forcing Her against a wall and kissing Her against Her will. As soon as I saw that in My mind I wanted to beat the crap out of Him and it wasn't until Frankie pulled Me off Him that I realised I actually was beating Him up.

"I really doubt You screwed it all up- She wouldn't have reached out and hugged You if that was the case. But yeah, You did come on too strong"

"So what should I do?"

"...You seriously don't know?" Ray asked.

I shook My head no.

"She spent Her entire life in an orphanage with nuns telling Her that guys are evil. She doesn't know how to date and She certainly doesn't know how to deal with a Way triangle so why not start from the beginning- Give Her a surprise that says 'I like You and I want to spend some time getting to know You'"

"Ray You are a genius!" I exclaimed, dashing back to My bunk and grabbing My laptop.

"I know- AH! I bit My tongue" Ray yelped as He held His mouth.


"Mikey! don't listen in on other people's conversations- that is My job"

I turned to look at Bob with a grin on My face.

"Sorry, I'll stop" I grinned.

Gee was right- Ray is a genius.

And now I knew how to win Her heart.
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