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Oh Crap

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While Julie is having fun She gets two unexpected visits.

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"Hey Frankie, can I talk to You?"

"Yeah sure Gee what's up?"

"I want to do something nice for Julie, but I kind of want to surprise Her"

"You mean You want to take Her out or something?" Frankie asked.

"No- more like a 'I want to get to know You better and I am sorry for making You feel bad' surprise" I replied.

"Well...I know She loves animals- or at least She rants about them a lot"

"Rants?" I questioned.

"She hates the fact that She has never had an animal and yet there are so many pet owners out there that don't take proper care of their pets. You know She has the exact figure for how many Christmas pets are put in the pounds in January? it's scary stuff"

"Cool! I have My idea, thanks Frankie" I grinned and walked off hatching My plan.


"Oh come on! I never lose at rainbow road" Lacey groaned.

Twenty consecutive wins on rainbow road 150 cc.

I was very happy- even doing a little happy dance and giggling.

"You know You being happy and all is very annoying- be more upset" Lacey moped and threw Her controller at Me.

"Sorry, I'll behave, it's just...."


"That was the first time I have won a video game" I grinned.

"Speaking of technology,I have something for You" Lacey smiled, reaching under the bed and pulling out a little blue box.

I opened it to see a mobile.

"A mobile? but I don't know how to work it" I blushed suddenly embarrassed that at My age I was a complete technophobe.

"The guy assured Me that that particular model is idiot proof, so don't worry about not getting the hang of it at first okay?" Lacey patted Me on the back reassuringly.

"If You say so. I'm kind of tired now can We go to sleep?" I asked.

"Well We have done most of things You are supposed to do on sleepovers so yeah okay" Lacey smiled and hopped into one side of the bed.

I grinned. Lacey sure was weird. One minute She would be very sophisticated and have all the answers (least when it came to boys) and the next She was a fifteen year old with Her first friend.

I loved that She was so different. Anna was always the same, but I liked that Lacey could be anything She wanted to be at any given time.

Before I fell asleep I wondered if I would ever be the same.


I woke to the sound of a phone going off.

"Oh! that's my one not Yours, hello?" Lacey asked as She picked up Her phone that was sitting on the nightstand.

I turned to look at the clock on My nightstand- it was eight am.

"I have no idea, hold on" She replied and held Her hand over the phone and shook My shoulder a bit to get My attention.

"It's Gerard" Lacey whispered.

I sat bolt upright.

"What do I do?" I whispered back.

Lacey rolled Her eyes at Me and handed Me the phone.

"H-hello?" I asked into the phone.

"Hi Julie I just wanted to know what You were doing today?"

"Um nothing, why?"

"I wanted to know if You wanted to spend some time with Me, in a strictly casual way"

"Sure, I'd love to" I smiled, trying to ignore the butterflies that were trying to escape My mouth.

"Great! I'll pick You up in 45" Gerard said as He hung up.

"Well?" Lacey asked.

"Gerard wants to take Me out today in a strictly casual way" I said and blushed.

Lacey jumped out of bed and started jumping upside down squealing.

"Wait- what are You wearing?" Lacey asked as soon as She stopped jumping.

"I can't wear what I wore last night to come here?" I asked.

"I am going to ignore what You just said because if I acknowledge that You did say that I would strangle You. Do You have any other clothes here?"

"Not really"

"Let Me see what You have" Lacey replied, clutching Her head.

So I showed Her- I had black jeans, a dark red cotton quarter sleeved v neck top with a Silverstein hoodie in case I got cold and black heels that I was still trying to get used to.

"Gee I thought it would be worse but this is perfect- did You bring makeup?"

"No, I don't need makeup do I?"

"You are going on a casual day out with a guy that likes You....If I were You I would hurry up and get in that bathroom and work magic on Your face"

That woke Me up, So I grabbed the clothes and raced for the bathroom.


I had just stepped out of the elevator when I saw Gerard. He was sitting down fiddling with His phone.

I smiled, settled My nerves as much as I could, and walked over to Him.

"Morning" I smiled.

Gerard looked up at Me and smirked.

"Morning, You ready to go?"

I nodded as He stood up and walked out the door with Me.

"So where are We going?" I asked as We hopped into the van which was so quiet without the other guys in it.

"It's a surprise, You don't want to spoil it do You?"

"No" I moped, a little unhappy that I didn't know where We were going.

I looked in the mirror to check that My makeup was alright and noticed a box on the back seat of the van, cursing Myself for not being more observant.

"What's in the box?"

"The other half of Your surprise. Okay here We are" Gerard grinned.

I flipped the mirror up and stared in shock at the sign that read DOG POUND.

"Oh My GOD" I stammered.

"Come on, lets go inside" Gerard laughed at My reaction.

"Hi My name is Sarah welcome to the dog pound, what can I do for You two today?"

"Hi Sarah, I spoke to You on the phone before about coming in to pick out a dog"

"Oh right Gerard and Julie, come on right this way"

"Wait what about the papers?" I asked.

"You were right, She does know about the process- Gerard filled out all the details already- including where You live. It's all been taken care of and now You just need to come with Me and pick out a dog" Sarah smiled warmly.

"Can I come too? I can't wait to see all the dogs" Gerard smiled.

I nodded excitedly and took His hand, walking behind the desk and into the dog holding area.

"All these dogs are up to date with their worming, vaccinations and they are all approved behavioral dogs"

"What does that mean?" Gerard asked.

"It means that when these dogs were surrendered they went under a strict set of tests to make sure they don't bite or have any problems with anything that their new homes might have like a fear of children or being alone for too long" I replied as I looked at all the older dogs that had been here the longest.

"Oh I'm sorry Julie, these older dogs are spoken for" Sarah apologized.

I was a little disappointed. I had always thought that if I went to a pound for a dog that I would get an older one.

Suddenly I saw The dog I wanted.

I walked over to the cage and stared at the gorgeous black dog with the most beautiful brown eyes I have ever seen in My life.

"I want this one" I smiled and turned to look at Sarah and Gerard.

"Wow You like Her?" Sarah asked.

I nodded enthusiastically.

"The Schipperke it is then" Sarah replied as She opened the cage door and let the dog out.

The dog cautiously crept up to Me and smelt My shoe.

I very slowly crouched and held My hand out to the dog.

The dog sniffed My hand, licked it, and then bounded onto My chest, pushing Me backwards and onto the floor.

I giggled as the dog licked every square inch of My face and neck while a laughing Sarah grabbed it and held it a bit away so I could stand up.

"Looks like We have a match and a good thing too- She has been miserable without an owner"

"You will be needing this"

I turned to see a leash and collar in Gerard's hands.

"This was the perfect surprise" I smiled and hugged Him.

"I'm glad You liked it" Gerard whispered into My hair.

I hugged Him tighter to Me and then let go.

I took the collar, hooked it onto the struggling pup, grabbed the lead off Gerard and placed it on the dog too and then walked back to the front of the pound with Gerard holding My hand.

"Okay now all We need is a name for Her so that She can be officially Yours" Sarah smiled as She placed the form in front of Me.

"Okay, Her name will be Sadie" I smiled.

"Why Sadie?" Gerard asked.

"Well when I was little I wanted a dog named princess...but that is kind of lame at My age, so I am calling Her Sadie because Sadie means princess" I giggled and bent down to pat Sadie.

"How sneaky of You" Gerard replied.

"So what are We going to do now?" I asked as I walked Sadie out of the pound- Gerard still holding My hand.

"I say We go grab lunch from a takeaway store and go back to the bus to show Sadie off- with one catch" Gerard replied, squeezing My hand.


I picked Sadie up as Gerard took Her lead off.

Almost instantly Sadie knew what was coming next.

Gerard opened the door to the bus and closed it behind Us.

Gerard gave Me a nod and I let a wriggling Sadie jump from My arms and watched as She raced around the bus barking and jumping up and down at the bunks with people in them.

"What's going AH!" Bob shrieked as Sadie jumped up and down at His feet.

Gerard and I were laughing so hard that I didn't realize that I was wrapped in His arms.

"What is with the dog?" Frankie asked as Mikey picked Sadie up.

"The dog's name is Sadie dude" Bob added as He looked at Her collar- and got a face lick for His efforts.

"Wow Gerard, I didn't realize how feminine You were" Ray chuckled.

"The dog is obviously Julie's. Is this the surprise You were talking about?" Frankie asked.

"Yeah" Gerard replied.

"You knew?" I asked Frankie.

Gerard turned Me so that I was looking straight into His eyes.

"I wanted to make up for coming on too strong and for fighting with Mikey. It was wrong of Me and I never meant to hurt You"

I blushed.

"I-it's alright" I smiled and turned to look at Sadie.

"Isn't She beautiful?" I asked Frankie.

"Tell Me She is toilet trained" Frankie sighed.

"She is"

"Okay- come here Sadie! who is a cute puppy wuppy!" Frankie exclaimed excitedly as He took Sadie from Mikey and started riling Her up by playing on the floor with Her.

"I forgot how much Frankie wanted a dog when We were in high school" Bob laughed.

Old wishes die hard I guess.
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