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Mikey's Surprise

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Okay so Gerard's present was epic- but what exactly does Mikey have up His sleeve?

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Author's Note: Hi everyone, just letting You know that I wouldn't mind more reviews so if You have the time please tell Me what You think whether it is good or bad. Thank you! Also this is a short one but I promise the next one will be longer.

I woke up to a panting dog staring at Me.

"Hey Sadie, what is it? You want to play?" I asked.

She sat perfectly still.

"Do You want to go for a walk?" I asked.

She barked once and hopped off the bed. Of course She wanted a walk.

"Morning Julie" Mikey yawned.

"Morning- Is it that time again?" I yawned back.

"Yeah It's Sadie's walk time"

I sat up and looked Him dead in the eye.

"You are so sweet to walk Sadie with Me" I smiled.

In the first week that I had gotten Sadie not one of the guys wanted to walk Her with Me- including Frankie who adored Her.

"I just think that it's really rude that Gerard got You a dog and nobody else wants to help You look after Her- at least when You have a baby there should be another person to help You out You know?"

"Okay, let Me get dressed and We can take Her to that dog park We saw that was about five minutes away"

Mikey nodded and walked out of My room.

Spending time with Mikey was amazingly good- We shared almost the same interests (I was still trying to finish the long line of bands that He wanted Me to listen to), We liked the same foods and on top of it all I felt so happy being with Him- no matter what We were doing.

Finally all My feelings were under control and I knew that while I did like Gerard, I liked Mikey too.

That part was old but the new part was that I was in no rush to choose.
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