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Guy Who Like Me Says What?

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Mikey and Julie enjoy their walk...a little too much.

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After I had gotten dressed and put My make up on I walked out of My room to see Mikey holding onto a wriggling Sadie with Her leash already intact.

"How do You do that all by Yourself?" I asked amazed.

"It always takes a little bit of finesse....and a few dog treats" Mikey grinned as He looked at Me.

"Um...Mikey? Your glasses aren't on straight" I giggled.

They were half on His face and half up in the air.

"I wondered why everything looked weird" Mikey laughed and put His glasses on properly.

"Okay let's take You for a walk" I grinned and grabbed Sadie's lead off of Mikey, touching His hand very briefly and getting goosebumps for My effort.

As Mikey walked out the door I noticed that He had left His inhaler on the table. I sighed, picked it up and placed it in My pocket.

After about five minutes of walking (and discussing even more bands to listen to) We found the dog park.

It looked like a massive golf course that at the last minute was converted into a dog park.

Sadie started whining at My feet and I looked down at Her.

She was wriggling in a happy way, but She knew She was still on the lead and that She wasn't allowed to pull to hard because of what happened last time (Mikey had a hold of the lead, turned around to talk to Me and forgot that their was another dog sitting ten yards from where We were standing. Sadie had charged off and Mikey was forced to follow- although following a dog normally doesn't entail kissing concrete).

"Good girl" I smiled and took the lead off Her collar.

And She was off, racing around the park and trying to find another dog that She could challenge to a race.

"She looks very happy" Mikey whispered in My ear.

"I think She is a very social dog" I smiled as I spotted a massive pure blooded German Shepherd looking at Sadie from across the park.

I felt a chill down My back and started running towards Sadie who was a good distance away from Us.

As If that was it's cue, the German Shepherd started running towards Her too.

"Sadie!" I called out hopelessly. No matter how fast I was that German Shepherd was faster.

I watched as Sadie turned towards the German Shepherd that was almost right on top of Her growled at Him, jumped up and using Her front paws hit him on the nose.

I stopped running as the German Shepherd lay down on His stomach whining apologetically.

"I am so sorry about that- Archie just doesn't know how to interact with smaller dogs"

I turned to see a little girl of about seven and Her older sister that looked to be about thirteen.

"It's okay, no harm done. My dog is new so I didn't know how She would react to a big dog like Yours, He is a purebred isn't He?" I asked as Mikey stood next to Me huffing slightly.

"Yeah- How did You know?" The little girl asked.

"He is a lot bigger than a normal German Shepherd" I smiled and shrugged.

"It was nice meeting You but We should probably go Archie!" The older girl called.

Archie- who had been racing Sadie and losing dismally- came charging towards the girls and sat at their feet obediently.

Sadie- who was upset that Her friend was leaving- came back to and touched noses with Archie as a goodbye and then sat at My feet.

"Aren't there any other dogs You want to play with?" I asked Her.

I swear She gave Me a look that said all the other dogs were stupid. But that could just be My mind.

"You want to go back Mikey?" I asked.


"Mikey?" I turned and saw Mikey on the ground having trouble breathing.

"Oh My god Mikey!" I cried out and dropped to My feet, taking one of His hands in Mine and pulling the inhaler from My back pocket with the other.

"Mikey it's Your inhaler okay?" I stupidly said as I placed it in His other hand.

Mikey seemed to have troubled shaking it so I took it back, shook it for Him and pulled His body to mine so I could get Him cradled in My arms.

"Okay on three I want You to breathe in- ready? one, two THREE" I yelled as He inhaled right when I pressed the button.

"Do You need anymore?" I asked.

Mikey nodded.

"Okay one more time, one, two THREE" I yelled again and pressed the button.

Mikey gasped a little bit and as I watched Him His breathing became normal.

"Where was My inhaler?"

"You left it on the kitchen table so I picked it up in case You needed it" I breathed, slowly calming down.

"Are You okay?" Mikey asked Me.

"I just don't ever want to see You like that ever again okay? You scared Me so much" I smiled and cried softly.

It was then that gravity decided to kick in, I fell backwards and unfortunately Mikey followed.

I was crying softly and staring straight into His light brown eyes.

Mikey licked His lips and slowly inched closer to Mine.

The second I felt the kiss I felt warm and loved.

I wrapped My arms around His body and gently pulled Him closer to Me.

Mikey shivered slightly and bit down softly on My bottom lip.

I gasped at this new sensation and in a flash the kiss had stopped.

I didn't even realize that My eyes were closed until I had to open them to see where Mikey had gone.

"What's wrong?" I asked as I sat up and looked at Mikey, who was sitting right next to Me.

"I like You and I know You like Gerard too. I'm trying really hard to give You Your own time to figure things out but it's really hard for Me"

"I'm sorry Mikey" I mumbled, suddenly ashamed of what We were just doing.

"Don't be sorry. I started the kiss not You. I just.." He sighed and kissed My lips softly.

"I just wish You would make up Your mind and stop torturing Me" Mikey whispered against My lips.

As Mikey went to pull away I placed a hand on His neck and deepened the kiss for a few seconds.

I pulled away and stood up.

"I will. I promise" I whispered, hooked the lead onto Sadie and waited for Mikey to stand up.


"Hey guys" Bob smiled at Me as He sat outside playing cards with Gerard and Ray.

"Hey..why are You outside?" I asked as I went to go open the door.

In a flash Bob and Ray were inbetween Me and the door.

"I wouldn't if I were You" Ray whispered.

"Why?" I asked as Mikey sat down in Ray's spot with a brooding look on His face.

"Frankie is talking to Your parents" Bob whispered.

"And I am not allowed to talk to Them?"

"It's not that You aren't it's that You might freak Them out a little more than They already are"

"What do You mean Ray?"

"Well....the first news that They heard that You were alive and well was that live interview We did" Bob replied.

"Oh. So Frankie didn't even bother to tell Them that Their daughter is in fact alive and now They are mad at Frankie because He was supposed to tell Them?" I asked.

"Pretty much" Ray said while Bob nodded.

"Okay well Sadie needs to go inside and I want something to eat and oh yeah- I want to talk to My parents!" I half yelled.

Bob and Ray slumped and walked back over to the card game (Ray kicking Mikey out of the chair) and I very slowly opened the door.

"Yes Mum I know it's Her" Frankie sighed into the phone He was staring at on the table.

I let Sadie off Her lead and She went straight for My bed to have a nap on.

I sat down at the table and waited for the reply.

"After all these years She is alright. How is Her health?" the voice on the other end of the phone asked.

It sounded warm and caring and everything a Mum's voice should be.

"Aside from a food allergy to mushrooms She is a picture of health. And no I won't tell You who She looks like"

"Why not?"

Must be Dad's voice which sounded funny enough like an older version of Frankie's voice.

"Because I want it to be a surprise" Frankie laughed and pulled Me into a hug.

"When are We going to see Her? I mean in person not in television you evil Son of Ours" Mum laughed.

Frankie looked at Me and nodded towards the phone grinning evilly.

I cleared My throat.

"When the tour ends We are coming to see You, since the tour ends in Your town" I said as politley and gently as I could.

"Oh My god- Julie is that You?" Dad asked.

"Yeah, it's Me" I laughed.

"We can't wait to see You after so long without even knowing if if" Mum started crying.

"Oh Mum, come on now, Julie and I have to go"

"Before You do Son I want an apology for keeping Her a secret and not telling Us before the interview came out"

"Fine, Sorry Mum and Dad" Frankie sighed. I poked Him in the stomach at how much He sounded like a little kid Who was just forced to apologise.

"Well I guess We will be seeing You soon! bye for now! and Julie?"

"Yes?" I asked Dad.

"Keep Your brother out of trouble. As the youngest I assume that will be easier said than done?"

"Are You kidding? it's a full time job" I laughed.

"Well try anyway- bye" Mum said and hung up.

"They sound weird" I said a few seconds later.

"They brought Me up didn't They?"

" not a good thing" I laughed as Frankie tackled Me to the floor and started to wrestle with Me.

"I give up!" I half yelled as Frankie had Me in a head lock.

"Yes I am the eldest and undefeated!" Frankie yelled as He did a victory lap around the bus and ended it by jumping on My bed and lying down.

"So what happened at the park?"

"Mikey had an asthma attack that almost proved fatal had I not been carrying His inhaler and We kissed again and Sadie bopped a giant dog on the nose with Her front paws" I rambled.

"Wait, He kissed You again? Mikey does have balls" Frankie laughed.

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"It means that He is trying very very hard to get You to become His girlfriend instead of Gerard's"

"I don't even know if Gerard likes Me anymore- He buys Me Sadie and then He pretty much doesn't talk to Me for a week"

Which was true. The day after I got Sadie He was back to His usual routine of sitting still and not talking.

"I think it's because He was waiting to see what Mikey would do- You know how Gerard came to Me and asked Me what surprise He should do for You? well Mikey was listening in. Mikey decided to do something for You without asking Me to show that He already knew You enough to know what You would like"

"This sounds a little like a game to Me" I sighed and flopped on My bed next to Frankie.

"Well it kind of is- but the prize is a fair maiden that has never been touched who is obviously capable of a great capacity for love"

"You read that off a video game didn't You?" I laughed.

"Maybe. doesn't mean it isn't true" Frankie looked at Me and poked Me in the gut.


I looked up to see Gerard in the doorway.

"Would You like to go to dinner tonight?"

"Sure, sounds great" I smiled.

Gerard smiled back and walked off.

"See? a new move" Frankie smiled, slapped My stomach and hopped off My bed.
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