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Other Guy Who Likes Me Says WHAT!?!?!

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Gerard takes Julie out to dinner- will it go as He plans or will it be an atomic bomb explosion waiting to happen?

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"So what are You wearing?" Lacey, who was on the other end of the phone, asked.

"This really nice blue cocktail dress with a silver shimmer running through it" I grinned.


"Curled slightly with a clip on one side that pulls everything but My fringe back"

"Make up?"

"Black eyeliner, silver shimmery eye shadow, dark pink lipstick"

"And jewelery?"

"None- I figured that simplicity is better"

"You are learning so fast! I am so excited for You- where is He taking You?"

"Hopefully somewhere that has never heard of mushrooms" I giggled as I sat down and put My shoes on.

"You have to call Me afterward- I want all the details"

"I swear You have gone fifteen year old on Me" I smiled as I grabbed My silver clutch off the bed and made My way towards the front of the bus.

"Whatever- You better call Me" She demanded and hung up.

I rolled My eyes and put the phone in My clutch, took a deep breath, and opened the door of the bus.

"Good God She scrubs up well" Ray exclaimed.

"You look amazing" Mikey smiled.

I smiled back at Mikey but I could see a flash of pain cross His eyes.

"I'm nothing special" I rolled My eyes and walked over to Mikey to give Him a hug.

"I think You are- let's go"

I turned to see Gerard waiting for Me.

I nodded at Gerard, turned to Mikey and smiled, and than caught up to Gerard (for some reason He had already started walking).


"It's okay Mikey- it's just a date" Bob said, trying to cheer Me up.

"I know. But I don't have to like it" I mumbled to nobody in particular.

"She looked great though didn't She?" Ray asked.

"She gets it from Her Mother" Frankie grinned.


"So where are We going?" I asked.

"You'll see" Gerard smiled at Me.

We walked down the street for a while until finally We made it to a nice looking Italian pizzeria.

I was slightly bummed at the idea that We had walked all this way for something that We normally ate at least four times a week, but I figured that He knew I liked it and so thought it was a safe option for Me.

When We walked inside the atmosphere was almost intoxicating.

The walls were a dark green with a few small paintings on it. The tables were a dark brown wood with white table cloths and a vase with a single red rose on every table.

As soon as We sat down a waitress came over to take Our order.

"What would You like to drink while You decide on Your order?" She asked, almost drooling on Gerard's shirt (not really. I made that up- but She was obviously a fan).

"I'll have a glass of coke, what about You Julie?"

"I'll have a glass of water thanks" I smiled at Her.

"Sure" She half growled and walked away.

"Fans don't really like it when I date" Gerard leaned in and whispered to Me.

Finally understanding I nodded and made a note not to take Her seriously.

"Here are Your drinks- are You ready to order?" She asked Gerard sweetly.

"I am, what about You Julie?"

"I think I need a little bit more time" I blushed, embarrassed that I was wasting time.

"Typical Julie" The waitress snorted.

"Excuse Me?" I asked politely.

She took a clipping from Her apron and placed it on the table.

There was a photo of Mikey in My arms that had obviously been snapped in the dog park and a headline that read "Julie Iero Gets Intimate With Mikey Way"

Oh crap.

"Mikey kissed You again" Gerard growled.

"Yes" I mumbled- what else could I say?

"I'm sorry- there is something I have to do" Gerard stood up and stormed out of the restaurant.

I sighed and stood up- only to have My wrist grabbed.

I turned to see a burly tanned Orlando Bloom wannabe on the other end of the hand that was now twisting My left wrist painfully.

"Why don't You sit back down and We can have a date together" He smiled- but His smile didn't reach His cold, hateful eyes.

"No thanks, I-" I didn't get to finish because Bloom Wannabe smashed His fist into My face.

"Sorry I didn't Hear You- what did You say?" He asked with a growling tone to His voice.

I looked Him straight in the eye.

"No" I growled and got punched in the gut.

"It's easier if You say yes- if You do I promise a good time here, and in the back of My car" He whispered into My ear.

"Keep beating Me- because unless You kill Me there is no way that I am doing anything with You" I growled and stared at His face with contempt.

"Fine. Don't have dinner with Me. I'll just leave You with a parting gift" He spat, and twisted My left arm until there was a snap.

I screamed in agony as My left arm became excruciatingly painful.

When I opened My eyes from the pain I saw that He had gone. Everyone was just staring at Me.

I wiped away My tears and walked out the door, noticing that the waitress that served Me looked as guilty as sin.

Clutching My arm to My chest I walked back to the bus alone- terrified of every car that drove passed Me.

Everyone was watching Gerard beat the crap out of Mikey who was already on the floor.

I looked at Frankie and immediately He started to clutch His left hand.

"Julie?" Frankie whispered.

"Frankie!" I half yelled.

Gerard stopped punching Mikey who sat up and looked in the direction that Frankie was staring in shock.

"Julie! what happened?" Frankie asked as He ran over to Me and held Me close.

"G-Gerard left Me in the restaurant after a waitress showed Him a photo of Mikey and I kissing and this creep came out of nowhere and wanted to have dinner with Me but I kept saying no and He did this to Me" I cried in His arms.

"Julie I-" Gerard stuttered as He came towards Me.

"Save it Gerard- if You hadn't been so obsessed with making Mikey pay for kissing Me this wouldn't have happened. You left Me alone! and for what? to beat Mikey up for doing something that You would do anyway?" I spat.

"Julie I'm sorry. I didn't mean to leave You alone" Gerard mumbled, ashamed of Himself.

I spat some blood out of My mouth and looked at Mikey on the ground Who was coughing up blood too and groaning.

"No- You did. You are just ashamed of the fact that I got hurt. Mikey and I need a doctor- and I want to talk to You tomorrow when I wake up" I strained as Frankie helped Me inside.

"Do You want anything?" Frankie asked as He lay Me down next to a sleeping Sadie.

"Just a hospital. And Lacey" I mumbled.


"Will someone tell Me what happened?" I asked Ray, Bob and Gerard (Mikey was inside being treated same as Julie, and Frankie wasn't leaving Her side) as I entered the waiting room of the hospital.

"We got to the restaurant and after We got Our drinks this waitress places a photo of Mikey kissing Julie on the table and I got so enraged that I stormed all the way back here alone to beat the crap out of Him"

"Meanwhile a creep tries to come onto Julie and when She repeatedly says no He punches Her a bunch of times and probably broke Her left arm" Ray added.

I sighed. Poor Julie.

"I'm sorry" Gerard mumbled.

"I'm sure deep down Julie feels just as horrible about this" I said as I waved a hand at His apology.

"Yeah. If She had picked either You or Mikey tonight wouldn't have happened" Bob whispered.

We all jumped as We heard Julie and Frankie scream.

"They feel the same pain?" I asked.

"Apparently. As soon as Julie arrived He started to clutch the same arm that She was as if it was in pain" Bob answered.

Julie and Frankie screamed again.

"She wants to talk to Me when She wakes up" Gerard mumbled again.

"She will be in a better state of mind then" I nodded.

What a mess.


"Did that hurt?" Mikey, who was lying in the next bed asked.

I nodded and cried a little bit.

Frankie was sitting in a chair that was next to My bed, still clutching His arm.

Mikey was trying to get Me to focus on something else other than the doctor that was setting My arm in a caste.

After He was done He left to tell the others the news.

"Frankie?" I asked.

"Yeah?" He half wheezed.

"Do You want to split My pain meds?" I asked and turned to look at Him.

"Um, no I think it'd be best if You took them- You need to be all mended when Mum and Dad see You for the first time"

"Scared You are going to be blamed for this" I nodded to My arm.

"Hell Yes" Frankie laughed.


"A broken wrist? than why is She feeling pain all the way down Her arm?" I asked, still fidgeting with My skirt in a panicky way.

"It's fairly common to experience that pain for people who have broken their wrists for the first time" the doctor explained to Me.

"How long will it take to heal?" I asked.

"Probably a few weeks. If You'll excuse Me" and then the doctor was gone.

"He has no bedside manner" Bob snorted.

"No good doctor does" I sighed and sat down in a spare chair.

"So what will We do?" Frankie asked as He came through the door.

"What do You mean?" Gerard asked.

"I doubt Frankie wants to take the blame for this when Julie meets Her parents for the first time" I answered as I thought about what They would do to Frankie if they found out about this incident.

"So We pick up a new gig- but where?" Bob asked.

"How about Australia?" I asked as I started dialing.

"Why not?" Ray asked back.

"It's perfect- thank you Lacey" Frankie smiled and placed His hand on My shoulder.

"No worries" I replied as My boss picked up on the other end.
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