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The Talk

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Julie talks to Gerard and Mikey separately.

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I woke up to snoring coupled with not knowing where I was.

I looked to My right and saw Frankie sitting in a chair snoring.

I looked to My left and saw a bruised Mikey sleeping with His face towards Me, His glasses elsewhere.

I sighed as I remembered that I was in the hospital.

What I didn't understand was why I was still here.

"We thought it was better if You stayed over night here"

I turned to the door to see a worn out looking Lacey holding a glass of water.

"Ah" I coughed, My mouth suddenly dry as all hell.

Lacey walked over to Me and handed Me the glass of water.

"While You were out of it Frankie begged Me to change the schedule so that You parents wouldn't see You like this. So We have another show to put Australia"

I spluttered. Luckily the water didn't land anywhere but back in the glass.

"You okay?"

"Yeah it's just- Australia?" I asked.

"We still have two towns to visit here before Australia and by the time We get back You and Mikey will look and feel much better" Lacey stated matter of factly.

"Please don't let Me take the blame for not telling Our parents about You AND bringing You home broken" Frankie whined.

"I kind of thought it was already official" I said, a little confused.

"Oh. Well it is isn't it Lacey?" Frankie hoped.

"It is. Now let's wake Mikey up and get You two out of here"

"Before all that I want to talk to Gerard"

"Are You sure?"

"Yeah Frankie I'm sure. I really need to talk to Him. So wake Mikey up and take Him with You, then bring Gerard to Me okay?"

Frankie took His shoe off and flung it at Mikey.

I watched as it landed on His stomach, Mikey jumping at the impact.

"Come on Mikey, Julie wants to talk to Gerard" Frankie groaned as He got up, stretched, grabbed His shoe off Mikey and pulled Mikey out of bed.

"Be back soon" Frankie said as He supported Mikey out the door.

I sighed and waited for Him to come back.


"Julie wants to see You"

I looked up to see a furious Frankie.

"Before You go to see Her I want You to know this- if You ever hurt Her like that again I don't know what I will do, and I won't be held accountable for My actions" Frankie growled at Me.

"I understand" I mumbled and walked past Him and into Julie's room.


"Hey Gee" I smiled as He came in and sat in the chair Frankie had been using.

"Hey, how are You feeling?"

"Better I think. I said I wanted to talk to You when I woke up and here it is, but before I do I want to know why You left Me on My own"

"I saw red. I kept thinking that Mikey was forcing You to kiss Him and I didn't like it. And yeah I guess it was some sibling rivalry as well. When I saw that photo I thought that He was trying to take You away from Me and I couldn't stand it. I guess I didn't like the idea that Mikey gets the girl for a change"

"So You don't like Me, but You don't like the idea of Mikey having Me?" I asked.

"I think so, I'm not sure. All I know is that after the day You got Sadie I haven't felt the same way I thought I did. I thought I really liked You but now I'm not sure"

"So now You are confused" I sighed.


"I just want You to be a brother to Me" I turned to look at Gerard.

He looked relieved.

"So You are okay being friends? You don't hate Me?"

"Maybe a little because now We are going to Australia, but as long as You are okay with Your Brother than We are friends" I smiled.

"You like Him?" Gerard asked incredulously.

"I do"

Gerard sighed and stood up.

"Be gentle. He has never dated either" He chuckled and ruffled My hair.

"Dude! lame" I giggled.

"You want to talk to Him?"

"Yes please" I smiled.

Gerard nodded, ruffled My hair again and left the room.

"You asked for the loser of the fight?"

"Have a seat loser" I laughed and pointed to the chair.

"So how are You coping with the pain?"

"It doesn't hurt that bad. What about You?"

"Flesh wounds. All of them....and I am seeing a need to watch Monty Python"

"What's a Monty Python?" I asked.

Mikey burst into an uncontrollable fit of laughter which I didn't exactly understand.

"Mikey can We talk seriously for a second?"

That stopped the laughter pretty damn quickly.

"You like Me right?"

"I like You a hell of a lot Julie" Mikey snorted at My inadequate question.

"I like You a hell of a lot too" I blushed.

"What about Gerard?"

"I talked it over with Him and I realized that I don't want to be His girlfriend- I want to be Yours" I smiled.

Mikey stood up shocked.

"You mean it?" He asked, bordering on gleeful.

"Yeah" I blushed.

Mikey took a step towards the bed and body planted on the floor.

I leaped out of bed and sat on My knees next to Him.

"You okay?" I asked.

Mikey rolled over on to His back and pulled Me on top of Him.

"I am now" He beamed.

I laughed and kissed Him softly.


"She chose Mikey and not Me. I will just be Her friend, and I will never let anything like last night happen again" I vowed to Frankie.

Frankie nodded.

"So did You like Her?"

I turned to look at Bob.

"I still do. But it's never going to happen, and She really likes Mikey. I'd rather be in Her life as a friend than as nothing at all"

Bob and Ray looked at each other, Lacey smiled encouragingly.

"I'm proud of You dude" Frankie said as He placed a hand on My shoulder.

"Thanks. It means a lot to Me" I smiled.

Somehow I knew that I would be able to get over Julie- I just didn't know who I would get Me over Her.
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