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So Kiss Me

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Mikey takes Julie on a date.

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"Okay so what does everyone want to do now?" Lacey asked as She drove Us back to the bus.

"I want to have a lie down- I'm a little loopy from the medication" I lied as I lightly tapped Mikey, who hadn't left My side, on the knee.

"Me too" Mikey added, a little too enthusiastically.

Lacey smiled as She pulled up next to the bus.

I hopped out very slowly to make it look like I was tired, and practically grabbed Mikey so He had to escort Me to My room.

"Are You sure You don't want to rest?" Mikey asked as My back felt the pressure of the bed behind it.

I thought about it for a minute. It was true that I was injured, but all I had was a cast that extended from My wrist and to My elbow. I could still use My fingers.

"I'm sure, I just want to hang out with You alone for a while" I smiled. Hell, it wouldn't matter if I was stuck in a wheel chair- I'd still want Mikey close to Me.

Mikey gently cuddled up to Me.

"Scared to hurt Me?" I laughed softly as I rolled onto My side to look at Him.

"A little. Plus knowing that Frankie will know if I hurt You is kind of creeping Me out right now"

I reached out and brushed His hair away from His gorgeous eyes.

I smiled and cuddled closer, softly kissing His cheek.

"Okay I am officially distracted" Mikey smiled.

I kissed His lips softly for a few seconds, and enjoyed it when Mikey shivered and wrapped His arm around My waist and pulling Me closer.

Mikey licked My bottom lip slowly.

"What do You want when You do that to Me?" I asked as I pulled away slightly, His lips still reachable.

"Open Your mouth and I will show You" He smiled.

I shrugged and kissed Him softly again.

When His tongue started to lick My bottom lip I opened My mouth as He suggested and before I knew it Our tongues were licking at each other.

All of a sudden He broke off the kiss and grinned at My sad expression.

Slowly He inched His lips toward My neck and at first all I could feel was His breath. But then I felt His soft kiss.

I moaned, grabbed the hem of His Anthrax band tee and slowly pulled it up and away from His chest.

"Are You sure?" Mikey asked as He pulled away.

"Am I sure what?" I asked.

"Um...You" Mikey blushed.

"I just wanted to take Your shirt off" I blushed back.

"If that's what You want" Mikey winked and pushed Me onto My back.

He straddled Me and slowly pulled off His shirt, exposing His chest for the first time.

I didn't get a good look because as soon as it was off He captured My lips again.

I pressed My hands into His back and pulled Him closer to Me.

This was heaven. Mikey felt amazing and I didn't want to let Him go.

"Julie are You-Oh My GOD!" Frankie yelled.

Mikey jumped off the bed like a cat and swiveled around to look at Frankie's expression.

"Julie I blame this on You!" Frankie half yelled.

"Blame what? I wanted Him to-"

"Not that! I'm turned on right now because that's what YOU are feeling. I think I'm gonna be sick" Frank gagged.

"Don't tell Me You think Mikey is hot?" I sat up waiting for an answer.

"YOU WERE THINKING IT!" Frankie yelled and ran out of the room.

"Oh My god" I whispered- and then fell off the bed laughing.

"I doubt We are going to be alone for the rest of the night" Mikey chuckled and grabbed His shirt.

"So let's go out" I half laughed.

"Okay, how about a movie?"

"Sure, but I am going to need Lacey's help" I smiled.

Mikey blushed and left the room, obviously to get Lacey.

I sighed and wondered if intimacy was always going to be an issue between Frankie and I.
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