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It's A Date!

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Mikey takes Julie on their first official date.

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"So what Are You going to wear?"

"Do You have to ask that every time I tell You I am going on a date" I sighed as I rummaged through My clothes.

"Hey You are not a master of dating, and as any Catholic from the 1920's will say that You haven't landed a husband so You have no experience at all" Lacey grinned as She sat on My bed.

"Whoa- who said anything about a husband?" I stressed.

"It's a joke. Now- hair?"

"Down and wild"

"Make up?"

"Already taken care of- just black eyeliner and pink lip balm"

"So that just leaves clothes" Lacey stated.

" about My black denim skirt and a hoodie?"

"No- I want You to think skimpier in the top department"

"I don't have anything skimpy" I whined.

Lacey sighed and hopped off the bed and started to rummage in the bags for a top.

"HA! yes You do" She giggled and tossed Me a top.

"You have got to be kidding" I grimaced at the top.


"Okay guys here She comes- wait where is Gee?" Lacey asked as She stepped out of the bus.

"He went out drinking" Frankie replied.

Well, at least He wasn't here to see this.

I sighed and walked out the bus door.

"Good GOD is Julie showing skin!?!?!" Ray and Bob exclaimed at the same time.

"Why do You guys always sit out here when I have a date?" I asked, ignoring Ray and Bob.

"We don't want to disturb the uh, delicate process of getting ready for a date" Ray grinned.

"You don't want to get stuck with the annoying fat questions" Lacey grinned as Bob nodded at Her.

"Fat questions?" I asked.

"Yeah- girls in the real world ask any guy that is around asks if they look fat in the outfit that they are wearing and if the guy gives the wrong answer, which is normally the case, then the girl has to go change" Lacey answered.

"GOD I hate the fat questions" Frankie exclaimed.

I rolled My eyes.

"You don't look fat Julie, You look incredible" Mikey smiled as He came from behind Me and kissed My neck.

I closed My eyes for a breif second and heard Frankie yell.

I opened them to see Frankie getting up off the floor and dusting His pants down.

"Don't DO that Mikey! it's creepy" Frankie half growled and half begged.

"Oh right, sorry Frankie" Mikey laughed.

"Let's just go okay?" I giggled and grabbed Mikey by the hand and walked off.

"Use protection Mikey!" Bob yelled.

"Be gentle Julie! He will probably cry the first time!" Ray added.

"You mean like when the both of You woke up in the morning in the same bunk realizing what You had done to each other!" I yelled back.

There was a lot of laughter but amongst all the voices I didn't hear Ray's or Bob's.


"So what movie do You want to see?" Mikey asked.

"How about Repo The Genetic Opera?" I suggested.

Mikey nodded and got the tickets as well as the 'fucking large' popcorn I asked for with a frozen coke.

We sat down in the cinema before the movie began.

"Why are We sitting here early?"

"To scope out the best seats" I stated and shivered.

"Are You cold?" Mikey asked.

"A little Yeah" I growled remembering that Lacey forbid Me from wearing a jumper of any kind to cover My tank top and the rest of My skin up.

"Here" Mikey said as He took off His hoodie.

"Mikey I can't take Your hoodie- then You will be cold" I said as I put My hands up forbidding Him from being able to give Me His hoodie.

"Okay" Mikey sighed, put His hoodie back on than got a deliciously cute grin on His face and settled back as the movie began.

I shivered again as the opening credits started.

Mikey chuckled and placed His hand over Mine.

It was like touching a flame- without the burning and charred skin sensation that follows.

I sighed as I drank in the warmth, and didn't notice that His other hand was slowly creeping around My shoulders until I felt His hand lightly brush My collar bone.

Goosebumps broke along My skin where Mikey was touching Me and I shivered again.

"Do You want Me to warm You up?" Mikey whispered seductivley in My ear.

I looked Him dead in the eye and nodded.

Mikey smiled and captured My lips in a soft, but especially warm, kiss.

I slowly pulled Him as close to My body as I could and groaned slightly because there was an arm rest in the way.

"Here- take My hoodie" Mikey whispered and placed the hoodie over My shoulders.

"What about You?" I asked.

"You are keeping Me plenty warm" Mikey grinned and kissed Me again.


"So how was the movie?" Frankie asked as We walked back into the bus hand in hand.

"I don't remember" I answered truthfully.


"Yeah. I'm going to bed, thanks for the date Mikey" I smiled and kissed His cheek.

"Night Julie" Mikey and Frankie said at the same time.

I walked into My room, closed the door and fell on My bed, ecstatic about how the date went.


"Julie is My sis Mikey- please don't hurt Her" I begged.

"Frankie I am telling You now- the more I spend time with Her, the more I can't imagine My life without Her" Mikey said as He walked to His bunk.

I sighed. She did have that effect on people.

I heard scuffling outside and a broken bottle smash.

I turned to the bunks to see if anyone else noticed, but I was the only one up, so I decided to investigate.

"Hello?" I asked as I opened the door.

"Hey Frankie" A non-slurring Gerard answered- He was sitting on one of the chairs We had out for when Julie was getting ready for dates and We wanted to be out of the way.

"What are You doing out here Gerard?" I asked as I walked over to Him.

"Just decided to sit out here a while- You?"

"Couldn't sleep, have You been drinking?"

"No. I just went for a walk" He sighed as He stood up.

"Oh" I replied.

"Hey Frankie?" Gerard asked as He came to stand right in front of Me.

"Yeah?" I asked.

All of a sudden Gerard's lips were on Mine.

Before I had time to react Gerard had already stepped back.

"I like You" Gerard replied to My shocked face and walked back into the bus.

What the FUCK was THAT!?!?!?!
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