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The Change

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Frankie contemplates Gerard's Kiss while Mikey comforts Julie.

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"Morning Fran-"

"Gig will be in a second are You coming with Us?" Frankie interrupted.

"Yeah, I am ready to go, what about the others?"

"They are waiting in the van, so come on lets go" Frankie hurried as He grabbed My hand and ran out the door with Me and straight to the van.

"Is something wrong Frankie?" I asked as the van kicked into third and raced away from the bus.

"Everything is fine, I am just really nervous. This is the last show before We go to Australia and We still need to pack and everything" Frankie speedily replied.

I sat in My seat feeling very confused.


I knew that Julie was confused but I couldn't handle Her knowing what I had done.

No. What We had done.

I looked over at Gerard, who was already staring at Me, licking His lips and grinning madly.

I shivered and looked back out the window, trying to focus on keeping Julie out of My mind.


I knew what I was doing was wrong.

First I wanted Julie and now I was going after One of My closest friends who just so happened to be Her brother and on top of all that, My brother was dating His sister.

Sounds like a soap opera- and I was the culprit.

But I couldn't help it- I wanted Frankie, just like I had wanted Julie.

I looked over at Frankie, who looked pained and deep in thought.

He didn't want Julie to be hurt, but at the same time, I was curious to see if I could get Him alone again.

Frankie looked directly at Me and I licked My lips slowly, and then grinned.

Frankie shivered and looked away.

I needed to be alone with Him soon.


"Good luck Guys!" I yelled as They went on stage to perform.

"So You are concerned about Frankie?" Lacey asked as She came to stand next to Me.

"I'm not sure. He was just weird this morning. He didn't come to wake Me up and He is kind of avoiding Me. You have known Him longer- is there something I've done to cause this?"

"Not that I can think of. But then again, the others know Him better than the two if Us combined. You should probably ask one of Them"

I nodded, making a mental note to seek one of Them out after the show.


I blazed past Julie after the show and finally made it to the dressing room, closing the door behind Me and sitting down in front of the vanity to begin taking My makeup off.

"Either You are avoiding Me or You are avoiding Julie"

I looked in to the mirror to see Gerard locking the door.

"What are You doing?" I asked in vain.

"What do You want Me to do?" Gerard grinned as He came towards Me.

"No! stay back, what We did was wrong" I said as I stood up and backed away from Him.

"It's strange that You would say 'Us' and not 'Me'" Gerard grinned as He still walked casually towards Me.

I froze as I felt the cold wall behind Me. No escape.

"Don't You like how You feel towards Me" Gerard whispered in My ear as He pinned Me against the wall.

"Do You like hurting Julie so much" I whispered back as He rubbed His hands on My arms.

All I heard was a chuckle and then lips against My neck.

I moaned uncontrollably at the feel of His touch, and He smiled into My neck as He rubbed My crotch slightly.

"This is about Us, not Her" Gerard half growled, and seized My lips.


"Mikey have You seen Frankie or Gerard?" I asked.

"No, but I will come and help You look for Them"

I smiled, took His hand and walked down the hallway to find Them.

When We passed a door that said dressing room I swooned.

Mikey almost didn't catch Me in time.

"Julie! what's wrong?" Mikey asked as He stood Me up right.

I looked at the door. It was only ordinary.

But Frankie was on the other side...

I pressed My hands against it to see if it would budge but it was locked.

I sighed as I pressed My body to the door and moaned slightly.

"Julie?" Mikey hesitated and pressed a hand on My shoulder.

That was weird- Mikey hadn't really been touching Me before that, which means that Frankie...

"Frankie? can You open the door?" I pleaded.

There was a scuffle as Frankie opened the door.

"Yeah?" was the response I got.

"Is everything alright? I was worried" I said as I stared at Him. He looked like He had been exercising.

"I'm fine is there something You wanted?" Frankie demanded.

"No I just wanted to know why You were avoiding Me" I replied.

"I'm sorry about that Julie, but it's just...I need some time on My own too- I love You dearly but sometimes I need a break from everything and that is kind of hard when You are on a bus"

"Oh. Okay, well I guess I'll go back to the van and wait for You guys"

"Good idea" Frankie replied and closed and locked the door.

"What the hell was that!" Mikey exclaimed at the closed door.

"I didn't realize I was so horrible" I whispered and walked away.

"You aren't! I don't know what's wrong with Frankie but I DO know that You aren't a burden in any way" Mikey said as He squeezed My hand.

"I just want to go back to the bus" I whispered again as Mikey swept me into a hug.


It was night by the time We all made it back to the bus.

Nobody had said a word- Mikey was mad at Frankie because Frankie was having an issue which had something to do with Me which made Me quiet as a mouse, Ray and Bob picked up on the vibe and stayed silent.

And then there was Gerard. He was quiet yeah, but not because of what Frankie and I were quiet about.

Gerard and Frankie and I were the last to get out of the van.

Before Gerard was about to walk away from the van I saw Him reach out a hand to Frankie who had just stood up and brush His hand lightly over Frankie's pants and before I knew it I felt guilt, pleasure and a surging hunger for Gerard.

"Frankie, Gerard, stop" I said as I was the last to get out of the van.

"You go ahead Gerard, I'll talk to Her"

"No I want to be here for this"

"Be here for what?" I asked.

"Gerard and I have sort of been hooking up"

I stood there kind of shocked.

"Julie?" Gerard asked as He reached out to touch Me.

"I'm fine it's just- why didn't You tell Me?" I asked Frankie.

"I was ashamed. Gerard had hit on You and then almost straight away He started to come on to Me- and I liked it. I thought You would be upset"

"But I'm not" I smiled.

"Why?" Gerard asked.

"Because I have Mikey. Frankie if Gee makes You happy then go for it"

"Really?" Frankie asked.

"On one condition"

"Name it"

"You NEVER pull that 'I need time alone' stunt ever again" I smiled.

"DONE!" Frankie yelled as He ran over, picked Me up, slung Me over His shoulder and ran towards the bus.
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