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Take A Flight

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Julie prepares for Her first trip over seas.

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Author's note- in addition to this story I will also be starting the other two back up so if You have read Them before good news! and if You haven't then take a look if they look appealing to You. Onwards!

"Are You almost done packing?" Frankie asked as He stepped into chaos.

"I have never packed in My life- You know it and I know it and yet You casually walk up to Me and ask if I am finished doing an impossible task!?!?!? Brother I will cut off Your arm's and legs and stuff Them in this suitcase if You don't lend Them to Me" I growled.

Frankie sighed and with His added help the task was finished in ten minutes, lugged into the van and before I knew it We were at the airport.


"Are You shaking again?" Mikey asked grinning slightly.

Lacey had again forbade Me from wearing normal clothes (why I still listened to Her I have no idea) so I was wearing another tank top with short black jeans and sneakers.

"A little" I shivered as We sat on the plane waiting for it to take off.

"Mikey sighed and pulled Me close, which caused My shivering to stop.

"I wonder why Gerard and Frankie wanted to sit away from Us? I mean, Bob and Ray are sitting right behind Us, but They are right near the cockpit"

Cockpit was right.

Gerard and Frankie had decided that until They knew exactly what They were doing with each other that no one should know about it....except for Me.

"I think it's just creepy for Them to see Us so couple like- They are Our brothers after all" I suggested.

Mikey nodded and snuggled closer to Me and I sighed. Flying isn't so bad when You have something to distract You.


"Why is it so HOT!" I exclaimed as We stepped out of the airport.

"I have no is way too hard to think in this kind of weather" Ray groaned- His hair already hanging around His face from all the sweat.

"Be glad We just play this one show and then We all go Mum and Dad" Frankie teased.

"So when's the show?" I asked.

"In about an hour" Gerard replied as He looked at His watch.

"Great" I replied, the nerves already hitting Me.
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