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No Time For Shopping

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In and out of Australia before heading to New Jersey airport.

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"Okay, lets get to Luna Park and then go home and out of this heat" Lacey enthused as We hopped into the massive shuttle bus that was taking Us as far as the wharf- to get to Luna Park We had to catch a ferry.

"What the hell is that?" I asked as We raced across a bridge.

"What's what?" Mikey asked.

"That over there" I pointed at a weird spiked building that was all white.

"That is the Sydney Opera House famous for theater works and also the final showdown for Australian Idol contestants" Lacey replied.

"How did You know what I was looking at? You didn't even peak to see what I was pointing at"

"How many spiked buildings that would draw Your attention away from everything else are there?" She questioned.

"Fair point" I mumbled and sat back in My seat.

"So what's happening after the show?" I asked.

"Well We get back on a plane and land in New Jersey" Lacey stated.

"I know that. But what happens when We land?"

"Don't worry Julie, I had it all sorted out" Mikey said as He grinned madly.

"Okay" I replied, really curious about what Mikey had planned.


"I think I am going to be sick" I groaned at the rocking of the ferry.

Mikey was rubbing My back but it wasn't helping.

"It's okay Julie, We are almost back to shore, and then We will be on Our way Home"

"Home might not be for Me though" I said between dry heaves.

"What do You mean?"

"What if They don't like Me. What if They-" I stopped talking as I ran for the bathroom and only just made it in time.



I looked up to see Mikey standing in front of Me.

Oh no- Gerard expects to see Me in the bathroom in a few minutes, maybe Mikey knew about it though.

"Yeah Mikey- what's wrong?" I asked, trying to keep calm.

"It's about Julie"

I sighed a little inside. I still had a few minutes to talk about Her.

"I think She is terrified that Your parents will reject Her"

"That's ridiculous! the second They knew We were going to be twins They loved Us both. I can't see how that would just go away over the years" I replied.

It was true, the second I was old enough to know what a twin was I was told that I had one somewhere. But She was lost and at the right time I would find Her.

By the time I got to high school I had already thought up this crazy story of Her- that She was adopted by a rich family, and that even though She was a princess in the eyes of Her parents, the truth was She was as twisted as Me.

"Just talk to Her- before We get home" Mikey replied, obviously annoyed that I went somewhere else with My own thoughts.

As soon as Mikey was gone I made a dash for the bathroom.

"You're late- what kept You?" Gerard asked as I closed the door.

"Mikey wanted to talk about Julie- He thinks that She is scared of rejection by Mum and Dad" I whispered as Gerard started taking My shirt off.

"I do fear rejection, but did He have to come and say that to You"

I froze. That was Julie's voice.

"I'm in the next bathroom stupid and the walls are paper thin"

"So yeah, Why are You scared of rejection?" I asked as I heard Her vomit.

"Because they have only ever seen Me once as a baby. They haven't any idea how I turned out and I could have turned out wrong"

"Julie, right now We are talking to each other through bathrooms. You are vomiting and I am with Your boyfriend's brother getting a little action before We are on a plane. I'd say in the wrong department We are pretty even, which is just the way it should be Twin" I laughed.

"Guess You are right, by the way- I'd save the action for the plane trip, Mikey will come looking for Me soon and He will be able to hear You guys. Also- TRY NOT TO DO THIS STUFF WHILE I'M RIGHT HERE!!!!! it is weird feeling what You are doing to My brother Gee" Julie said as She exited the bathroom.

"She has a point You know" I said to Gerard, who had been leaning His head on My shoulder.

"Alright" Gerard sighed as He gave Me back My shirt.


"You alright Julie?"

"I'm fine and I feel a little better- Frankie had a word to Me" I said as I sat down next to Mikey.


"But Frankie would have known what was wrong the second He would have been near Me, so next time I am feeling weird about something, let Him find out Himself" I sighed as I leaned in to Mikey.

"Okay" Mikey replied as He gave Me hug.

Next stop, New Jersey.
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