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Mum? Dad?

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Julie lands in New Jersey and finally meets the parents that She has always wanted.

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I sighed and settled next to Mikey.

Right now We were forty five minutes away from landing in New Jersey and even though I was terrified I couldn't stop thinking about Sadie.

Mikey had promised that She would be alright, but He didn't tell Me exactly where She was going, and that worried Me even though I trusted Mikey.

"So what was it like growing up with each other?" I asked Bob, who had been sitting behind Me and kicking My seat for the last hour.

"It was awesome! but We haven't changed at all. How We are now is what We were like back then" Bob replied as He stopped kicking My seat.

"Except We didn't have You to get Us in trouble" Ray added.

"Hey! I'm just a new reason for the pair of You to get into trouble" I laughed.

"That's true" Ray agreed.


Stepping out of the airport I felt My knees knock against each other.

"They are dying to meet You" Frankie reassured Me as He gave Me a one armed hug.

I nodded- too nervous to actually talk.

"She is going paler than when poor Mikey had that asthma attack in the park" Bob said, concern playing all over His face.

"She'll be fine when We see Mum and Dad- where the hell is that van?" Frankie asked.

Lacey must have been listening because as soon as Frankie had asked She pulled up in the van.

"Lacey do I look okay?" I asked as I hopped in the back.

"Black jeans, purple tank top and a black jacket that doesn't do up in the front with black sneakers- You look hot!" She grinned at Me.

I sighed and relaxed a little in My seat.


Before I knew it I was standing outside Frankie's childhood home with all the guys and Lacey.

It was a two storey house that had giant windows and ivy hanging off the walls at the front.


I turned to look at Frankie and nodded.

He grinned evilly, grabbed My hand, raced up to the front porch and, with the help of My finger, rang the doorbell.

It slowly opened to show a woman who looked very Similar to Me- in about twenty years or so.

"Oh My God!" She exclaimed, putting Her hand over Her heart.

"Who is it Honey?" I heard from inside.

"It's THEM! Honey It's Julie and Frankie and of course the boys!" The woman yelled back.

I heard a wooden sound and a muffled curse, and then a man appeared next to the woman.

He looked almost identical to Frankie, only less tattoos, a regular haircut and a few wrinkles around His eyes.

"Mum are You going to make Us all wait out here while You gawk at Julie?" Frankie asked as He grinned madly.

I rolled My eyes and punched His arm lightly. Of course HE'D be happy to see Mum and Dad like this- the prodigal Son bringing home the lost Daughter.

"Of course, come on in Everyone" The man exclaimed as He opened the door.

I followed Frankie into the lounge room and looked at all the photos of Frankie growing up on the wall and smirked. I didn't have any of those embarrassing things.

"Do You want anything to drink?"

I turned to look at Mum and smiled.

"I'm alright" I replied sweetly.

"Please sit down, We have a lot to talk about" Dad said as He motioned for a lounge and two seats.

Frankie grabbed My hand and led Me to the lounge, already sensing that I didn't want to be too far away from Him.

"Possessive isn't He?" Mum giggled.

"Well He hasn't seen Me for years so I guess He is allowed to be" I smiled at Frankie, who gave Me a cheesy grin back.

"So, Frankie hasn't said a word about You since the interview, so what do You do for a living?" Dad asked.

"I'm a tattoo artist" I replied, hoping that They wouldn't be mad.

"Oh? have You given Frankie a tattoo?" Mum asked.

"No- I haven't figured out what I want, and besides, I'd rather it be a birthday present from Her than just a random tattoo"

"Good idea" Dad nodded.

"Do You have a boyfriend?" Mum asked grinning.

I blushed a bright red.

"That would be Me Mrs Iero" Mikey grinned as He walked over and patted My frozen shoulder.

"Nice choice" Mum laughed.

"Really?" I asked, more out of shock than anything else.

"Sure, I've watched Him grow up with Frankie and the others- He is a good kid and I know He won't steer You wrong, right Dear?"

"Of course. He is a good kid" Dad grinned and gave Me a double thumbs up with a cheesy grin. So that's where Frankie got it.

"So You aren't angry with Us?"

I turned to see Mum slightly upset.

"Why would I be?"

"Because it wasn't Us that found You. It was Your Brothers friends" Dad explained.

"I was angry at Frankie at first. But it never entered My head that I should be mad at You as well. Frankie explained to Me how He was told that He had a twin sister out there and that You hoped that one day I came home. What's important now is that I am here, not how I got here" I smiled.

Mum burst into tears, stood up, rushed over to Me and gave Me a big hug.

"My sweet Julie" She whispered into My ears.

She smelled like lavender, and it wasn't until I felt the wet patch growing on Her shoulder that I realized that I was holding Her close and crying.

Dad walked up behind Me and pulled Us both into a group hug.

"So Do I still need to give You guys something for Christmas or am I pretty much covered for life?" Frankie asked as He stood up.

"Christmas is two months away so Yes, You still do and You have to help Your sister pick things out for Us too" Mum replied sternly even though She was hugging Me.

Frankie cursed quietly and Dad smacked Him upside the head playfully.

I laughed at Frankie's expression, slightly holding My head.

"Wait- did that hurt You too?" Dad asked.

Mum let go of Me and stepped away to look at Me properly.

"Yeah- Frankie and I are linked like that" I grinned.

"It's fantastic that You two get a long so well" Mum smiled.

"So what's for lunch Mum?" Frankie asked.

Mum just rolled Her eyes while I laughed.


"Are You sure You don't want to stay with Us?" Mum asked for the millionth time.

"I have a surprise for Her Mrs Iero, and if She stays with You She won't see it" Mikey pouted.

Mum sighed and gave Me a hug goodbye, Dad just ruffled My hair, and Everyone left The house where My parents live.

"Okay so am I going to live with Lacey?" I asked Mikey as I held His hand all the way to the van.

"It's a surprise okay? just trust Me"

I sighed as I got in the van with Him and the others.

We drove down the street for about twenty minutes before We came across an apartment block.

"Everyone out!" Lacey half yelled.

"Julie, wanna go to the mall tomorrow?" Lacey asked as I got out of the van.

"Yeah call Me when You want Me" I smiled as I closed the van door.

We walked in to the apartment block and up the flight of stairs until We were on the last level.

"This is where You all live?" I asked.

"Yeah- We find it easier as a band and as friends to stay pretty close by" Gerard replied as He and Mikey stood outside one door, Ray and Bob another, and Frankie stood in front of the one closest to the stairs.

"You are going to need this" Frankie said as He held out a key.

"I'm living with You?" I asked.

"Where did You think You would live? with Mum and Dad? They would fatten You up faster than eating a billion Kirspy Kreme Donuts" Frankie laughed as I lunged at Him and pulled Him into a hug.

"This is just My surprise, Mikey's is waiting for You inside and I promised He would show You first" Frankie said as He handed Me the key.

I put it in the lock and turned it, Mikey standing right next to Me.

I opened the door to reveal the lounge room which looked like a mess.

"Come on" Mikey took My hand and pulled Me to a room with a dark red door.

He opened it and I peered in, surprised that it looked like the room I had back with Anna.

All My old and new stuff was in it.

"It's amazing" I smiled.

Suddenly a black fluffy thing jumped on the bed and launched itself at Me.

"Sadie!" I cried as I caught Her in My arms.

"I told You She would be safe" Mikey smiled as He watched Sadie lick My neck and chin to death.

"Thank you Mikey, this is the best surprise ever" I said as I kissed His lips softly.
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