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Family Can Be A Pain

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Frankie and Gerard get caught- but by who?

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It had been a few weeks since I had moved in with Frankie and already I had a routine.

Mornings were taken up by walking around town with Mikey and Sadie (Sadie loved the walks and Mikey loved the alone time We had).

Lunch was taken up at Mum and Dad's where They got to know Me more. Aside from Frankie dropping hints that He should get more presents than Me for Christmas because He brought Me home which caused Me to punch Him it was really nice spending time with Them.

My afternoons were spent beating Frankie at any video game that He challenged Me with (the other guys watched in awe of My skills) or with Lacey who liked to go shopping with Me.

But I loved the way I spent My nights most of all- that was the time when Mikey and I would spend noiseless quiet time either on His couch or Mine watching a movie and relaxing.

Frankie was always grateful that I spent My time with Mikey- it meant that He and Gerard could do whatever They wanted to do behind His back and not have Him asking so many questions.

But He was.

"I don't understand how Frankie and Gerard got so close all of a sudden" Frankie puzzled as He kept changing the channel.

"Why?" I asked, knowing exactly why.

"Well They were always good friends before. But now it's different. Something's changed and I don't know what it is. It's really annoying Me"

"And If I said let it go You wouldn't?" I asked.

Mikey shook His head.

I sighed and stood up.

"I'm going to go talk to Frankie okay? wait right here" I said as I walked out of Mikey's apartment.

I knocked on My door before opening it- and wishing I hadn't.

A wave of euphoria washed over Me, and as I attempted to blink it away I saw Gerard and Frankie both shirtless making out on the couch.

I quickly turned around to make sure No one was seeing what I was seeing and closed the door behind Me with a thump.

Frankie jumped like a startled cat and poor Gerard landed akwardly on the ground.

"Damnit Julie You scared the hell out of Me" Frankie groaned as He picked Gerard up off the floor.

"Whatever, You guys have to talk to Mikey"

"Why what's wrong? did He make a stupid move?" Gerard asked, a goofy grin on His face.

It was then that I noticed that both My brother and Gerard were in their boxers.

I made a muffled pained sound and turned around so that I wasn't looking at Them.

"No. He has just noticed You guys getting closer and it is really bugging Him and it is bugging Me more that I am keeping this from Him. Is it so wrong if He knows as well?" I asked, trying to burn the image of Gerard and Frankie in boxers out of My mind....and failing.

"I just don't know. I doubt He would accept Me for being this way" Gerard mumbled.

I growled.

I stormed out of the room, went back to Mikey's and knocked furiously on the door.

"What's wrong Julie?" Mikey asked as He swung the door open violently.

"Can I have Your word that You will not hate Me for not telling You this the second I found out?"


"And can I also have Your word that You won't tell a living soul about what I have to say?"

"I guess. What's wrong?" Mikey asked as He touched My shoulder.

I grabbed His hand and marched Him back to My door, turned the key and swung the door open.

As I had expected Gerard and Frankie had decided to go back to the couch still in just their boxers.

"Mikey!" Gerard exclaimed, shocked.

"So that's why You guys have gotten so close" Mikey blushed as He walked in to My apartment, Gerard and Frankie standing up and walking over to Us.

"So what is this exactly?" Mikey asked slowly as He crept further into the room.

"We aren't really sure" Frankie replied, suddenly finding His feet very interesting.

"Why didn't You tell Me?" Mikey asked as He stared at Gerard.

"I was afraid that You would hate Me" Gerard replied, shrugging His shoulders.

"How can I hate You? We are family. I don't care if You even marry Frankie, I will always love My big brother. I'm only ticked that You made Julie keep this secret" He grinned and turned to face Me.

"Hey it wasn't My secret to tell. But You also promised not to tell anyone remember Mikey?" I reminded.

"And I won't. But right now I'm hungry- so how about We all order pizza?" Mikey replied smiling.

"No! no more pizza! if I eat pizza again I am going to explode" Gerard grinned as He patted His stomach.

"Speaking of explosions You have been keeping safe haven't You?" Mikey asked.

Of all the things to ask Your big brother.
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