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Oh The Pain

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Mikey makes a mistake.

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I woke up feeling warm and secure, probably due to the fact that Mikey was squishing My stomach with one arm.

I yawned and stretched as I remembered that I was in Mikey's apartment and We had spent the night together watching television.

I pushed Mikey's arm away, jumping a foot in the air when He fell off the couch and yelled in shock.

"Are You okay?" I asked from where I was lying.

"I'll be okay, I just need a minute" Mikey groaned.

"I swear," Mikey sighed as He stretched, "We must be the only couple that spends the night together for the first time and doesn't have sex" He froze.

I bit My lip and looked out a nearby window.

Okay it was no lie that I wanted to be with Mikey, but I wasn't ready to BE with Mikey.

"I'm going to check on Our brothers" I said as I launched Myself off the couch and out the door.

"Guys I need to talk to-" I started as I opened My apartment door, only to freeze and look at the tangled bodies on the couch, not really caring that Sadie was jumping around My feet happily.

Gerard and Frankie were naked. on the couch. Naked on the couch together. I don't think I saw anything nor did I want to see anything.

I kept picturing years of therapy where I explained that because of this event that was happening right now I had become a full time lesbian that became a serial killer of men....this is the imagination of someone who has been given the time to stress about a naked brother.

"Julie are You okay?" Gerard finally asked as He turned His head to the door, and inevitably, to Me.

"I need to talk to You guys like right now and I can't do that unless You are both dressed" I stammered.

"Turn around then" Gerard grinned.

I did as I was told, and when I turned back around They were both fully dressed.

"Okay so AH!" I screamed as I had just attempted to sit down on a chair that was closer to the door.

"Uh oh" Frankie groaned as Gerard rushed over and grabbed My shoulders as I stood up, suddenly not wanting to sit down ever again.

"What's wrong Julie?" Gerard asked Me.

"It hurts to sit down" I half whined and half cried.

"Wait what?" Gerard asked.

"It's all Your fault Gerard- I'm in pain because Frankie is in pain" I pouted, stamping My foot and sitting down, only to shoot back upwards again.

"I said You could tell Me to stop and I would" Gerard sighed as He turned to look at Frankie.

"Frankie enjoyed it and didn't care about the cost of the pain for the pleausre. I am going to kill You Frankie" I groaned.

"Sorry Julie" Frankie half laughed and half apologized.

"So what did You need to talk about?" Gerard asked.

"Well, Mikey and I spent the night together-"

"Then how come I don't feel a tearing sensation from a first time?" Frankie asked.

"And that's the problem. We didn't do anything and when We woke up Mikey said that We must be the only couple that can spend the night together and not have sex. Is it so wrong that I don't want to give it to just anybody" I cried as tears came spilling out of My eyes.

"Gerard can You leave Us alone? I need to talk to Julie about what She is feeling"

"I need to talk to Mikey about what He is thinking anyways. I hope Your butts feel better soon" Gerard grinned evilly and walked out of the room.

"I know that You don't want to give Your first time away Julie, but do You really want to hold on to it forever?"

"No. But why does it have to be now? why can't it be When I have gotten to know Mikey longer than a few months" I sighed.

"Because guys are not made of stone" Frankie grinned.

"I'm serious. I don't want to have sex right now. I want to wait until I KNOW that I am ready" I said, still a bit upset at what Mikey had said to Me.


"Hey Gerard" I moped as I sat on the couch that Julie had run away from.

"Hey Yourself- Julie is in tear mode right now and I want to know why You would say something as stupid as 'we must be the only couple in the world to spend the night together but to not have sex'. Is that really what You think?"

I looked Gerard in the eye.

"No it's not how I think. I just want to show how much I love Her, and that is a fool proof way of showing Her"

"By taking Her virginity and leaving Her vulnerable? has it ever occurred to You that She might want to get to know You a lot more before She gives Herself to You completely"

"Aren't couples supposed to have sex around this time?" I asked. Might as well get all My questions answered.

"Mikey, just because it's normal doesn't mean that it's right for the two of You. You should decide to do it not because it's normal but because You both want to express how You feel towards one another"

I nodded. He was right.

"Do Yourself a favor and show Her that sex isn't everything" Gerard sighed as He walked over and ruffled My bed hair.

He was right. I was going to show Julie just how much I loved Her.
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