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Just To Keep You

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Mikey tries to show Julie that He is sorry for what He said.

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"Hey Julie? Mikey wants to have a word with You" Gerard said as He opened the apartment door and closed it behind Him.

I sniffed and wiped My eyes. I didn't really feel like talking to Mikey.

"Can't You see that She doesn't want to talk to Mikey" Frankie sniffed as He wiped His tears away.

"Hey, You weren't crying when I left the room" Gerard grinned slightly.

"I know. It's just Mikey has hurt Julie on a deep level and it's affecting Me too. It sucks but I can't seem to stop crying slightly" Frankie replied sadly as I wiped some of His tears away.

"Would You talk to My idiot of a brother? He is beating Himself about what He said and wants to apologize" Gerard replied, placing a hand on My shoulder.

I nodded, wiped My eyes a second time, gave Frankie a hug and then walked out of My apartment.

I slowly walked over to Mikey's door, sighed, and knocked.

The door opened instantly to a sad looking Mikey.

I brushed past Him as I walked into the room and sat down on the couch, watching as He was about to sit down, pause, and decided to kneel in front of Me.

"Julie I am so sorry for saying what I did a few minutes ago. It's not how I feel about this relationship at all and I hate Myself for making You think even for a second that I cared more about sex than a deeper connection with You" Mikey whispered as He reached for My hands and held Them close to His face.

"I really like You Mikey, but I'm just not ready yet. I want to get to know You more before We even think about doing something that means so much to Me" I replied softly as I waited to see His reaction.

Mikey looked Me straight in the eye and smiled sweetly.

"I understand completely" Mikey replied and pulled My face towards His, kissing Me passionatly.

My body almost had a mind of it's own. I pulled Him up so He was sitting next to Me on the couch, but I was pulling Him so close to My body that he ended up on top of Me.

I didn't care that Our legs were tangled, or the fact that Mikey's elbow was pinning My hair down, all I cared about was the intoxicating kiss We were sharing with each other.

Mikey moaned as I bit His bottom lip softly and started tugging His shirt away from His back and up towards Me.

Mikey sat up to take His top off, but before He could the door to the apartment opened.

Mikey yelped in a shocked tone and jumped off the couch as Gerard and Frankie stood awkwardly at the front door.

"God damn Mikey it is too early in the morning to be making out- haven't You two got anything better to do?" Frankie half growled.

"I wanted to see if Ray and Bob would teach Me how to fight properly?" I offered as something to do.

"NO! there is no way that that is happening" Frankie stated.

"But I want to learn how to fight" I pouted as I sat up and tried to fix My couch hair.

"I don't care!" Frankie fumed.

"You are only a few minutes older than Me Brother- and I can do what I want" I said smartly as I stood up and glared at Frankie.

"Older is older- and what I say goes"

I grinned evilly.

"Julie?" Frankie questioned.

I raced forwards, slammed My butt down in front of Frankie and kicked My right leg up straight into His family jewels.

Frankie spluttered and fell to the floor, and once He was there I clambered over Him, slapping His ass and opening the door to the apartment and racing out on My hands and feet.

I stood up in the hallway and knocked on Ray and Bob's door.

"What?" Ray asked as He opened the doors, obviously a little groggy from being woken up.

"Teach Me to FIGHT!" I yelled as Frankie flung Me against a wall and held Me there with an arm to My throat.

Ray and Bob took Frankie off Me- but not before I kicked Him in the jewels again.

"Why? You can obviously handle Yourself" Bob grinned as Mikey and Gerard laughed silently from where They were standing.

"Only by surprise- Frankie assumed that because We could feel each others pain that I would never stoop so low and hurt Him" I said as Frankie glared from the arms of Ray and Bob.

"I'm telling Mum" Frankie glared.

"Honestly Julie, I think You will be just fine- just practice nut kicks and eye gouges and You will be fine" Bob replied hastily, trying to calm Frankie down.

I pouted. I wanted to learn how to fight and it didn't look like the guys were going to help Me.

"Well scratch that for something to do. We could always go back to what We were doing" Mikey suggested as He walked over to Me and placed His hand over mine.

I blushed while Frankie groaned.

"Did She hurt You bad?" Bob asked as He patted Frankie's back.

"No- but I wish Mikey wouldn't do that to Julie while I am around" Frankie moaned.

"Do what?" I asked.

"Make Her feel special and loved" Frankie mumbled.

I blushed.

"What are We going to do today?" I asked as I tried to suppress My feelings for Mikey- at least for Frankie's sake.

"I suppose We could all go on dates, You and Mikey, Frankie and I..." Gerard paused, shocked that He had slipped up and basically told Ray and Bob the secret that They were so scared to speak of.

Ray and Bob nodded.

"Wait- why aren't You two shocked?" I asked Ray and Bob.It was weird to see them react so calmly.

"Why should We be? It's not Us that has to enjoy hot dickings" Ray shrugged.

"Or swallowing spoof" Bob added, as Gerard blushed bright red and Frankie got up and tackled Them both.

"Oh no! get the homo off Me before He gives Me the willies!" Ray mock yelled.

"Homo?" I heard from My right.

I turned to see Mum and Dad standing there with a picnic basket.

"What is going on" Dad demanded angrily.

Frankie, Ray and Bob stood up at lightning speed and looked at each other.

"Dad-" I started to speak but Bob beat Me to it.

"It's Me. I'm gay" Bob cut in.

There was silence for a few moments while this simple phrase sunk in.

"Dad that's not true" Frankie said as He walked over to Mum and Dad.

"Will You tell Me what is going on right now!" Dad yelled in irritation.

"I am in a relationship with Gerard" Frankie stated.

I walked up to Frankie and grabbed His hand, lacing My fingers with His and squeezing Him tight.

"What do You mean Son? You have always liked girls" Mum asked in shock.

"I know, and I still do, it's just that Gerard makes Me feel special" Frankie stated with all the courage He could muster.

"Well it ends now" Dad spluttered angrily.

"What?" I replied.

"You say that You still like girls? good, that is all You should like. Stop dating Gerard and go back to normal" Mum said as She stared at Frankie as if She was looking at Him for the first time in Her life.

"But I like Gerard" Frankie feebly replied. I squeezed His hand tighter.

"I don't care! No Son of Mine is going to be a fag" Dad spat.

"Honey, it's obvious the boy has made His choice," Mum said as She patted Dad's arm, then turned to Frankie and glared Icily at Him, "Until You see reason and start dating girls again We don't want anything more to do with You" She hissed.

"Come Julie, We can get people to come and get Your things" Mum said sweetly as She extended a hand towards Me and beckoned Me to come to Them.

"What are You talking about?" I asked, not budging from Frankie's side.

"We are not going to let Our daughter mingle with this Freak" Mum hissed again.

"So You are coming with Us" Dad added.

I shook My head no, shocked that They would want to split Us up.

"Don't be childish- come with Us now" Mum snapped.

"If You have disowned Frankie then You have disowned Me as well" I snapped back.

Dad looked at Frankie and then Me, huffed and turned on His heel, walking down the stairs.

Mum looked torn for a second, then regained Her composure, spat at My feet and followed after Her husband.

"Are You sure Julie?" Frankie said as He turned to Me.

"We don't need them," I turned to the others, "We have all the family We need" I smiled.

Even though it was hard to see Our parents give up on Frankie, I felt better knowing that at least We had each other.
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