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Don't Leave The Pieces- Pick 'Em Up!

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Julie comforts Frankie.

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Frankie slumped to the floor silently, still tightly holding My hand.

I let go of His hand only to wrap both My arms around His chest tight and lift Him off the ground so that He was standing again, kicked the door to Our apartment open and pulled Him inside, closing the door behind Us with My back.

I let go of Frankie only when He was lying on His side on His bed.

I walked slowly around so that I was on the other side, crawled on to the bed and pulled Frankie toward Me.

"You want to talk about it?" I asked as I stared into His emotionless eyes.

"I can't believe They would do that to Me" He choked as tears started to stream out of His eyes.

"I didn't think They were capable of being so cruel" I whispered back as I stroked His hair softly, trying to soothe Him.

"Neither did I- that's why I was so straightforward with Them. And what They did to You" He whispered as His fists started to clench and unclench.

It was like watching a floodgate break- first Frankie howled from sheer pain, and all I could do was hold Him close to Me and cry with Him.

I knew He was hurt that Mum and Dad could walk away from Him so easily, and while He was shattered about what They did to Him He was even angrier that because I chose to stand by Him that They had abandoned Me as well even though We had barely begun to bond as a family, just as We should have been.

We stayed like that for hours, not daring to move. Every movement was like pinching Yourself to figure out if You were still dreaming. If We moved at all than We knew that We weren't dreaming.

It was dark before I realized that Frankie was snoring.

I sighed and sat up, willing My aching muscles to stretch.

I heard a knock at the door, looked at Frankie to make sure He was still asleep, and once I was sure He was I answered the door.

"Hey" Mikey whispered as He gave Me a hug.

"Hey" I whispered back, neither one of Us moving to get out of the hug.

I have no idea how the door closed and nor how We ended up on the couch, but a few seconds later I noticed that I was still hugging Mikey, and that I was sitting down.

"How is He?"

"Shattered. I can't believe They would do this to Him" I sighed as I held Mikey tighter to Me.

"What about You?" Mikey asked as He pushed Me away slightly so He could look into My eyes.

"I'm hurt that because I chose My brother that They would give up on the both of Us. But if that is what They are going to be like than I don't want anything to do with Them ever again"

"You don't mean that"

I turned to see Frankie slouch into the room.

"I do mean that. Even if You did go back to their version of 'normal' I wouldn't want anything to do with Them. If it is that easy for Them to turn their backs on Us than there is no way in hell I am going to give Them the chance to do that to Us again"

"Are You sure? this means that You won't ever have a connection with Them ever again" Frankie cautioned.

I stood up and walked over to Frankie, placing a hand on His shoulder.

"You and the others are all the family that I have ever wanted. A Mum and Dad won't change that for Me" I smiled.

Frankie pulled Me into a headlock and started rubbing His knuckles on My head.

I growled and punched Him in the nuts- And then crumpled to the floor with Him as He rolled around groaning.

"Hey We heard a- what happened here?" Gerard asked as He bolted through the door with Ray and Bob.

"Isn't it obvious? Julie took a cheap shot" Ray stated as Bob nodded in agreement.

"Very funny" I groaned as I stood up and stretched.

I looked down at a laughing Frankie, knowing for sure that We were going to be just fine without Mum and Dad.
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