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We Are Okay

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Julie wants to hang out with Mikey, but what will happen when She picks a movie that will send Mikey over the edge?

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"So now what are We going to do?" Bob asked as He wiped His tears away from laughing so hard at Frankie lying on the floor.

"I feel like watching movies" I said as I helped Frankie up.

"Okay, what movie?" Gerard asked with a gleam in His eye.

"Um... how about Species? Bob made a reference to it last week that didn't make any sense" I replied. It was true. He said to everyone that I may turn into a Species chick and Mikey started to choke on His toast (He was so surprised by what Bob had said that He had tried to eat the toast whole).

Everyone looked at each other and then back at Me.

"Did I say something wrong?" I asked, confused.

"Uh Mikey, You can watch Species with Her, I will go get it. The rest of Us are going the mall....for five hours" Gerard awkwardly said as He pulled a mad grinning Ray out of the room.

"Be gentle with Him- it's His first AAH!" Bob yelled as Gerard reappeared, grabbed Bob by the ear and pulled Him out of the room.

Frankie sighed and scuffed His shoes.

"Frankie?" I asked.

"Um, maybe You should go watch this movie at Mikey's" He grinned.

"Mikey has a television in His room so I think You will be more...comfortable, than on this couch"

I sighed and walked out of the room, grabbed the DVD from Gerard's hand as He walked out of the apartment and walked right into Mikey's messy room.

I put the DVD in the player, turned on the tv and got comfortable on the bed.


"I can't do this" I said as I shook. I was really nervous.

"Mikey You can do this" Gerard reassured Me as He grabbed My shoulders and spun Me towards Our apartment door.

"In that apartment is a girl who enjoys Your company, and I'm sure if You just charm Her like I know You can everything will be just fine" Gee whispered into My ear.

"If She tenses and doesn't relax back up right away"

I looked over at Frankie who just spoke.

"When She isn't comfortable She gets noticeably tense. Just remember that and You will be fine" He smiled lightly.

I sighed and shook myself mentally.

Shakily I walked over to the door and opened it.


"I was beginning to think You were going to leave Me here all by Myself" I grinned as Mikey walked in slowly.

"I already started to play the movie because I got bored waiting for You- is that okay?" I asked as Mikey clambered onto the bed and wrapped an arm around My shoulders.

"I don't mind"' He whispered kind of shakily.

"Are You okay?" I asked as I turned to stare into His eyes. He looked a little flustered.

"Yeah, yeah I am okay" He said as He smiled at Me.

I smiled back and snuggled into Him, placing My hand on His chest.

It wasn't until about three quarters of the way into the movie that I noticed Mikey was breathing heavily.

"Mikey?" I asked as I turned to look at Him again. He was visibly uncomfortable.

"Is the movie getting to You?" I asked as I attempted to pull My hand back from His chest- but He grabbed it and kissed My fingers softly.

"I can't help it. I'm sorry" He whispered to My hand.

I guess I didn't think a movie with more sex than plot would make Him uncomfortable- especially since We hadn't had sex yet.

Slowly I turned His face to mine and kissed His lips softly.

Mikey let out a moan and wrapped His arms around Me, pulling Me closer and deepening the kiss.

Mikey broke the kiss and swiftly took His shirt off, then started to kiss My neck.

I gasped at how good His kisses made Me feel and brushed My fingertips against His back and arms.

All of a sudden Mikey pulled away.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"We should stop. I don't want to pressure You" He whispered as He turned the television off and picked up His shirt.

I grabbed the shirt from His hands and threw it across the room.

"Just because I'm not ready for sex doesn't mean I'm not ready to do other things" I grinned and pulled Mikey towards Me, kissing Him as passionately as I felt and feeling Him push Me back so that He was lying on top of Me.


"Oh dear GOD!" I half yelled as I dropped My large popcorn.

"What's wrong Frankie?" Gerard asked Me as Ray and Bob entered the movie theater.

"I...need...You" I gasped as whatever Mikey was doing to Julie was turning Her on more and more.

"Now?" Gerard asked bemused at the look in My eyes.

I half growled, grabbed His hand and raced towards the gents bathroom.

I pulled Gerard into a stall and kissed Him furiously.

Gerard, catching up to how hard I was, shoved Me against the wall and unzipped My pants.

God I wanted Him so much that I felt He was taking too long, so I unzipped His jeans as well.


"Mikey!" I gasped as I came, moaning softly at the sensation.

Mikey smiled and put His fingers that were covered in My juices to My mouth.

I grinned and licked at His fingers softly, grinned and then slowly made My way down His body, kissing His chest until I wrapped My hands around His rock hard dick, which made Mikey moan and lift His hips up slightly.


"Gerard" I moaned as He bit the back of My neck.

"You want Me?" Gerard whispered as He wrapped His hand around My dick from behind.

"God yes" I whimpered.

"Alright Sugar" Gerard whispered as He entered My body, slowly working My shaft.

I moaned in pain and pleasure.


"Oh god Julie!" Mikey moaned loudly as He came in My mouth.

I swallowed and crawled up His body so that I could lie next to Him and cuddle.

"That was amazing" Mikey whispered as He kissed My head.

"I know" I whispered back.

"I need a shower- come with Me?" Mikey asked.

I nodded and stood up, grabbing Mikey's hand and heading for the bathroom, where I hoped Mikey had a spare toothbrush. I was going to need one before I would kiss Mikey again.


"Frankie" Gerard moaned as He came inside Me.

"Fuck" I moaned as I came hard from Gerard jacking Me off.

Gerard pulled out and turned Me around.

I grinned and kissed Him softly.

Having sex with Gerard is always good.

We got dressed again after We cleaned Ourselves up a bit and walked out of the bathroom just as Ray and Bob came out of the cinema.

"You guys are lucky- You just missed the most boring movie ever" Bob grinned.

"Yeah We would have joined You halfway through the movie but the only hot dogs We like are the ones You find in buns smothered with mustard and ketchup" Ray laughed.

I rolled My eyes and headed out of the cinema with My friends.


After the shower I pulled Mikey onto His bed and snuggled close.

"Are You tired?" I asked as I traced patterns on His chest.

"Yeah. You want to have a nap?" He asked.

I nodded.

Mikey got off the bed and grabbed a blanket for Us, came back to bed and wrapped it around the both of Us.

Safe and sound with Mikey breathing softly next to Me, I fell asleep very happy to have met Him.


"Hey I don't hear anything" Bob said as He put His ear gently to the door.

"Me neither" Ray replied, listening to the door as well.

Gerard walked over to the door and unlocked it.

We all crept in and tip toed Our way to Mikey's room.

Cautiously We opened the door and grinned at what We saw.

It wasn't a perverted grin at all, and as I looked at the others I knew that My grin mirrored their own.

It was a smile at the fact that They were made for each other, even as They slept.
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