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Waking Up To A Dream

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Julie wakes up to Mikey.

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I woke up but kept My eyes closed and stretched My arms out in front of Me, only to find that a body was right in front of them.


I opened My eyes and smiled at a cheesy grinning Mikey.

"Hey to You too" I replied as I reached up and kissed Him softly.

Mikey deepened the kiss for a few minutes, and it wasn't until My stomach grumbled that We broke apart and headed into the kitchen- to find it occupied by everyone.

"How was the movie" Bob asked eagerly.

"Didn't see the ending" I shrugged and opened the fridge door.

"Go Mikey!" Ray cheered.

My hand that had opened the door of the fridge tightened.

"What?" I questioned as I swivelled round to look at Ray.

Ray made a slight squeaking sound and tried to shield Himself with Bob, who was equally scared by My glare.

"I just you know, meant that Mikey- what I mean to say is that the two of You" Ray started to say as I stalked toward Him, growling slightly.

"You think it's alright to cheer for Mikey for getting laid do You" I hissed as I stood right in front of Bob, whose mouth was hanging open in fear.

"NO! I didn't mean it like that, I just meant that Mikey overcame His fear" Ray squeaked.

"Fear?" I questioned as I looked at a blushing Mikey.

"Uh. I was scared that You wouldn't want to be close to Me while We watched a movie with a lot of sex in it. I thought that You would be disgusted by the movie, turned it off and would want to do something else other than...what We did" Mikey smiled.

"Oh. Sorry Ray" I said as I walked back over to Mikey.

"You know Ray, if You ever want to know when She loses Her virginity just ask Me" Frankie grinned.

In a flash I had raced over to Frankie and kicked Him swiftly in the jewels.

Frankie slumped to the ground, and as I turned to walk away I felt a sharp pain in My ear.

I turned back around to see Frankie tugging painfully at His ear.

"Two can play at this game Brother" I grinned and and slapped Myself in the face, watching Franke recoil as if He had been the one hit.

Frankie grinned playfully and started to tickle His ribs, but I was already on the floor laughing.

"Okay enough- it's weird to see this fight" Mikey said as He picked Me up off the floor.

"Oh" I gasped as My phone vibrated in my pocket.

"Hello?" I asked into the phone.

"Are You Julie?"

"Yes who is this?"

"This is the police. I'm afraid Anna is dead"

"What?" I asked.

"She passed away late last night. She slit Her wrists and swallowed a bunch of pills, got into a bathtub and electrocuted Herself"

"Oh god" I whispered.

"You need to come and make the arrangements since She had no one else"

"Of course. I will be there soon" I rasped.

"Come to the station when You arrive. And, I am sorry for Your loss"

The cop hung up the phone and I just stood there.

"What's wrong?" Gerard asked.

"Anna is dead" I whispered, falling down on the floor and bursting into tears.

Frankie was the first to reach Me, pulling Me into a hug and crying with Me.

The one question screaming through My mind- Why would She do this?
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