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Julie rushes back to find out why Anna did what She did.

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"Are You sure You don't want Us to come with You?" Frankie asked for the millionth time as We sat waiting for My flight to board.

Lacey was a miracle worker- somehow She had managed to book this flight an hour after Frankie had called while Mikey tried to get Me to stop crying. He knew I had to get back and fast, and I was grateful to all the trouble He went through. I wasn't happy that They kept questioning My decision though.

"I need to do this by Myself. And no Mikey, I don't want You to come either" I sighed as Mikey started to talk. This plane was taking forever and it was giving Everyone around Me a chance to ask again if I was sure that I didn't want them to come with me.

"Guys come on, the girl wants to do this on Her own- let Her" Lacey said as She smiled at Me.

I couldn't smile. I just wanted to get back to My familiar apartment and find out why She would...

I jumped slightly at the name of My flight, stood up and turned to Everyone.

"That's Me. I'll be back" I said shakily, not looking at anyone, and turned to walk away.

I felt a hand close around My arm, and I turned to look at Mikey's concerned face.

Without a word He kissed Me.

Before I got carried away He broke the kiss, stroked My hair and let go of My arm.

"Come back to Me" He whispered, not looking Me in the eye.

"I will" I promised, and walked away.


The flight was an annoying part of the journey, but I was finally back.

I walked down the familiar street, remembering the places that Anna and I had stopped to window shop or eat.

My heart felt as if it was being squeezed too tightly by some invisible force. My eyes were sore from crying too much, and judging by the way the receptionist at the police station looked at Me, I looked like death.

"Julie?" She inquired softly.

I nodded.

"Come with Me" She said as She stood up and guided Me into an elevator.

"Where are We going?" I asked.

"The morgue. We need You to identify the..." She broke off, but I knew what She meant.

No one else could make sure it was Anna but Me.

The doors opened and the officer beckoned Me to follow Her.

We walked down the sterile blue hallway until we reached the end and stood in front of a door.

She opened the door and waited for Me to walk in first.

From outside I could see that there was someone on the slab with a white sheet covering them up.

I took a deep breathe and walked into the room, and gasped at the smell.

Whoever the person was, they were giving off a smell that was a mixture of a cleaning agent and rotting flesh.

I shakily made My way to the head of the body and stood patiently, waiting for the officer to walk over and pull the sheet away from this person's face.

"If You will just pull the sheet back" She whispered.

I turned and saw that She was still at the door. I started to shake- did She really expect Me to do this Myself.

Then I remembered what I had told the guys- that I had to do this by Myself.

I took another deep breathe and slowly reached out to pick the sheet up.

It was smooth to touch, and carefully I pulled it back.

I froze for a second. The slight movement that I made let Me see the hair color of the person.

It was Anna's hair.

I pulled the sheet further back to look at Her face.

"It's Her" I whispered as I gently brushed Her hair.

She looked so peaceful lying there- if I didn't know the truth I'd swear She was just sleeping.

I felt a hand on My shoulder and I jerked, pulling the sheet up and away from Her body.

I dropped the sheet to the floor as I saw Anna's naked body- and all of Anna's scars.

It looked like She had been cutting up Her entire body- not just Her wrists.

There were no words- just horrible cuts.

The only parts of Her that were unmarked were Her face and neck, and I wasn't about to turn Her over to investigate Her back.

"We can go now" The officer whispered into My ear as She pulled Me away from Anna.

I wept as We left Her there on the cold slab. It didn't feel right to leaver Her like that.

When We got in the elevator again the officer handed Me a blood stained envelope.

"She had this next to Her when We found Her. We had to open it to see if it contained anything important to Her case. I'm sorry about that but since it is addressed to You it is okay for You to have it now. She also left a separate note detailing how We were to contact You and to give You this" She said softly as She handed Me a key.

It was the key to the apartment.

I nodded.

"The paper work has all been done and the funeral has all been arranged, it's in a few days time. Do You have somewhere to stay tonight?"

"I'm going to the apartment" I whispered, not even looking at Her reaction.

"Alright. I'm sorry about Your loss" She said as We got out of the elevator.

I walked straight out of the station and down the street to where We used to live.


I opened the door to the apartment and stepped right in.

It smelled just like Anna's Cajun chicken. I closed the door behind Me and turned on the light.

The place was a mess- it looked like someone had been digging around for things.

I walked towards the bathroom, clutching the envelope.

The bathroom looked as it had always done- spotless. Anna had accepted the mess in the other rooms but the bathroom was the one place that She wouldn't tolerate any kind of clutter.

I sat down on the floor and opened the envelope.

As I glanced at the letter I noticed something odd. This wasn't Anna's handwriting.

"I told You She would come home if that bitch died"

I looked up to see the guy from the restaurant in the doorway.

"What's going on?" I asked, scared that I was cornered.

"I thought about what You said at the restaurant and I have decided. If I can't have You willingly then I will just take You away for a while"

I slid down on My butt and kicked at His jewels with My right leg, but He grabbed My leg and twisted painfully.

"I don't think so princess" He grinned evilly at Me and punched Me hard in the face.

I hit the floor with My head and saw darkness.


"Something's wrong" I panicked as I stood up from the bed.

"What do You mean Frankie?" Gerard asked as He rolled over.

"Julie was scared. There was something about a letter being all wrong and then I felt a sharp pain in My head and now I can't feel anything from Her" I said as I paced the room.

"Call Her- find out what is going on" Gerard said as He handed Me My phone.

I nodded and dialed the number.


I woke up to the sound of My phone ringing- I was still in the bathroom, but all I was wearing now was My underwear.

"Oh? Your brother is calling You" restaurant guy grinned.

"Hello this is constable sharp here" He said into the phone.

"FRANKIE HELP ME!!!" I screamed into the air.

"Shut up BITCH!" restaurant guy said and kicked Me in the stomach.

"Looks like the cats out of the bag now. I'll be borrowing Her for a while, but don't worry- She'll be back soon. Bye" He said as He hung up to a screaming Frankie.

"Shit. Now I have to take You somewhere no one will find Us" He said as He picked Me up, slinging Me over His shoulder.

The next thing I knew I was being piled into the boot of a car.

I cried softly. I wanted to be home with Mikey- but the car jerked and I hit My head and blacked out again.


"JULIE!" I screamed into the phone as it went dead.

"What is it?" Gee asked as He got out of bed.

"The guy from the restaurant has Her- He's going to do all kinds of things to Her! We have to call the police and get there now" I snapped as I got dressed.

Gee ran out of the room in just His boxers to get everyone else up and moving.

If it's the last thing I do Julie, I'll find You and bring You home safe.
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