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Oh Dead

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Julie is kidnapped and Frankie searches for a way to bring Her back. Will He find Her in time? Will She be alright?

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I felt a sharp needle jab in My arm and opened My eyes to a nightmare.

The guy that was holding My captive had just walked away with a syringe, and as My whole body went numb I heard His disgusting voice.

"You can call Me Riley, I'll be having fun with You until I'm bored. Enjoy" He said as He walked back over to Me, but by then I was already crying.


I felt numb again. I could see and hear everything going on but I felt like I couldn't move. I had been feeling like this since We got off the plane and came to the police station in Julie's old home town. I needed this bastard caught and soon.

"What can I do for You?" The female officer at the desk asked.

"Yes We would like to report a crime- someone has taken His Sister, Julie. Maybe You met Her today? She was here for Her dead friend Anna"

"Julie? She said She was staying at Her apartment. Have You tried calling Her?" She asked cautiously.

"A guy has Her. I was worried when I didn't get a phone call from Her so I called and He was the one who answered. He told Me that He was borrowing Her for a while and that She would be back" I moaned as Gerard pulled Me close.

"Can I have the phone?" She asked.

I tried to get the phone out of My pocket, only to fail. Gerard took My phone out and handed it to Her.

I watched as She dialed the number.

As soon as it answered She put the phone on speaker.

"Hell I said You would get Her back eventually, I haven't even started yet. But I will"

"Why are You doing this? wasn't being turned down at the restaurant enough?" I moaned.

"Oh You know about that. It was just a misunderstanding. She thought that saying no meant no. But to Me no means I take You anyway" He laughed.

"Listen up dick. We are going to find You and FUCKING KILL YOU!!"

I turned to Mikey who was standing close to the phone. His eyes were fierce, both His fists were clenched and He was practically foaming at the mouth with rage.

I'd never seen Mikey like that ever. It almost scared Me to look at Him.

"Boyfriend huh? don't worry. I'll treat Her right. Bye for now" and then He was gone.

"Don't worry. If He is stupid enough to leave the phone on then We can trace it and find Them" The officer grinned triumphantly and walked into the office to round up some cops.

Suddenly I felt pressure on My right arm. It slowly moved up and down and I shuddered.

I closed My eyes and strangely, I was seeing what Julie was seeing.

Oh god.

"We have to hurry" I said as I tried to stand up, only to fall backwards until Gerard caught Me.

"Why?" Bob asked, suddenly tense at My tone of voice.

"He's cutting Her open" I growled as the officer came back with several of Her colleagues.

"They are two states over in a secluded traveler's lodge. We can be there in under seven hours"

"We are coming with You" I said as I stood up, shaking off Julie's feeling of being numb.

"That's out of the question. You are a civilian" She said gently.

"She is My Sister! and if You don't take Me and My friends along then We will tail You until You take Us right to Her" I growled.

She sighed, and looked at the other officers.

"Alright. But You stay with Me. You don't leave My side once We get there- understood?" She demanded.

"Just save Her" I said as We all followed Her outside and into different vehicles.


I watched as He cut My right arm opened. I was so numb that I couldn't even scream.

"Isn't this fun" He whispered into My ear, biting it painfully.

I felt so useless. I was chained to a bed by thick metal links around My wrists that held My arms down by My side like I was in a psychiatric facility. I couldn't do anything to defend Myself. I just wanted to go home. I closed My eyes and prayed someone would find Me.

"HEY!" He yelled as I felt pressure on My right leg.

I opened My eyes to see that He had slashed it open, and was bleeding heavily on the bed, covering My other leg with My own blood.

"If You don't want to pay attention then I will cut off Your eyelids so You have no choice! is that what You want?" He asked as He put the sleek silver knife to My eye.

With all My might I tried to shake My head, but I only managed to turn it more towards His face.

I felt pressure against My face, and then a warm wet feeling that trickled into My ear.

"Good Girl" He whispered, and started slicing My flesh in no particular pattern.

All I could think about was that as long as I didn't close My eyes He wouldn't take My eyelids.


I sat in the back of the riot van with the others- Lacey had decided to stay behind.

"So whose Sister is She?" the cop who was driving asked Us through the grill.

"She is Frankie's but She feels like a Sister to all of Us" I replied, not even looking at the cop.

All I kept thinking about was Julie, and how much I just wanted Her with Us, safe.

I looked at the others.

Ray was quiet, but His face looked anxious and panicked. He kept crossing and uncrossing His legs in a fidgeting way.

Mikey sat ram rod straight. His hands were clenched and rage was the only emotion I could see on His face.

Gerard was lost in His own thoughts, but to Me He looked paler. He kept biting His lips and pulling Frankie closer and closer to Him as if Frankie was going to fly away.

Frankie was the worst.

When He wasn't being held by Gerard He was banging His back to the wall. Hard. And when He was being held He kept whimpering and muttering something about eyelids.

I placed My head against the van and sent a silent prayer to the universe that Julie would be okay.

I looked at My watch. Only two more hours to go.


The cuts started to burn, I wasn't feeling very numb anymore.

"Now for the main event" He said as I heard a metal clink on the floor. He had dropped the knife.

I looked up to see a naked Riley.

I tried to struggle against the chains with what strength I had gotten back, whimpering slightly as He pushed My chest flat and started to grope My breasts.

I hadn't cried for hours now, but I knew I was about to.

"Looks like the drug is wearing off. Good," He said as He took the chains off My wrists, "I like a good fight".

As soon as the chains were off I headbutted Him in the face, hearing a snap and rolled off the bed to find the knife.

My hand closed around the hilt of the knife and I smiled. I had hope.

I screamed as Hands grabbed My ankles and pulled Me out from under the bed.

I turned around to look at that stupid, gleeful face and I felt like I wanted to tear it right off.

I screamed in anger and lashed out at His face with the knife.

Blood streamed from the wound that went diagonally from His chin to His left eye.

"YOU BITCH!" He screamed as He bent down to do something to Me.

I never found out because I slashed again.

He stopped.

I breathed hard.

Blood started to flow freely from His neck and He fell on top of Me.

He didn't move.

I shook with fury, pushed Him off Me and sat there, angrily stabbing His body.

I didn't care how much My leg hurt, or the fact that I was now covered from head to toe in blood.

I just wished that I could have sliced off an arm so that I could have prolonged His agony before His death.


"Frankie! calm down! Mikey grab His legs!" Gerard demanded as I did what I was told.

Frankie was growling and thrashing around madly, almost like a wild animal.

It took all of Us to pin Him to the van floor, where He stopped thrashing and sobbed Julie's name a couple of times.

The back of the van opened and the female cop was standing there.

"I don't think You are going to like this very much" She whispered softly as She stared at the ground.

"What is it?" I asked.

"She's....You all need to come and see this" She said as She looked Me in the eye. She looked deadly serious.


"Julie" I whispered as I reached the front porch.

"Why were You thrashing around?" Ray asked as We all stayed on the front porch, waiting for the cops to clear out of the room that Julie was in. Something was creeping Them out.

"I don't know. I could feel all these cuts start to hurt Me something fierce, so I guess He drugged Her. As soon as the drug wore off I felt that Julie was scared and angry. She kept thinking about a knife. And then all I could feel was this almost animal kill" I gulped.

Gerard patted Me on the shoulder as the rest of the cops came out.

"We need You to calm Her down. We need to get the body out of there for examination" The last cop said.

I nodded and walked into the room with the others.

It was a small room. There was only a bed with chains on it and a table with various tools on it. My fists clenched when I saw how much blood there was on the table and bed.

But what I saw next nearly had Me running from the room.

It was Julie. She was only wearing underwear but I could tell She had been cut up bad, just like how I felt.

She was covered in blood and making a weird gesture to something that She was crouching over.

"Julie?" I asked.

She turned at the sound with a look of rage in Her eyes, and it was only when She turned that I saw She was holding a knife...and repeatedly stabbing it into the dead body on the floor.

The rage in Her eyes subsided. Of course She would recognize Me.

"Frankie? I can't stand up" She replied hoarsely, still stabbing the body.

"It's okay, I'm here. We are all here. Let Ray and Bob pick You up okay?" I said as Ray and Bob cautiously walked over to Her.

"NO! He has to pay" She growled as She still stabbed the body.

"He has honey. He has. Now just let Ray and Bob pick You up and We can all go home" I replied, trying to push feelings of calm onto Her, knowing that all She would be able to feel from Me would be shock.


She turned to look at Mikey.

"Come back to Me" He begged, tears falling from His eyes.

"Mikey?" She questioned as Bob and Ray stood a foot away from Her.

"Let Me hold You. Come back to Me" Mikey crooned as He walked past Ray and Bob, who looked at each other. They must have wanted to pull Mikey back considering Julie was stabbing a dead body and all.

Julie nodded and let Mikey pick Her up bridal style.

Ray held His hands out to Grab Her but Mikey glared and walked past Him. Obviously Mikey had Her and no one was going to take Her away.

As He walked up to Me with My twin in His arms I noticed something odd.

She was still holding the knife.
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