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As I walked home with my best friend, Morgan, I started to notice how the bruises on my arms looked darker than before. The guy from the car, Nick, was the biggest jackass at my school .He also didn’t care if he got caught for hitting a girl. My lip is split and bruises cover my arms and stomach.

"Um don’t you have your cousins or whatever over?” Morgan asked. I nodded as we turned onto the dirt road that is my street.

"So won’t they notice those?” And she pointed to the biggest bruise that looked like a hand print on my upper arm. I looked around and Morgan was wearing a big hoodie.

"Ah Hoodie Rape!” Morgan yelled as I tugged the black hoodie over her head and slid it on. It covered the bruises so that was good but I had my cut lip.Oh well I bite my lip anyway.

As we strolled into my house I noticed someone was in the kitchen moving around. I looked around the corner and saw Gerard in his boxers. I coughed awkwardly and he turned around then yelped and hid behind the cabinet door that was open.

"Please put on some pants.” I said and walked downstairs to find Morgan already in the basement. Morgan looked like she was flirting with Mikey and it looked so cute! They would work out. Both are nerds and they are both skinny ass kids who love videogames and random shit. Morgan and Mikey were chilling on the sofa and having an argument on what show to watch.

"Oh Addie! I forgot to ask. Is it okay if my friend Frank stays over with us? His parents are in a conference in Detroit and he doesn’t have a place to go."Mikey asked. He did the puppy dog face that melted my heart and I said “sure, why not?"

I walked to school everyday this week, and I got beat up two more times. Gerard and Mikey have been enjoying themselves, but I can’t wait for Mikeys friend Frank to come over. The way mikey described him, he was perfect. Dyed pink hair, light tan, a few piercing and loves misfits. Morgan’s reply to that was he was either punk or gay. I choose punk.

I was sitting in my room reading catcher in the rye, again, and Gerard comes down with a huge amount of sharpie markers.

"What are you going to do with those?” I asked, setting down my book.

"I’m going to finish your drawing, because it’s getting on my nerves.” He said sitting down and starting on the statue of liberty. Gerard is an amazing artist; seriously, I can’t believe he isn’t a pro.

"Fine, do whatever.” I say as the doorbell rings.Mikey jumps from his game on the TV and shouts "I’ll get it!” and he bolts up the stairs.

"And you and your brother are related how?” I ask laughing. Gerard is mellow and likes quiet, but Mikey always wants to go and do stuff.

I hear Mikey talking to someone and heard thick foot steps move around overhead. The footsteps moved toward the stairs and the voices became clearer. I heard Mikeys and this smooth voice talking about misfits.

"Dude scream is totally a better song than -"He stopped. I looked at Frank. He had a hot pink hair and his skin was a slight tan like Mikey had said. He had a lip ring and a nose ring which I automatically loved. He was in a black t shirt and torn jeans with hiking boots on.

He bit his lip and stared at me the same way I was staring at him, curiously.

"Frank, this is my cousin Addie.Addie this is my good friend Frank Iero."Mikey said.

Frank mumbled a "hi" and I mumbled a "sup"

"Well now that the awkward meet and greet is over, how about we do something fun?” Gerard said, standing up.

"What do you want to do?” I asked.

"How about we hang out on the football field at you school?"Mikey offered.

"Why would we do that?” I asked.

"I don’t know, it’s just something to do."Mikey replied.

"Ok then, lets go . . . Frank you can put your stuff around the corner .There is another couch.” I said pointing and grabbing my jacket. He set his duffel bag down and followed behind me.

We walked along the road to my high school. We walked through the short cut in the woods and saw the stoners. My school was one of the top in the country, but it doesn’t mean we don’t have our own group of druggies. We passed through the smoke and I didn’t look up to meet anyone’s eyes. I knew Nick was usually here and I didn’t want him to see me and tease me again.

Frank(s point of view)

Addie was kind of cool. Not being rude, but damn! For mikeys cousin, she is pretty. Usually I don’t date blonde girls but she was alright.

We walked along the road leading to her school and we talked a ton about music and movies. She loved Misfits as much as I didn’t and her favorite movie was Ferris Buellers Day Off. Which is a pretty kick ass movie.

We walked through the woods and found a group of high school kids smoking pot and stuff. Not that I haven’t done anything but im trying to cut back and I don’t want Addie to get the wrong impression.

“Wassup bitch?” Some guy said to Addie. She looked at the dude like he was a roach and flipped him off. My kind of girl.

“Come on girl. Ya know you love it.” The guy said and tried to grab her arm. She punched him in the arm and chest but he held on. He didn’t look extremely storng, but had a build like Gerard’s. Slightly muscled and quite a few inches taller than me, he could easily kick my ass. Gerard and Mikey had rushed to help. Mikey pried his hands off her wrist with ease since the dude was so stoned. Gerard pushed him off and he staggered back about five feet or so.

He made a move towards Addie again who was in between Mikey and myself. As his hand came forward I grabbed it and swung him around to face me. My knee came up and hit him in his family jewels and he tumbled to the forest floor.

“Don’t you ever grab a girl like that. Where are your fucking manners?” I asked as I spat at him. I raised my foot like I was about to kick him and he grabbed his package tighter. “That’s what I thought.”

As we continued walking through the small group of amazed stoners, Addie walked up beside me.

“Thanks dude.” She said and gave me a small smile. I smiled back and waved it off.
“No problem.” I said and she turned to give me a small awkward hug.

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