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Party Hearty

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Addie POV.

I woke up on Saturday morning with a headache and someones arm wrapped around my middle. I jumped and turned to see Gerard still sleeping. I forgot that Brianna was sleeping on the extra couch upstairs, so that left Mikey and Frank to take the couches down here. Gerard shared my bed and he used a sleeping bag over the covers. After Frank hit Nick we went to the football field and messed around til the janitor told us to leave.

The reunion was tomorrow and I had all my family coming to my house to reminisce and talk about the good ol’ days were they didn’t have this here new fangled technology. Or that’s what my grandfather says.

“Good mornin’” I heard someone say. Frank had woken up and was in an iron maiden shirt and his boxers.

“Hey. . . Um, Can you help me get out of here?” I asked looking at Gerards’ grip on me. Frank laughed and held Gerards wrist up as I slid from the bed. I immediately got a sweatshirt on because I had a tank top and short shorts on. We went upstairs and watch beetlejuice in the kitchen as we waited for everyone to wake up.

“So what do you want to do today?” He asked. My parents and Don and Donna wouldn’t be home till tomorrow. They went to linkin park to see my grandparents, which were Donna’s aunt and uncle.So they stayed their for the night and would arrive with my grandparents before the party.

“Um I don’t know, what do you want to do?” I asked. He shrugged. "We could walk around for a bit and can go to 7 11.” I said and his face lit up.

We got dressed and left a note taped to Geetards forehead and headed out the door. The 7 11 was about a mile from my house. We walked along the edge of the road. Jumping to the sound of car horns and road kill. We reached 7-11 and immediantly ran to the coffee. I got a large coffee and Frank got the same along with a pop tart.

“So whatcha wanna do now? “ I asked. He shrugged. This guy doesn’t talk much. I sighed and looked around.

Franks POV.

Ahhhh. This is so awkward!!! Normally Im not this quiet, but Im at a loss of what to talk about. I waited til she finished her coffee and asked if she wanted to go back home.

"Sure, whatever." She said and walked a little bit ahead of me. I looped my arm in hers and smiled.

"Sorry im being so awkward dude. This is new to me." I said and she smiled. "Its okay. Just think of me as one of the guys."

Okay, I hardly think I can do that.

Addies POV.

So Frank was starting to be normal.We discussed music and movies and I got a piggy back ride around the road kill. He was turning out to be a real gentleman.When we reeached my house we watched Nightmare before christmas and took a nap on the couch. I woke up later and found out that Gerard had gotten invited to a party while I was asleep. He met a chick named Morgan, Not my Momo, and she invited him to her brothers party. Ive met them both before and they were pretty cool beings.

Morgan , my buddeh, came over and helped me pick out a outfit that "wont make you look like a retarded kid in target". Her words, not mine. She decided to flirt with Mikey more and Frank decided to come to the party as well.

-a few hours later-

“We can walk to the party Gee! Come on!” I yelled as I finished my make up. Mikey was hanging with Morgan and Frank and my parents(along with Gerards parents) were at my grandparents.

“Ok fine!” He yells as he walks toward the door. He was buttoning up his shirt and wasn’t looking up as his forehead hit the glass door. His head shot up and he looked around.

“Ah fuck! “

“Oh calm down Gee, let’s just go and have fun. . . . Mikey! Dinner is in the oven. . . Its vegetarian spagettii!”I yelled as we walked out the door. I had a black tank top on with red paint spots all over it with white jeans and a red belt, I also borrowed (stole) Gerard’s black hoodie.My hair was spiked up and hairsprayish, let the o zone thank me. I looked all girly. Gerard looked good too; he had a black and white button up shirt with ripped dark jeans.Frank was in his classic Iron maiden get up and we left.

“So where is this place again?” Gerard asked as we walked to Viking court.

“It’s right around the block.”I said as we started seeing cars parked along the curb.

“Ok, so do you know anyone there or is it just Morgan and Jason?” Frank asked.

“I know some people, but some you gotta meet for yourself.” I walked through the open door and looked around.

The entire place was covered in people I didn’t know. Couples making out in the corners, the band setting up for their gig, Morgan dancing with some guy, and a bunch of other people being weird.

“Grab a beer and have some fun.” I said grabbing a beer off a counter and skulking it. Gerard looked at me with his mouth open and he almost dropped his beer as I shoved it in his hand.Frank grabbed one and skulled it himself.Impressive.

We danced with each other and I danced with a few hot guys.Frank kept cutting in though and I thought it was funny.Gerard danced with a few girls and made out with one. What a man whore! haha.

It was midnight when we finally decided to call it quits. Me and Gerard were very drunk and I was hanging all over Frank as we danced/walked/ dragged ourselves to the door.

We took the short cut through the woods and walked home, stumbling and puking along the way. I banged on the door for Mikey to let me and Gerard in but I think they were sleeping so we went in through the side door.Gerards shirt was buttoned half way and I had my hair messed up and my shirt was messed up.I think i had a twig down my shirt from one of my tree climbing attempts but gave it no mind.

When I laid down on my bed Gerard stumbled and fell on me. When I tried to push him off he just smiled, eyes glazed over and whatever. He hiccuped and rolled off the bed.Frank took his spot next to me and snuggled into my neck.

"Aw you teddy bear person."I giggled and and let my eyes close.
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