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Arnold & Jeffery Meet My Chemical Romance

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Based on a comic book I wrote in Year 7 (I'm in Year 9 now) xoxo

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"I got two tickets see My Chemical Romance!" Jeffery smiled, knowing that Arnold would be truely happy.
"OH! MY GOD!" Arnold screamed, jumping up and down.
"That's not all." Jeffery's smile increased "Back-stage passes!"
"Oh my gosh!"
"Shut up!" A sudden voice came from the other side of the field. Both men turned to look and saw someone who had been following them around for a while. They didn't know his true name, but nick-named him homophobic guy.
"Why?" Arnold asked trying to sound brave, though he was shaking with fear. Last time they had seen homophobic guy, he had tried to stab Arnold with a knife.
"You're just a couple of queers!" He yelled, laughing at himself "You don't belong!"
Then he left the park, laughing to himself.
Arnold flipped his long brown hair over one shoulder. "He's so mean."
"I know." Jeffery took Arnold's hand "But who cares. This weekend we're meeting My Chemical Romance!"

At The Concert

My Chemical Romance walked onto the stage. Jeffery and Arnold gasped. "Oh my god! Gerard Way is homophobic guy!" Arnold screamed.
"He tried to kill my husband!" Jeffery yelled, fighting his way to the front to get a closer view. Yes. Definantly the same person from the park the other day.
The concert went on...
"We'll carry on!" Gerard sang innocently "We'll carry on!"
"You're evil!" Jeffery screeched, trying to get Gerard to hear him. But it was hopeless.
"How can you say that?" A small red-headed fan asked, turning to him.
"You wouldn't understand!" Jeffery snapped, turning away.
Suddenly out of the blue, Frank grabbed the microphone off Gerard and yelled "Wave your hands in the air if you think Gerard is fit!"
The entire arena had their hands up except for Jeffery and Arnold who were both secretly thinking the same thing. 'I think you're fit!'
The concert ended and in no time, Arnold and Jeffery were making their ways back stage. Jeffery suddenly pulled out a gun. "Die Gerard!"
But Arnold had now taken a closer look and realised something. He jumped infront of Gerard so that Jeffery wouldn't shout "No Jeffery!" Arnold took a deep breath "Closer up you can see that Gerard Way is not homophobic guy but that MIKEY is homophobic guy!"
"Crap." Mikey muttered, looking down at the floor.
"I'm confused." Gerard said, scratching his head.
"Not the right hair..." Jeffery said, pointing an accusing finger at Mikey.
"I cut it..." Mikey admitted.
Gerard took Arnold out into the corridor "Thanks for saving me Arnold." He took Arnold's hand, and Arnold nearly passed out from excitement "How can I ever re-pay you?"
"Can I feel your butt?" Arnold asked, before he could stop himself.
"Uhh..." Gerard thought for a second "Okay."
A few minutes later, Gerard was bending over with his trousers round his ankles while Arnold started feeling his ass. "It's soft," Arnold told him with a giggle "Like my lotion."
"Ummm... Thanks?"
Arnold let go of Gerard's butt and he pulled his trousers up. Gerard turned and gave Arnold a kiss on the cheek. "I think you're pretty amazing."
Arnold giggled in a girly voice.

Before all the mean things come in about Gerard and Mikey not being homophobic trust me, I already know. I wrote this two years ago...
Originally when I wrote it before I got into MCR, Homophobic guy was just Homophobic guy... But suddenly I was bored in Maths (Surprise :D) and it just happened. Gerard/Mikey became Homophobic Guy. But later on, Mikey over-comes his homophobia. So please no-one leave me mean reviews.
Rate the story-line, not the characters xoxoxo
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