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Are Arnold and Jeffery still togethor? It doesn't look like it.

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[A/N] - Answering the questions that you asked from the first chapter...
TakeThisToMyGrave - What's with the gun? - It was a comic so I needed somewhere to go with it, so I made Jeffery have a gun... Out of thin air (:
shortygirl - Okay if Mikey turned out to the homophobic guy why didn't Jeffery shoot him? Im so lost. - Jeffery didn't shoot Mikey because... I don't actually know. I guess I didn't want either of them to die (:
Here's the next chapter...

Jeffery was walking around backstage until he met up with a man, slightly taller than him with a brown afro. Jeffery smiled at me "Who are you?"
"I'm Ray stupid." He replied, looking pretty angry that he had not been recognised. He thought that Jeffery would recognise him seeing as he had a My Chemical Romance tee-shirt on.
Sometime Later...
Gerard slipped under the dotty duvet covers, smirking. Arnold climbed in next to him "I ain't to comfartable with this..." Arnold confessed to Gerard."
"Just relax!" Gerard told him, still smiling.
But Meanwhile...
"NO! My name is not Ronald! It is Ray!" Ray yelled, throwing his arms in the air.
"Jeffery stood staring at him, completely confused.
Gerard got down on one knee "Arnold, will you marry me?" He didn't seem to care about the fact that they had just met.
Without thinking about Jeffery, Arnold accepted. "Ok."
"NO! Not Rayman! JUST RAY!" Ray's face was turning red with anger.
Jeffery didn't seem to notice as he laughed and said "Yay! It's Roscoe!"
But Jeffery wasn't laughing for long because he got a phone call off of Arnold. "I-I'm marrying G-G-Gerard Way..." Arnold was crying.
Jeffery began to swear like a maniac down the phone, not caring who was hearing.
He hung up and turned back to face Ray who was now spelling his name out for Jeffery "R-A-Y! RAY!"
"Yeah, yeah, I know your name Raechel!" Jeffery snapped back.
Suddenly, the small red-headed fan walked down the corridor. Ray walked away, but Jeffery was momentarily confused and thought the red-headed fan was Ray.
"I need to make Arnold jealous so make love to me Rayman!" Jeffery suddenly said, grabbing the red-headed girls arm.
"My name's Raechel, but okay." Raechel smiled.

"So that's how it feels to make love to a girl..." Jeffery said, stumbling out of the bed.
"I think I'm pregnant..." Raechel looked down "I'm getting a bit tubby after all."

Arnold came out of the bedroom, wearing his bride's outfit. Gerard came walking down the corridor "Do you like it?" Arnold asked him.
Gerard unwrapped the towel from him and revealed his dress "Who made you the bride, HUH?" Gerard asked, pouting.

[A/N] - Yes. My FanFic makes no sense... Raechel already has a baby bump, Jeffery can't remember Ray's name and I keep swapping from character to character.
Because it's confusing turning my comic into an actual story. I was just curious to know if the story-line was any good because I write a lot of this comic and now My Chemical Romance are in every single one.
So apart from the parts that are totally confusing you, tell me what you think (: xoxo
Plus I didn't go into too much detail with the sex parts because... Well... I didn't really want to.
~ Hozzie xoxo
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