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Gerard gets a phone call

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Gerard researched Olivia like he had everynight since he came home. Nothing came up but the home. He leaned back in his seat and pinched the bridge of his nose. He was hitting a wall and he didn't know what else to do. Hire a private investigator? Was that to much? He felt his cell phone vibrate and looked to see a restricted number.

"Hello" He said sounding tired. No one spoke.

"Hello... Olivia" He said knowing she was on the other line. He could feel it.

"Come home baby. We miss you... I miss you" He paused then heard the line go dead. HE slammed down his phone and shut down the computer. Maybe he should just give up.

Olivia slid down the door. He'd answered. He knew it was her. God she missed him. SHe didn't realize how much until she heard his voice. It had been a little over a week but it felt like years since she'd seen him and Jade. Was she doing the right thing? Zack didn't think so, but she had to do what she thought was best for her.

"You alive in there" Zack asked. She'd been in the bathroom for a long time. He wsa probably worried.

"I'm fine" She said standing up and re wrapping her towel around her. She sighed then opened the door. He was standing there with a worried look on his face.

"Your acting as if I'm suicidal" She smiled and squeased his hand.

"Well you do go towards the dramatics love" He said hugging her to him. He was the closest thing to family she had, besides Gerard and Jade, but she didn't want to think about that.

"I'm going to bed, then job hunting in the morning. So don't worry if you wake up and I'm gone" She said over her shoulder as she headed to her room.

Zack felt sorry for her. SHe had it bad for the guy and was torturing herseld by staying away. HE was almost tempted to call Gerard up and tell him where she was, but he wouldn't. She'd figure out that she needed to trust the man and stop hiding. He just hope she figured that out soon.

Olivia walked out of her favorite coffee shop trying to have a bright out look on the day. She'd circled some potential job in the paper and was on her way to her first interview when her phone rang. It was a number she hadn't seen in some time.

"Ron" SHe said remembering her old dance partner turned boyfriend.

"Hey sexy how are you" He asked happily. Ron was a moody man but most of the time he was quite jovial.

"I'm good. How are you. Long time no speak" SHe laughed.

"I Know! I am good. I have a proposition for you" He said mischeviously.

"Hmm I'm nervous" She smiled. "I am starting a little show. I am currently not dancing with any companies so I got bored. I wanted to do something fun and new. So I am getting a bunch of the best dancers I know and doing some shows. Interested" He asked. She could hear how much he wanted her to say yes.

"My ankle..." She said shaking her head.

"Is stronger than you think! You are one of the best dancers I know. And you have such a strong voice. It will be our little musical. Remember we used to talk about it" He said remembering their late night talks.

"I remember. Something hip and modern full with angst and love" She remembered their grand idea.

"Don't temp me" She said with a lump in her throat.

"Oh I am tempting you. I am getting about fifteen people together. Some you know some you don't. Come on babe it will be fun" He begged.

She sat down on a bench with her coffee and thought it threw. What else was she doing? Hadn't she missed dancing? It would help ease some of the pain of losing Gerard and Jade.

"I'm in. Tell me when and where" She jotted down the information on a napkin then hung up. This was a chance for her to dance again.

Gerard said he wanted to watch her dance. She wished he could.

"You have to just her go. If she wants to see you she will" Mikey said as he sat on his brothers couch.

"Would you just let ALicia go?" Gerard asked staring at his younger brother.

"No... I wouldn't" Mikey said shaking his head.

"It's not easy. You have someone in your life and they just fit... They complete it and you think you've finally found that missing piece. Then you turn around and she's gone. It hurts and it's not easy Mikey. I know your worried but I have to find her and make this right" HE said hoping his brother understood.

"Okay... I will be here for you too. I am not trying to be heartless I just worry about you" mikey said knowing his brother would understand. As an older brother Gerard had worried about him their entire lives.

"I know you do but I am ok" Gerard smackd his brothers leg and stood up.

"Now I am racking my brain with ways to find her" He paced running his hands threw his hair. Then he snapped his head up.

"Zack. Her ex. He might be able to tell me where she is" He said feeling hope for the first time since Olivia had left.

"You want to go talk to her ex boyfriend" Mikey said standing up.

"Yeah. He's nice, I've met him before. Hey can you listen for Jade. I am gonna go see what I can find out from him" Gerard grabbed his keys then turned.

"Can you stay" He asked hoping his brother said yes.

"Yeah I can stay" He said and watched Gerard run out. He hoped his brother knew what he was doing.
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